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SourceForge: Mirror GIT repository to SVN

I have a project developing using GIT. I need to make a SVN mirror only repository for users that didn’t like GIT. I googled some instructions about it but all of them failed. Part of them written for Linux – I have Windows. Part of them suggest to create empty repository and then syncing it […]

Sourceforge: “… does not appear to be a git repository”

I have started a project on Sourceforge, mainly for trying out how it works. Here is a link to the project: https://sourceforge.net/projects/tachikomawall/ But pushing the source code to the project doesn’t work for me. I’m trying to use GIT for the purpose. Here is the error it returns: [18:09] matachi ~/Projects/htdocs/Tachikoma-Wall $ git push origin […]

How can I automatically synchronize a Github repository to a SourceForge repository

I have a git repository at SourceForge and now I need to move the repository from SourceForge to Github. I did it using Github import option given in following link. https://import.github.com/new Going forward I’m going to use the Github repository as the main repository where changes will push but I don’t want to discontinue my […]

How do I fetch my git repository from SourceForge?

My git repository is currently on Sourceforge, I’ve just reinstalled Ubuntu and I want to continue working on my repository, but I can’t figure how to do it, could someone give me some really easy instructions? (I’m very new to git)

simplest way to download tip/head revision from a sourceforge git repository?

I want to download the source files from a project in sourceforge with a git repository. But I don’t have git, I don’t know how to use git, and I’m running on Windows on a network that doesn’t allow ssh access. What’s the simplest way for me to download the source tree? edit: I finally […]

Recommended DVCS mechanism for hosting many independent patches

I have a project just getting started at http://sourceforge.net/projects/iotabuildit/ (more details at http://sourceforge.net/p/iotabuildit/wiki/Home/) that is currently using Mercurial for revision control. And it seems like Mercurial and SourceForge almost have all the right features or elements to put together the collaboration mechanism I have in mind for this project, but I think I’m not quite […]

SVN+SSH and Sourceforge

I’m new to both Sourceforge and SVN (SilkSVN on Windows). I managed to check out a project using svn co –username=zeroth123 svn://zeroth123@svn.code.sf.net/p/stddecimal/code/trunk stddecimal-code However, every time I try and use ssh (so I can check in for example) it fails with > svn co –username=zeroth123 svn+ssh://zeroth123@svn.code.sf.net/p/stddecimal/code/trunk stddecimal-code svn: E720087: Unable to connect to a repository […]

Online DVCS Client

Okay, I have been grasping as all sorts of solutions to my problems with questions like Recommended DVCS mechanism for hosting many independent patches and Using Mercurial patch queue repository on BitBucket for many users and patches, but hopefully this will be the last question I need to ask about how to establish source control […]

Migrate sourceforge tickets to GitHub issues

This question already has an answer here: Migrate from Sourceforge to Github 4 answers

Does Github auto backup our projects into globally spread mirrors, like SourceForge?

I am talking about this: “SourceForge.net maintains a geographically-distributed network of mirror servers, which receive copies of the files and dispense them to users.” So, does github has the same automatically mirrored backup of our projects and files? I am having big trouble trying to find that information.

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