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How to use 'git fetch' in different places?

Im try to use Git on the work and home (for example project name – “sample”). I use add push -u origin master for upload my changes on github, then I come to home and try to renew my project with command git fetch and got a NEW sample directory in my sample directory. When […]

Connecting Aptana with Git

I am new to Git and Aptana. I have downloaded Git from the location:windows.github.com. It installed fine. I see a default integration of Aptana with Git, but what I dont know where it is pointing to which server location? I want to host my code on GitHub so that I can keep different machine in […]

Used git checkout to revert a file – anyway to restore it?

I’m picking up work on this Rails system, and was told I could modify the server to do some testing. I made a small change to a few files for testing, confirmed my suspicions, and then did a recursive git checkout on the root directory. I restarted passenger with no issue, but got an error […]

rails app in development doesn't show up on heroku

Im developing a rails app. Following this tutorial here: Tutorial I finished a part and wanted to push all the changes up to heroku and view them there. I can view the site on my local machine. On heroku all I see is this: I typed in the following commands after I made my changes, […]

Restore Gemfile.lock from gitignore

In my Rails App, Gemfile.lock is ignored from the tracking through the .gitignore But I want the file to be committed and tracked. How do I do that?

How do I manage changes to my db across git branches?

So, I have an app that I am experimenting with. The current state is good on my develop branch. I want to install spree, but that comes with many migrations and changes to the db. So I made a new branch, just for Spree, based on my develop branch. I installed the gem, ran the […]

OpenSource my application

I am developing the following application and I’m thinking of making it opensource (add it to Github). http://actibities-uniongr.rhcloud.com/pages/view-demo In my local environment I have scripts loading temporary data for development purposes. Should that be included in the code pushed to Github?

Remote branch ahead of local branch; can't push

I’m trying to push to heroku, but I recently dropped back a few commits as the production and local code were both flawed. Now I’m getting the error: Updates were rejected because the tip of your current branch is behind its remote counterpart. Merge the remote changes (e.g. ‘git pull’) before pushing again. I don’t […]

Can't push to my git repository

I’m a n00b and i’m learning rails. I’m having problems pushing my local repository to my github. I’m doing the ruby on rails tutorial and i’ve got my github account set up. i’m on step 1.3.4 and typing: C:\Sites\rails_projects\first_app> git remote add origin https://github.com/<username>/first_app.git returns fatal: remote origin already exitst i figured this is a […]

Multiple Instances of an app on Heroku

I need to deploy several instances of the same app on heroku. It appears that I need to have a branch and local repo for each instance to deploy each instance to heroku via the cli. This just doesnt seem right. Does anyone have any experience in this area?

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