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How to install CarrierWave using Bundler

I am trying to install CarrierWave, defined in my gemfile as: gem “carrierwave”, github: “carrierwaveuploader/carrierwave” but I get: unable to connect to github.com:\ngithub.com[0:]: errno=Connection refused\ngithub.com[1:] I tried using the command: vagrant reload –provision multiple times but the error remains. I checked IP in the address bar of the browser and it redirects me […]

Cloned A Ruby on Rails App, But Confirmation Email Link Still Pointing To Old App Online

I just finished Railstutorial.org. I now want to use that base application I built (a twitter clone) and build stuff on top of it. I cloned the code into a new directory and am making modifications, but one issue I can’t seem to figure out. When I get the authentication email for the new app, […]

Heroku issue error: failed to push some refs

I’m trying to deploy my app with Heroku Every time I type in the terminal git push heroku master I get error: src refspec master does not match any. error: failed to push some refs to ‘ssh://git@heroku.com/deucex1.git’ I don’t know how to fix this and I don’t know where “‘ssh://git@heroku.com/deucex1.git’” is coming from, I never […]

How to update the files locally after a rollback on Heroku?

I have, let’s say 10 deployments on Heroku of a web application; I would like to rollback to the 6th release The first step is to rollback on Heroku, then I have to git clone the web application through this command heroku git:clone -a myapp My question is, how to update the developpment files, locally, […]

Git: Committed person name in Exception Error mail

Idea: Am planing to show committed person name in Exception error mail in which line that exception occur. In server we don’t have git. So, Am planning to use Github API.I have checked in GitHub documentation, I couldn’t able to find it. I would like to know if GitHub have any API to check the […]

JRuby Rails Project with Java Code Git Repository Organization

Any advice on Git repository organization for starting a new project on JRuby that will have a Java Server component and Ruby on Rails component? I’m guessing that I put the Java and Ruby parts in separate repositories. What would be the pros and cons of putting them in one repository versus separate ones?

Infamous 'byte sequence” error with local install of gitorious on Ruby 1.9.1

I am trying to install gitorious on my personal server but I am not very familiar with Ruby or the frameworks and scripts involved in getting to the finish line. I am following the following instructions to install gitorious on my CentOS 5.4 server: http://www.tikalk.com/alm/blog/installing-gitorious-centos-55 The site comes up but as soon as I click […]

Rails and Git workflow advice

I need some advice with my desired setup with git and Rails. Basically for my first Rails application I used a base application template from GitHub, I then made a ton of changes and now have a full application which is fairly customised. I have now extracted all of the changes I made to the […]

Using Capistrano to deploy rails app in remote DreamHost testing/sandbox server

Currently I use capistrano to deploy my app to a remote production server in Dreamhost (see this guide). I would like to setup an alternate sub-domain (testing.example.com) in my DH setup as a sandbox enviroment for beta testing. I’m currently running Rails 2.3.10. The Capistrano task must force RAILS_ENV to “testing”. Is this possible?

Replaced a gem by its git repo, nothing works

I used the gem enumerated_attribute; however, the gem is not up to date and for last version I must use the git repo. So I changed my gemfile as follows: #gem ‘enumerated_attribute’ gem “edave-enumerated_attribute”, :git => “https://github.com/edave/enumerated_attribute.git” After that I ran bundle install which removed the gem and copied the repo. Now the rail apps […]

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