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Trying to do a git checkout from a PHP script

I made a small php webhook that executes git command to checkout the code from a remote repository in a detached worktree. I got this: error: cannot open .git/FETCH_HEAD: Permission denied I then changed the ownership of the .git directory to www-data to ensure that it gets written by the PHP script. I did this […]

Reasonable way to use BitBucket deployment key and git push with ID

First, I use a deployment key for automated scripts which deploy environments. BitBucket does not count a deployment key (read only) towards a user limit. I realized with a little more configuration I can push directly with my user ID even though all other actions executed with the deployment key. This config allows me to […]

Pushing to a remote GitHub repository

My professor wants us to use his github repository for his course. I created the ssh key, I added the private key to ssh-agent and given the public key to the professor. After I created the project folder and run the following steps: git init git add * git commit -m “Initial commit” git remote […]

Git clone/push/pull hangs on compressing objects (on specific pc and network)

I have very weird issue and its more than 2 days I cannot find a solution: git freezes/hangs after i clone/pull/push on compressing objects: remote: Counting objects: 284, done. remote: Compressing objects: 11% (26/233) Conclusions I came up: This only happens on my home wifi and my MAC laptop Its not SSH: works fine on […]

Can't chmod SSH key for git through git bash on windows 8 embedded

On Windows Embedded 8 Industry Pro, with git 1.9, I tried to generate SSH keys following https://help.github.com/articles/generating-ssh-keys. The key is generated correctly, and I added it to my keys. Then when I try to check the generated key with ssh -T git@github.com, I receive the message: Permissions 0644 for ‘pathtothekey’ are too open. The issue […]

TFS Build hangs while pushing to remote rep

I wrote powershell script, which I am executing before the testrunner in a (tfs 2013 build). The build hangs when the script calls git push on a remote repository using ssh. If I run the same script from powershell on the build agent using the same user it works totally fine. If it gets triggered […]

git and Cygwin Paths with SourceTree

I have installed cygwin on a windows server, solely for use of ssh. In addition, I’ve installed Git for Windows, having discounted the use of Cygwin git as it doesn’t support the windows extensions. I have a git ssh user which can login (via ssh) and can create the repositories under this user’s home directory. […]

How and where on a server do I pull git with a Drupal site, by using SSH

Our company has a Drupal site on a server. Sadly the experienced developer has left the company and now I (junior Dev) have to fix some minor things. But nobody here can answer my questions sadly. So, it goes as follows: I have cloned this master-branch of the site to my computer in ‘Sourcetree’ . […]

Phabricator hosted Git repository setup issues

Okay so I am having trouble setting up Git repository hosting on a Phabricator LEMP stack running on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS server. I followed the Diffusion hosting repository guide and I can add new hosted repository and it processes all successfully with finding the git library files and setting up the repository. Now I have […]

Logging execution and errors of git-receive-pack on restricted server?

I have limited ssh access to a restricted Linux server; since the server does not include ‘git‘, I simply copied the executables that I have there, and then I use: git config remote.origin.receivepack “/path/to/my/git-receive-pack” … in my local repo. I managed to get clone/pull working in this context (from server to local), but I have […]

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