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“sqlite3.h” missing when pushing Rails app to Heroku

I’m following this tutorial, but it fails when I try to push to Heroku. It seems “sqlite3.h” is missing. I’m new to development so I’m not sure what information will help people diagnose the problem, so here’s everything :). I’m running on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. Here are the versions of everything I’m working […]

Git checkout <SHA> and Heroku

I created a local Git repo on my laptop and then pushed the source to Heroku creating a remote branch. After a few days of commits and pushes, I need to rollback to an earlier commit. Here’s what I did. cd <app root> git checkout 35fbd894eef3e114c814cc3c7ac7bb50b28f6b73 Someone told me that doing the checkout created a […]

Alternative way to do an initial push of a large repo

I’ve got a largish Rails 3.1 app in development and production which I’ve only just set up a staging environment for on Heroku. Because my git repo is quite large, I’m getting time-out errors at around 33% every time I try to push. Is there an alternative to doing git push staging master for this […]

Heroku upload-Precompiling assets failed

I need help. When trying to upload my app to heroku, I get this error, anyone know why? A few was wrong. thanks Using rake (10.1.0) … Using tlsmail (0.0.1) Using uglifier (2.1.2) Your bundle is complete! It was installed into ./vendor/bundle —–> Writing config/database.yml to read from DATABASE_URL —–> Preparing app for Rails asset […]

Deploying a Re-Written Github/Heroku App

I have an app that is live on Heroku/Github, but recently completely rebuilt it from scratch – I want to keep the old repository name, what is the best way to replace the live code with the new code?

Can't run bundle update on Windows

Whenever I run bundle update or bundle install on Windows 8.1 I can’t update/install gems from github. I can install other gems like uglifier, but it doesn’t work for github gems specifically. For example, putting this in the Gemfile group :development, :test do gem ‘rspec-rails’, ‘2.13.1’ gem ‘spork-rails’, github: ‘sporkrb/spork-rails’ end results in the error: […]

Gemfile.lock not checked in – Heroku

While trying to “git push heroku master”, I keep getting the error : Counting objects: 266, done. Delta compression using up to 4 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (239/239), done. Writing objects: 100% (266/266), 222.68 KiB, done. Total 266 (delta 55), reused 0 (delta 0) —–> Heroku receiving push —–> Rails app detected —–> Detected Rails […]

How to avoid tons of commits when debugging Heroku app

While trying to sort out bugs with apps on Heroku, I usually end up with a bunch of Git commits related to the bug fixing process, as I need to commit the updates in order to push to Heroku. Are there any clever ways of cleaning up those commits prior to pushing to the main […]

How do I push to Heroku or get info/status when it “hung up” or does not respond?

Got that error when trying to push updated app to Heroku (probably the same as this question): > git push heroku master ssh: connect to host heroku.com port 22: Bad file number fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly I cannot connect to the API URL > heroku info ! Unable to connect to api.heroku.com […]

gitlab email setup

By default gitlab has the next configuration in gitlab.yml : email: from: notify@gitlabhq.com host: gitlabhq.com but, I need to specify other variables (host, port, user, password, etc) to use another mail server. How I do that?

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