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SSH Fingerprint not authorized on Heroku after git restore

I had to restore my master branch from github a couple weeks ago and since then I’ve been receiving an error that states “Your key with fingerprint… is not authorized to access my app.” I’ve looked at the previous answers to this problem and have tried deleting the old keypair, creating a new one and […]

How do I use multiple SSH keys on GitHub?

The SSH configuration on GitHub seems to be a nightmare. I have multiple GitHub accounts, but for which I can have multiple SSH keys. In the GitHub SSH configuration section they mention this: ============ ssh-keygen -t rsa -C “your_email@example.com” Creates a new ssh key, using the provided email as a label Generating public/private rsa key […]

Git push over SSH on Windows won't work

I’ve got an enigma for you guys! After an half a day struggle on this issue, I require your experience to enlighten me on git usage on Windows with msysgit. The context: Windows 8 msysgit, last version Using SSH Key authentication Pagent handles SSH key authentication using valid .ppk key (logon with PuTTY is OK) […]

Bitbucket ssh public denied

Ok so I’ve run out almost on every idea and tutorial I can find online. So basically I have a Bitbucket repo and I want to set it up to automaticly update my linux server each time someone pushes to the repo. I was trying to follow this Tutorial but at step 1 ssh, I […]

system(“git push 2>&1”) works fine, but %x(git push 2>&1) hangs. Why?

I am using Ruby. I am trying to figure out why bundler’s rake release hangs on the git push step, as also discussed inconclusively here. I’ve narrowed it down to this line of code hanging: `git push 2>&1` I can reproduce the problem by running the same line of code in IRB. What’s mysterious is […]

git clone over ssh from remote repository:fatal: protocol error: bad line length character: fata

I have set up a git server on Windows 8 box with following msysgit (on both client and server) FreeSSHd ( on server) While git installation on server(windows 8) i chose the insstallation directory to be d:\Experiments\Git on client(windows 7) I chose it was default i.e ProgramFiles(x86) Have setup proper public and private key and […]

Git receive.denyCurrentBranch updateInstead fails

I’m brand new to git and have no experience with any version control system. I develop locally and am looking for a simpler way (than FTP) to deploy files to the (LAMP) web server. I am having a hard time configuring Git (version 2.5 for Windows) to automatically update its current working directory when I […]

git hanging on push (broken pipe) over ssh

I’ve been experiencing issues with git in combination with the bitbucket.org service lately. I recently installed a new version of Ubuntu (after wiping completely). At first I have copied the ssh keys, but since I thought that this might cause issues, I generated a new pair and copied the new public key to bitbucket.org. The […]

Send build artifacts over SSH – could not create directory

I am trying to workout an automation process of pushing changes from jenkins to aws. The problem seems to be that within the GIT repo, i have 2 folders, one is docroot and the other is database. I need the docroot to go into the /var/www/html and database should be ignored for now. As a […]

SSH config to access multiple repo not working

Here’s the config file: Host bitbucket.org HostName bitbucket.org User git IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa Host bitbucket-office.org HostName bitbucket-off.org User git IdentityFile ~/.ssh/work_rsa Host bitbucket-personal.org HostName bitbucket-per.org User git IdentityFile ~/.ssh/personal_rsa I don’t know what’s wrong with set up. I want to connect to 2 remote repos from the same local machine. Setting up a config file was […]

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