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How to retrieve a commit from git

I am trying to get a _.sql files from previous commits I tried git show <commit> > exporthere.sql but it doesn’t give me original sql files but with all the characters that I don’t need. I also tried git archive -o exporthere.sql/txt <commit> but it doesn’t open for some reason. What can I do to […]

How to deploy rails app + postgreSQL in Azure Ubuntu VM

I have an Azure subscription active and I want to migrate my rails app from Heroku to Azure, but it really overwhelms me and I don’t really know how to do it. What I want is the following: Move my rails app (REST Webservice API + static homepage) from Heroku to Azure. Use postgreSQL database […]

Can I apply version control system to database data?

We have table Items. Someone can add, update or delete rows. Final decision is made by a special person, for example, at the end of the working day. So this person wants to have history of changes and options like apply changes from John or merge John’s and Walter’s changes and apply or rollback to […]

How to track Django model changes with git?

Suppose you write a Django website and use git to manage the source code. Your website has various instances (one for each developer, at least). When you perform a change on the model in a commit, everybody needs to update its own database. In some cases it is enough to run python manage.py migrate, in […]

Object wiht multi-level nest relationship versioning

I have a complex object structure with multi-levels nested relationship that describes a Product configuration. The configuration changes overtime and i need to be able to reference the different configuration at any time in the future. At anytime, the whole system is linked to a specific version of the product and somehow abstract to the […]

Forking (postgre)SQL database structure

I have been developing a network security application for several years now, as the lead developer at my company. It is a split-architecture design, where one component resides on the customer’s network, and the other component in our own cloud. We have developed our own custom versioning system that keeps both sides synchronized at each […]

How to commit on master branch DB related code?

What is the best practice for commiting DB related code on master branch? Is it OK to be incremental? Let’s say, in the first commit on master branch, there is version 1.0, with all create dbo, alter, … insert scripts and so on. On the second commit, there is only one script for all developers […]

Azure ASP.Net MVC database deployment best practice

We are a team of two developers, building an ASP.Net MVC app in Azure and are wondering what is the best way to go about setting up the database. We had been using a local db in the App_Data folder that attached to SQL Express, this seemed to be working fine until it came time […]

How to handle SQL Server CE in source control?

I’m curious for how we should handle SQL Server Compact in our Git source control. Everytime a developer changes data there is a binary merge conflict. Is there a way to keep development of this database in sync? If two developers pull down the source and modify the schema then one of them will lose […]

Cannot add SQL file to Git repository?

I need to add a SQL file to my Git repository. For some reason Tower or Git on the command line does not see that I’ve added a new file whenever it ends in .sql. I’ve tried creating an empty .sql and removed everything in .gitignore, but it still doesn’t see it. Any ideas?

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