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How to insert SSH key on a Git server (git-shell access only)

I’d like to add my SSH key to authorized keys on a git server (a company server), to not have to insert my password every time I push. However for some reason I cannot make that working. What I tried: ssh-copy-id user@server /usr/bin/ssh-copy-id: INFO: attempting to log in with the new key(s), to filter out […]

Setting up public key encryption for git ssh

I want to to setup public key access to my git shell application (windowspowershell v1.0). It’s the shell application that comes with the github for windows application. I want to push commits to a bare repository on my remote CentOS web server.

How to get only remote git operations to trigger a ssh-add event for ssh-agent?

I recently asked a question on AskUbuntu about getting ssh-agent to automatically save my passphrase protected key for later re-use without having to re-enter the passphrase during bash login (non-GUI/Gnome). I got a nice bash script in response, but unfortunately it is triggered to ask for the passphrase no matter the git operation. I only […]

cannot deploy to heroku because the key with fingerprint is not authorised

I have one git repository and I want to have 2 heroku apps from the single repo – production and staging. For the production app, i’m the collaborator (not the owner). For the staging, I would like to be the owner. I have done the following in the command line: heroku create app-staging-name git remote […]

Using SSH Keys on different Mac

I have GIT and my repos setup on a MacBook Air. I’m trying to clone the repo on my iMac. My understanding was that I needed to copy my key over from the /.ssh folder on the MBA to the same folder iMac. However, when I try and clone the repo on the iMac, I […]

Using git submodules with ssh authentication on Openshift

I created a submodule (a bitbucket repo) on my openshift repo. My current .gitmodules configuration: [submodule “php”] path = php url = git@bitbucket.org:sgtcarneiro/repo.git The problem is that after I push this code into my Openshift app i get the folling error: remote: Host key verification failed. remote: fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly remote: […]

Git repository working with SSH

I’ve a fresh installation of GitLab on my CentOS 6.4 server. Before that, I was just using Github (in HTTP mode), so I’m very new to all of this. I’ve created a key for my user, added it in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and in GitLab. ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “arthur@domain.tld” cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys But when I […]

Remove deployment key from Bitbucket

I am having problems to add my ssh public key to my bitbucket account. It seems that i accidentally added my personal key as a deployment key for my bitbucket team. Now when I am trying to add it as my accounts key, it states that this key is already in usage. How can I […]

SSH push to Bitbucket using generated keys on Windows 7

I follow documentation on Bitbucket site and would like to push existing project to remote repository by ssh. I perfomed next steps in CMD: I generated public and private key using puttygen Added private key using pageant Added ssh config file inside ~/.ssh Added public key to bitbucket When I try to execute: git push […]

Adding SSH-key through curl: Fingerprint cannot be generated

I’m writing an bash script that will add an SSH-key to an in-house Gitlab server. Below is the code: userToken=$(curl http://gitserver/api/v3/session –data ‘login=*****&password=****’ | jq ‘.private_token’) userToken=$(echo “$userToken” | tr -d ‘”‘) # Below key is for testing, will use output of cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub later on sshKey=”ssh-rsa AA*********L ****@***com” curl –data “private_token=$userToken&title=keyName&key=$sshKey” “http://gitserver/api/v3/user/keys” But I […]

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