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Brew install git putting files in .rvm

After running brew install git, I got this output: The OS X keychain credential helper has been installed to: ~/.rvm/bin/git-credential-osxkeychain The ‘contrib’ directory has been installed to: ~/.rvm/share/git-core/contrib Bash completion has been installed to: ~/.rvm/etc/bash_completion.d zsh completion has been installed to: ~/.rvm/share/zsh/site-functions ==> Summary ? ~/.homebrew/Cellar/git/2.0.0: 1324 files, 31M, built in 46 seconds Is this […]

public/system symlink issue in deployment – capistrano

In deployment, current folder has public/system and shared folder has system. And it is causing some issues. Just want to understand, what creates public/system? I have gone through the code and couldn’t find out what piece of code creates it. Also, Is there a way to restrict in creating the public/system? There are lot of […]

Remote gem not installing into gemset with bundle

I’ve forked a gem and updated it and am using it with my project. I’ve added the following line to my gemfile: gem ‘pipedrive-ruby’, :git => “git://github.com/biznickman/pipedrive-ruby” I then run bundle install and it outputs: Using pipedrive-ruby 0.3.4 from git://github.com/biznickman/pipedrive-ruby (at master) However when I run gem list for the current gemset the pipedrive-ruby gem […]

rvm requirements install git error

I’m trying to install rvm with latest ruby on a centos 5 server, rvm is already installed with no ruby, it throws an error when trying to install ruby, something regarding git. $ uname -a Linux 2.6.18-308.24.1.el5PAE #1 SMP Tue Dec 4 18:28:32 EST 2012 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux $ rvm install ruby-2.2-head Checking requirements […]

RVM fails to clone ruby 1.9.2 head from github

I’ve been wanting to install the latest version of ruby 1.9.2 through RVM but it fails when trying to fetch the sources from github: albookpro-3:~ pl$ rvm install 1.9.2-head Installing Ruby from source to: /Users/pl/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-head, this may take a while depending on your cpu(s)… ruby-1.9.2-head – #fetching Cloning from https://github.com/ruby/ruby.git, this may take a while […]

Managing different Rails versions in different git branches with RVM

I’m working on a project that runs on Rails ~> 3.0 on the master branch, and ~> 3.1 on another branch. Obviously those 2 branches need different gemsets. Do you know of a convenient way of handling the situation using RVM? I’ve thought of a couple options, none of them optimal: using gemsets I would […]

RVM. getting git-related error while installing ruby

I’m using RVM and want to install another version of Ruby. $ rvm install 1.9.2-head /Users/ovsiiko/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-head, this may take a while depending on your cpu(s)… ruby-1.9.2-head – #fetching error: You have local changes to ‘win32/configure.bat’; cannot switch branches. From https://github.com/ruby/ruby * branch ruby_1_9_2 -> FETCH_HEAD error: Your local changes to ‘win32/configure.bat’ would be overwritten by […]

Problems finding ruby, rails, git after bungled PostgreSQL install

I had rails working fine for several weeks but I tried to install PostgreSQL to match Heroku and it failed to work. Now, when I open the terminal it pretend rails is not there and sets the default ruby to 1.8.7. When I start RVM it finds the right version of ruby and finds rails […]

Error with Gitlab: Sidekiq; gemfile syntax error

I’ve been breaking my head over this error for hours now, and still haven’t found a fix. When I run sidekiq using sudo -u root -H RAILS_ENV=production script/background_jobs start I’m getting this error in the sidekiq.log: Gemfile syntax error: /home/website/git/gitlab/Gemfile:20: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’, expecting $end gem “mysql2”, group: :mysql I’ve installed Ruby 2.1.0 and […]

Tell RVM to recheck ruby version on git checkout

I’m using RVM and setting the ruby version in my Gemfile. Because I’m currently working on upgrading my app to a new version, I have branches with different versions. Every time I switch to or from these branches, I’ve been doing cd.. && cd project_directory to get RVM to notice the change and switch versions. […]

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