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Good Git deployment using branches strategy with Heroku?

What is a good deployment strategy to use with Git + Heroku (Ruby on Rails)? Currently the way I work with my origin Git repository: All features (or ‘stories’) are first checked out as branches, then get merged with master and pushed to origin. Anything pushed to origin/master triggers a script that pulls the new […]

How to Configure Capistrano to Deploy from Local Git Repository?

What changes do I need to make to the deploy.rb file below to make it deploy my app from a local git repo? If I can’t deploy from a local repo, can I have capistrano use the working copying instead? set :application, “my_app” set :repository, “.” set :local_repository, “file:///path/to/application/.git” set :deploy_to, “/data/www/apps/#{application}” set :deploy_via, :copy […]

git push heroku master permission denied

I am following the ruby.railstutorial. I run the command “git push heroku master” and it spits out this error. Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. I am inside my rails app “/Users/lexi87/rails_projects/first_app”. Any solutions?

chef deployment?

I’m interested in switching from Capistrano to Chef, but am having a few issues putting all the pieces together. I’ve followed http://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/Quick+Start and am able to start EC2 instances with knife. As far as code deployment, it looks as though I want to be doing what’s in http://wiki.opscode.com/display/chef/Deploy+Resource, the only problem is, nowhere on that […]

Delete and Redeploy Rails app to heroku

I have a rails app that is deployed to Heroku. I recently made a ton of changes, deleted old migrations, recreated new migrations, rebased and dealt with merge conflicts….the list goes on. Now, I want to wipe my entire heroku “production” app from heroku and redeploy my code from my github master branch to Heroku. […]

Pull is not possible because you have unmerged files, git stash doesn't work. Don't want to commit

I just want to pull. I have changes to disregard, my Gemfile and Gemlock files and I’d be happy to just overwrite them and just pull. I tried stashing my changes away, this didn’t work out for me. What do I do? git pull M Gemfile U Gemfile.lock Pull is not possible because you have […]

Lost my schema.rb! Can it be regenerated?

Due to some deployment issues I stopped tracking schema.rb in git. Somehow I have stuffed this up and somewhere along the way my schema.rb file has disappeared. Is there a way of regenerating schema.rb from the database or from the migrations? I would prefer not to lose the existing data.

cloned project from github. heroku does not work

I cloned a project from github over to my desktop. I used to work on it form my laptop. However, on laptop heroku does not seem to work for this app eventhough i have it installed. First problem: heroku open >No app specified. >Run this command from app folder or set it adding –app <app […]

Whats the best way to work with Github and multiple computers?

I am developing some school grading software and decided to use Github to host the project. After building some code on my Ubuntu box I pushed it to Github and then cloned it down to my MacBook Pro. After editing the code on the MBP I pushed it back to Github. The next morning I […]

Capistrano 3 pulling command line arguments

I’m in the process of upgrading from Capistrano 2 to Capistrano 3. In Cap 2 I was using the following to take a command line argument as the branch name (otherwise default to master) set :branch, fetch(:branch, “master”) If I called cap deploy it would deploy the master branch. But it also let me do […]

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