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Github pulling does not work in – Rails 5

I’m trying to pull last commit that I made on github, and though I get no errors, I see no changes in the code. I messed up my schema file, but after I pull the code it does not change at all. I searched here on stack and the solution that worked for others didn’t […]

newbie capistrano rails deployment problem (can't find git in the path)

I’m using: Rails 3, ruby 1.9.2 and trying to deploy using capistrano. When I run cap deploy:check, capistrano tells me that it can’t find git on my deployment server (see below). Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?? Here’s my setup. I have a git repo @ github I have a laptop with an updated […]

How can I print my git tags in Capistrano as part of my deploy task?

I’ve set up Capistrano to ask me which git tag I want to deploy: # deploy.rb set(:branch) { Capistrano::CLI.ui.ask(‘Tag to deploy:’) } This works as expected – if I specify v0.75 it will deploy that tag. However, I’d love it if I could print out the list of my tags before I get asked which […]

How to manage differences using same code base for multiple Rails 2.3 websites

We have a website using Rails 2.3.x, bundler, nginx, passenger and git, and would now like to use the same code to deploy a very similar site. Differences between the two will include: Locale Databases Validations in some cases Views in some cases What is the best way to manage these differences while using the […]

git – update to new branch of rails

I currently have a rails project running of a git tag v2.1.2, to get here id did git checkout v2.1.2 However there are now new fix’s that have been applied to the 2.1 branch, how do I move to this branch rather than the tag?

How to work with different versions of rails project at once?

With git is possible to jump back to early versions of a project. Now, to work with these early versions, they depend often on old versions of libraries. Is it possible to circumvent problems like these: /opt/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rails-2.2.2/lib/rails/gem_dependency.rb:220:in `specification’: can’t activate haml (= 2.1.0, runtime), already activated haml-3.0.18 (Gem::Exception)

Grit commit seems to be overriding last commit in Git repo?

I’m using Grit to create a repo and committing as few times. Every time I commit, my commit is saved, but the old one disappears. Anyone have any clue what I’m doing wrong? First I create a repo and make a commit. If I log the commit, I get the commit ID, and everything works […]

git-commit-notifier with gmail

First of all you have to know I’m total Ruby noob 🙂 I installed git-commit-notifier (http://github.com/ilozka/git-commit-notifier) on my system (Ubuntu 10.04) and followed all the installation instructions but every time I push to my git repository I get this error message: remote: Sending mail… remote: /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/net/smtp.rb:944:in `check_auth_response’: 530 5.7.0 Must issue a STARTTLS command first. […]

Developing & deploying Rails app from same machine

I have started developing a new Rails app on my server using RVM, Rails 3, & Ruby v1.9.2. I am using Git as my code repository. It’s a simple app and I don’t want to use an extra server. I just want to deploy my app directly from the same server I am developing on. […]

configuring .gems file (rails apps on Heroku)

I’m learning how to deploy RoR (v2.3.4) on Heroku. Last night was my first attempt at pushing an app with an external gem (active_merchant). What is the URL format for configuring the .gems file? (My last attempt was ‘active_merchant –source github.com/Shopify/active_merchant’.) Any inputs would be great. Thanks. -BrianP. (bjpcjp@gmail.com)

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