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For git,how to know whether the network support ssh or https?

I’m using a new network.But when I tried to clone repositories from Github, git clone git@github.com:myname/projectname.git failed.It shows: ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer fatal:Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. I have created the repository in Github. But git clone https://github.com/myname/projectname.git succeeded. […]

Use git with second compiled ssh

My machine is on CentOS 5 and I can’t upgrade it. # ssh -V OpenSSH_4.3p2, OpenSSL 0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 01 Jul 2008 # which ssh /usr/bin/ssh OpenSSH/OpenSSL are too old to connect to ssh://git@altssh.bitbucket.org:443 (yes there is a proxy) So I compiled a recent version of ssh and ssl in /tmp/ssh # /tmp/ssh/bin/ssh -V OpenSSH_6.9p1, OpenSSL 1.0.2j […]

PhpStorm how to configure git push to a remote repository?

I’m using PhpStorm v8. I’ve setup git successfully on a local machine. My server is hosted on DigitalOcean; I create a LAMP droplet and install git with success too. When I try to push git the following window appear when selecting -> VCS | GIT | PUSH Despite trying different options I don’t know what […]

VSTS – SSH Not Working

I made a repo with VSTS and cloned it, and set up all the SSH credentials correctly, but it still asks me for my username and password every time. How come?

finding the name of git branch from remote server

i am trying to find the name of git branch on remote server using a shell script. I put the following command in a script under the bin directory. git symbolic-ref –short HEAD When I execute the script using ssh from another machine ssh -i keyfile.pem user@ipaddress ‘bash -s’ /path/to/the/script I get an error fatal: […]

Multiple ssh keys with git submodules

I am using an enterprise version of GITHUB. I am creating an automatic build server for to build our projects. These projects have submodules. As this build server is not “me” (it cannot possess my user credentials) , it needs to be able to download the projects from GIT via the github “deploy keys” feature. […]

Can I link git submodules with some kind of fallback URL? If SSH clone fails, git should be able to clone using https

(This is something that’s cropped up for me mainly when using github, so I don’t mind too much if any solution is github-specific. But the problem isn’t github-specific per se, and any solution needn’t necessarily be either.) You can always clone a public github repo using https. git clone https://github.com/my-user-name/SDL-mirror/ If you have an SSH […]

Asking for password when pushing to gitlab?

I have a number of commits on my laptop and I am trying to push these to gitlab through a ShrewSoft VPN. However, every time I try to push the code I am asked for a password in my git bash. I have tried using my VPN password but it just throws an error. I […]

how to add ssh public key to a specific git repo

I have a git repo, i connect via root to push and pull. I have another user i’d like to have access to my repo. I have got him to create me a public key file for me to add to my servers ~/.ssh/authorized_keys How do i then restrict him from having access to my […]

How to specify ppk for Git sync operations?

Is there a way to specify what key to use for Git operations? Or better yet, is it possible to somehow make Git to use pageant? I tried it, ran pageant and opened a ppk file, but Git does not seem to use it.

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