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Storing Drupal SQL in Git

I have a drupal site, and I am storing the codebase in a git repository. This seems to be working out well, but I’m also making changes to the database. I’m considering doing periodic dumps of the database and committing to git. I had a few questions about this. If I overwrite the file, will […]

Relational database backend for mercurial or git

What I like about fossil is that it uses plain old sqlite to store changesets, files, etc. I can use its command line tool to query the repository, but if I want something not supported by it, I can fallback to writing an sql query. Mercurial and git are more mature, they have more libraries, […]

SQL Stored Procedure: Conditional Return

Hi I want to create a simple stored proecudre which does the following: Psudocode @tempSelect = “SELECT * FROM Table” if (@Param is NULL) then exec @tempSelect else exec @tempSelect + ‘ WHERE id = ‘ + @Param + ‘ Is this method efficent? Thank you.

What's a good way (or tool) to version control a SQLite database (schema only)?

Can anyone suggest a good way (or tool) to version control a SQLite database (schema only)? I’m trying to version control a SQLite database and the only option I can find involves using GIT to version control the whole file, but I’m not interested in the data at this point, just the schema changes. Any […]

Tools to work with stored procedures in Oracle, in a team?

What tools do you use to develop Oracle stored procedures, in a team : To automatically “lock” the current procedure you are working with, so nobody else in the team can make changes to it until you are finished. To automatically send the changes you make in the stored procedure, in an Oracle database, to […]

SQL version control methodology

There are several questions on SO about version control for SQL and lots of resources on the web, but I can’t find something that quite covers what I’m trying to do. First off, I’m talking about a methodology here. I’m familiar with the various source control applications out there and I’m familiar with tools like […]

The best way to manage database changes

What is the best way to manage database changes? I need to have a solutions regardless the database client’s language. Also I’d like to be able to use specific database features in those changes such as stored procedures, triggers and so on.

Maintaining stored procedures in source control

How do you guys maintain your stored procedures? I’d like to keep versions of them for a few different reasons. I also will be setting up cruisecontrol.net and nant this weekend to automate builds. I was thinking about coding something that would generate the create scripts for all tables/sprocs/udf/xml schemas in my development database. Then […]

Should you store your SQL Stored Procedures in Source Control?

When developing an application with lots of stored procedures, should you store them in some sort of source versioning system (such as source-safe, TFS, SVN)? If so, why? And is there a convenient front end way to do this with SQL Server Management Studio?

Is there a version control system for database structure changes?

I often run into the following problem. I work on some changes to a project that require new tables or columns in the database. I make the database modifications and continue my work. Usually, I remember to write down the changes so that they can be replicated on the live system. However, I don’t always […]

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