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git heroku not download collaborators recent push

A collaborator on a heroku app Im working on pushed some code, moments before I made a push, as the owner I rolled back the app, but now I can not seem to download the code to the my local repository? I’ve tried rebasing the branch, fetching and reseting the HEAD, everything said it is […]

Asset Precompiling Failed Rails

I typed git push heroku master and I got this error. Please help me I am stuck. Can someone tell me where is this file getting stuck? I also tried running RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake assets:precompile but it shows the same problem I already added this in my config/application.rb config.assets.initialize_on_precompile = false Command Line response […]

I am getting fatal message i.e not a git repository, when I am typing “git add .” in git command prompt.

I wanted to add screen shot of that, but i didn’t have that much reputation as I am new to this. I am getting fatal message i.e not a git repository, when I am typing “git add .” in git command prompt. I am currently new to ruby on rails.What should I do?

How to completely delete ruby on rails project from computer, heroku, and github

How do I completely delete a ruby on rails project from my computer, heroku, and github. I know the obvious, delete the project file, delete the github repo, and delete the heroku app, but are there any smaller steps i need to do. I just wanna make sure that if i happen to make a […]

Git reset and Bootstrap – something is broken

I’m having a problem reseting my app to a previous commit. I’m trying out bootstrap for the first time and when I tried to modify bootstrap_and_overrides.css.less I broke something and the styling was all over the place. I had no problem completely discarding the changes and had a commit on my local machine that was […]

How to import a very large csv file in a heroku-hosted database?

Here is the context. I’ve got a ruby on rails application deployed on Heroku. I’m using Postgres database. I’d like to import a very large csv file (69MB) (it’s the allCountries file from geonames) into my heroku database. How to make it ? i think it’s a bad idea to put this large file in […]

Web GUI Merge Requests Failing after Gitlab Update to 6.6.4

I ran the updates from 5.4 to 6.6.4 to our system and now merge requests in the web gui do not work. All the checks in gitlab pass and the application is configured correctly – all green lights in the checks. At first we were getting the endlessly spinning “Checking for ability to automatically merge…” […]

Pushing RoR to heroku RoR tutorial

I am trying to learn Ruby on Rails for the first time and the install/setup is is a lot to take in and I am having a bit of trouble. Specifically portion 1.4.2 of http://www.railstutorial.org/book/beginning#uid28 the Heroku setup. When I enter in the command git push heroku master I get errors which prevent me from […]

Unable to push ruby on rails master project to heroku windows 8

I have a problem whenever I do git push heroku master, it gives me the following error: !Invalid path! Syntax is: git@heroku.com<app>.git where <app> is your app’s name fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists. I have used MSysGit and I created […]

GIT command not found on Fedora 18

I am trying to deploy a Rails application using Capistrano. My application is on a Git repository on BitBucket. Before deploying the application I needed to install Git on the server running Fedora 18. I tried the following: sudo yum install git and sudo yum install git-core Both commands showed that Git was installed successfully, […]

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