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How to copy Rails app with existing git repository?

I want to copy and paste my Rails app, only with different name. Here is my problem. When I go into my new rails app folder its on master branch, but I can’t push anything from there. It belongs to my first(old) app. I should remove git from new app and make entirely new repository, […]

Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem “spree_core”

I’m trying to install spree_braintree gem to integrate braintree gateway with spree 3.0.1. When I run “bundle install”, I get this error “Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem “spree_core””. This is my Gemfile. source ‘https://rubygems.org’ # Bundle edge Rails instead: gem ‘rails’, github: ‘rails/rails’ gem ‘rails’, ‘4.2.1’ # Use sqlite3 as the database […]

Git not pushing my sitemap on public folder

I’m using ruby on rails sitemap_generator gem. When I make new sitemap with ruby sitemap.rb command it displays this: + sitemap.xml.gz 11 links / 527 Bytes Sitemap stats: 11 links / 1 sitemaps / 0m00s Pinging with URL ‘http://domain.com/sitemap.xml.gz’: Successful ping of Google Successful ping of Bing But when I test my sitemap with google […]

How fetch a gem, that depends of a git source, in my rails app?

I have two gems (A and B) that depends of one another gem (gem X). The gem X is in my git repository. When i use the gem A or B in a rails app, the gem X is not being fetched. The Gemfile of A and B are like: source ‘https://rubygems.org’ # gem’s dependencies […]

Rugged and Grack: Finding commit before push

I am using rugged for git related operations (initializing repo with web interface) and gitlab-grack for implementation of http-backend CGI. It is working fine and I am able to make push, pull etc. However, I want to find blobs which changed after every push (I have to do some processing on those objects). One way […]

Push to Git using Rugged

I worked in a script to push to git using a script, so I choose Rugged to do that, my probleme when I try to push to repo, it gives me error, Can you help me ? require ‘rugged’ git_email = ‘ettaheri.nizar@gmail.com’ git_name = ‘Nizar’ repo_name = ‘/Users/euphor/Desktop/test/testignore1’ repo = Rugged::Repository.new(‘/Users/euphor/Desktop/test/testignore1’) puts “1” index = […]

git submodules with rails directory structure

I’d like to split up rails using a git submodule, which as far as I can tell, works basically like a directory. While this works well with a file structure similar to Python’s Django, where each module has a models.py, views.py, etc, this doesn’t appear to work so well with rails, which gives you a […]

Error in git push heroku master “ Precompiling assets failed ”

I’m trying to do a git push heroku master to deploy my project but happens the following error. I’m following a tutorial however I have done what is asked many times and did not get success so I decided to ask for help It happens the following error Preparing app for Rails asset pipeline Running: […]

Rails 4 – Application.js contains merge conflicts, not sure how to resolve them

I have a Rails app in which my Application.js generated by sprocket somehow got merge conflicts – and I’m not sure how to remove them. In Chrome I get the the following error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token << And I can see that this is included in the file: […] <<<<<<< HEAD //= require turbolinks […]

Switching Heroku app to server in other region

I currently have a Heroku app myapp-us.herokuapp.com on a US based server, while I would like the app to run on an EU based server. But it’s not possible within Heroku to change the region of an existing app. Therefore, within Heroku I’ve created a second app now with the EU region selected: myapp-eu.herokuapp.com. My […]

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