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Heroku push rejected, failed to compile Ruby/disabledeploys app

I was invited as a collaborator to a Rails app deployed in Heroku. I cloned the app, made a few changes and then committed to git and tried to push to Heroku but I am getting that error message. Any ideas about this “Ruby/disabledeploys app”? I already tried to google about it but had no […]

Reference is not a tree error while deploying with capistrano and git

I been able to do capistrano deploys for a while for a certain app but recently I cannot deploy anymore git whines: “fatal: reference is not a tree: a84…”. I don’t know what did I do, I don’t think I changed the deploy file, I am not using git submodules, and the hex reference correspond […]

How to switch repositories from one to the next

I was using a github repository from a previous developer. I am the only coder on this project, so I forked the project over to my own github repository. Now I would like to commit soley to my repo. Unfortunately, I realized that I never changed my .git/config , so I was still committing to […]

How can I unlock my gemfile so I can access the rails server?

I’m trying to recover from a branch-merge disaster in Git; I couldn’t merge my topic branch to the master because of a “merge conflict in gemfile.lock“. While looking for solutions to this I read in a blog post that using the “bundle lock” command would help (I didn’t know it was obsolete), and when I […]

how to resolve ssh key rejection while deploying 1st Rails3 app?

I’m trying to deploy a Rails3 application, for the 1st time, to Dreamhost using Git & Capistrano. Using Dreamhost’s Capistrano setup instructions. Down to one last error: Cap deploy:check => looks good. Cap deploy:setup => looks good. However, Cap deploy:cold => fails: ** [alvarez.dreamhost.com :: out] Permission denied (publickey). ** [alvarez.dreamhost.com :: out] fatal: The […]

Push to Heroku No Changes

I have been able to successfully push my files earlier in the day with changes showing up. However now when I have made changes, and done the push the changes don’t show up on Heroku, despite thee console indicating that everything happened successfully, here is my heroku log: (I should add when I run localhost […]

Version Control and Deploy Rails Project with cPanel

In my server, what option i got is a basic unlimited server can host unlimited rails project possible to manage gem because it is using cpanel latest version with a ssh now my confuse is , how can i use the no ssh feature in the cpanel and ease my deployment ? i don’t know […]

Does grit have to be on the same server as the repositories?

Just looking at http://github.com/mojombo/grit Curious, if grit is on a web server, and the git repositories are on another, will this still work or it HAS to be on the same server? Or does it use remoting somehow?

How to handle git with two repositories

This is probably a novice question, so I apologize for my daftness ahead of time. I am deploying to Heroku, and managing my repository through github. So I have two git accounts with one code base. My .git/config looks like this : [core] repositoryformatversion = 0 filemode = true bare = false logallrefupdates = true […]

Why won't my Git Bash access “bundle”?

I’m running through the Rails tutorial and I’d like to view a “test” through Git Bash since it looks like the test results are formatted more nicely. However, whenever I try to run “bundle exec …etc.” through Git Bash, I get an error of “bad interpreter: no such file or directory”. Now, I have checked […]

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