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rails + dokku bundle fails when trying to deploy for the first time

I’m trying to deploy my rails app to a DigitalOcean droplet (with Dokku). I added git remote and it starts deploying when I push remote, but it stops with this message: “Killed. Failed to install gems via Bundler.” “! [remote rejected] master -> master (pre-receive hook declined)” The gem at which it stops is not […]

Pushing rails app to Heroku

I followed the setup for Heroku, and created a repository called escene, which I then cloned to my desktop. However, I already have an app developed and linked to github, Appversionzero, which I want to upload to Heroku. I navigated to my Appversionzero directory, checked my remotes added my heroku profile with ‘heroku git:remote -a […]

rails deployment failing – bitbucket and capistrano

I am trying to deploy rails application to ec2 server from bitbucket repository. When I run bundle exec cap staging deploy, I get the following error. Looking for help with how to solve this…I have followed the instructions on SSH key setup etc but that is not helping. DEBUG [a02447fc] Permission denied (publickey). DEBUG [a02447fc] […]

Show commit number on login page of rails app

We are using RoR to create an application where the source code repository is BitBucket. I would like to put a footnote on the pages that gives the commit id for the commit the deployment is based upon. I have seen ways, that I don’t understand, to get a list of the commits, etc., but […]

Git shows “Everything up to date”, but I can see gem files updated in my local, not updated in git

I am building a rails application and I’m very new to Git. I am trying to update files in git, and although my local gemfile has been updated, when I try git status, git add . or git commit everything shows up as “Everything up to date” and “nothing to commit, working directory clean” I […]

Not being able to push Git files to Heroku

I am new to Ruby on Rails and I am faced with an error message every time I push my git files to Heroku. The steps I have taken are: heroku login heroku keys:add heroku create git push heroku master The error message is as follows: Could not detect rake tasks remote: ! ensure you […]

Problems deploying app through heroku on cloud9, gem error

So I’m trying to deploy my first app, and have run in to some trouble, looks like I keep getting the warning below about “running version of Bundler is older than the version that created the lockfile.” Any ideas on how to replace updated Gemfile.lock to version control. below is the full error: kparekh01:~/workspace/hello_app (master) […]


I’m learning Ruby at the Odin Project and I’m doing all of my installations. I am all the way to deploying a Heroku Test app, but when I try to push the app it gives me the following error: ! UNABLE_TO_VERIFY_LEAF_SIGNATURE: unable to verify the first certificate Not sure what to do here.

Getting CSV files to work on Heroku rails app

I am trying to import ailments.csv to work on Heroku and its just not wanting to work properly. I have searched and searched with no real solutions. Locally it is working fine and the ailments show. Here is the Heroku app link so you can see what I’m having issues with. https://sleepy-garden-73993.herokuapp.com/ HOW TO GET […]

Git commit and then pull in branch, from master. Loosing everything?

I am working on a completely different structure from the one on master branch, on a On Rails app in a local branch. I am comiting everything and then pushing my changes to a remote branch as well. At some point in future, I would like to integrate my changes back into master, but I […]

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