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Gitosis cloning out on non-default port

When gitos-admin with git clone ssh://gitosis@ I couldn’t connect because ssh is connecting to port 22 and my ssh is running on 2211. So, I searched the internet for a solution. It should be as easy as adding the port to my .ssh/config file. I added the following to the file (which I hat to […]

How do I specify which key file to use for Git Push on PHP Fog?

Following is my ~/.ssh/config contents ForwardAgent yes # Default PHP Fog user (name) Host phpfog HostName git01.phpfog.com User git IdentityFile /Users/Pk_2/.ssh/id_rsa_phpfog # Default github Host github.com User git Hostname github.com PreferredAuthentications publickey IdentityFile /Users/Pk_2/.ssh/id_rsa But when i try to do a git push on a phpfog repo folder it gives me Permission denied(public key) fatal:the […]

Using SmartGit's SSH client in hooks

When using a git repository hook, how can I use SmartGit’s internal SSH client? When using a hook with a scp operation, I receive a Permission Denied: (publickey) error. SmartGit is aware of the credentials, they are listed under Edit > Preferences > Commands > Authentication, when pulling from the repository. I require a commit-msg […]

Different keys to push and pull to git repository

I’m using gitosis to host a git repository on my home server. I’ve set it up to accept three SSH keys: my main one (passphraseless) with read/write access, my passphrased one (which I’m more comfortable putting on servers other people have root on) with read/write access, and a third key with only read access. The […]

i cannot push to my new remote server GIT in windows 7

I created one Git server on Win7 with SSHD held by WinSSH, i built remote git there with syntax ssh user@ cd GitRepo/GitCRM/ git –bare init exit i can do scp with syntax scp myFile user@ but i always got failed when do this: git push user@ master error message is : fatal : ”GitRepo/GitCRM/” […]

clone a github repo to a live site but getting: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

I’m trying to get my github repo cloned on my live site for the first time. I pushed my public key out to my dreamhost server’s home directory from my local terminal like so: cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub | ssh user@myserver.com ‘cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys’ This didn’t cause any errors and i can see my key on the […]

git push to github ask password for another user

I configured git and my github account following the tutorials in the github web site. Now, I tried to push my files into github with git push -u origin master but it ask my for some password myunixuseraccount@gitub.com’s password Please note two things: first, my github account is not myunixuseraccount, second, note the typo in […]

os x lion: git can't find libcrypto.so.0.9.7

Background: I’ve just replaced my hard drive, and done a fresh install of Lion. I installed git from source and make test seemed fine. SSH keys are loaded and I can ssh into the remote box without problem. Problem: I get the following error when trying to pull over ssh when using scp style syntax: […]

WordPress development workflow with version controlling

I am currently managing a handful of freelance projects, mostly using WordPress (the clients preference). I develop the websites locally, running Apache/PHP/MySQL on my Mac. I version control these projects with Git. Ideally, I want to be able to commit changes to a repository and then pull changes from there onto the server when they […]

How to deploy new code via git, if git only installed on my user?

The scenario I have access to this old linux server, that no longer receives any type of updates. Only break and fix. There’s no git installed on the server so I installed it locally on my user at ~/opt/bin. I added the directory to my path and for development on the server I can do […]

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