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git bitbucket private submodule ssh alias issues

git version 1.7.1 ( I have no power over this, on this server ) I have a private repo with several submodules, some of which are also private. The submodules which are not private are coming in without issue. However the first private repo encountered returns this ssh: Could not resolve hostname bitbucket.org:username: Name or […]

SSHing git@github.com shows wrong/old SSH key

k, so I was setting up Git and followed this tutorial to set up an SSH key. The fingerprint was 16:27:…:a6:48. I installed the GitHub client for Windows which set up a new SSH key automatically called github_rsa in the %user%/.ssh/ folder. I deleted the “old” SSH key (don’t ask me why) and set up […]

Permission denied (publickey). git@bitbucket.org

I hava a problem in few weeks,When I push my change to remote that is always fail. But when I use windows,It’s simple.I just need to enter a password and every is fine. I have no idea please tell me how to do or where’s my fault. The error message is: $ sudo git push […]

How to use multiple ssh keys for multiple gitlab accounts with the same host

This question already has an answer here: GitHub: Multiple account setup 2 answers

Gitosis and ssh keys – does the email address have anything to do with the git email address?

I’m trying to set up gitosis on a server. I was just wondering one thing, my ssh key has my gmail address at the end, because I was originally using it for github. For this new project on the server I’m setting up, I want to use my email address for this organization when committing […]

Portable Git and GitHub: SSH Keys

I downloaded the portable version of Git for Win32, the one that comes in a self-extracting package. I wanted to be able to push commits from anywhere (my flashdrive), but I have no idea how to use a public key that isn’t in users/USERNAME/.ssh. How can I configure Git to automatically use keys in another […]

Multiple github accounts: what values for Host in .ssh/config?

I’m trying to understand how the configurations under .ssh/config and .git/config interact. Here’s the situation: I have two separate github accounts, let’s call them GH0 and GH1, and I want to interact with both “passwordlessly”, i.e., using ssh keys in ~/.ssh/id_rsa.GH0.pub and ~/.ssh/id_rsa.GH1.pub. At the moment this works for GH0 but not for GH1. (E.g., […]

How does git know which ssh key to use for its operations?

I have SSH keys in place, inside ~/.ssh. Many of them actually. So I wonder how does git know which one to take when it tries to connect to a repository over git@domain.com:group/repo.git endpoint?

Move git configuration from Windows to Ubuntu

I recently started using git on windows 7 and configured everything to access Github, Bitbucket and a private server over ssh. Now I am switching to Ubuntu OS and I am not sure how to copy the keys and configuration settings over to Ubuntu. Will you please help me out or point me in the […]

Command to create ssh config file using git bash(windows)?

I could only find details about configuring the config file, but i could no where find how to create a config file manually. I have generated rsa key, which is under .ssh folder but i couldn’t find the config file being created there.

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