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How to use GIT PULL from the command line?

We were using a build script to automate our publishing process and it was working with SVN but now we are using Git and need to do some command line operations to pull from our remote repository. I was able to follow the guide here and using the Git bash it works great. However, I […]

SSH Public key denied on “git clone” command

I am trying to clone a git repo that I forked in my GitHub Repository.It’s a rails app. I want to clone it on my local git so that I can push it onto heroku. I generated a set of rsa keys and copied it onto my GitHUb public keys. When I try to git […]

managing ssh public keys on github organizations repositories

I was wondering if anyone has a good, clean, safe way to manage github Organization repository access on their servers? It seems that you can only attach pub keys to your personal account and cannot restrict access solely to an organization. We’ve got a beta server where we put multiple projects so deploy keys, because […]

creating a repo in gitlab using CLI

We have a gitlab setup at our office, and we have somewhat around 100-150 project each week to create over there, while Admin wants to keep the control of creating repos and assigning teams to it, it seems quite a bit of task for anyone to create that many repos every week. Is there a […]

How to wean myself from FTP in favor of Version Control

I have heard that uploading your website with FTP is now for n00bs, but it’s the only way I’ve known how for the 8 or so years I’ve been building websites. Apparently all the buzz now is using a version control system, like SVN or Git, and somehow using SSH to upload only the files […]

git setup for multiple repos on same server

Probably a simple question, but I am at a loss here… In github one can add a deployment key for each repository which only gives access to that single repository. But for one client I have two projects managed with git on the same server (project A and project B). If I use the public […]

Source Tree SSH Public Key Denied

I’m working on a project in a private repository on https://www.bitbucket.com. I’m coding it locally, then staging, commiting and pushing the update vie BitBucket’s Windows Git client, Sourcetree. After that, I’m pulling the files from a remote shared server, which requires SSH authentication. I’ve tried the following in order to connect the git repo with […]

Jenkins (Windows) very slow Git fetch

We are experiencing slow git fetch commands on a Jenkins installation on Windows Server 2012. I have tried all the solutions mentioned in these threads: Hudson git commands are *incredibly* slow (Using plink.exe from PuTTY and setting GIT_SSH to use that) Jenkins hanging at "Fetching upstream changes from origin" (Changed Jenkins to use cmd\git.exe instead […]

GIT select private key to use

I have 2 Git servers that require 2 different SSH keys. git clone user1@server1:blahblahblah uses ~/.ssh/id_rsa, but I need to specify which key to use depending on the server I am connecting to. What Git command-line parameter does this job? (I am running Linux)

ssh-keygen' is not recognized as an internal or external command

I am trying to add ssh keys for usage on github but on my xp on command prompt ssh-keygen does not work. It gives me the following error ssh-keygen’ is not recognized as an internal or external command. Is there an alternative for generating keys on xp? Thanks.

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