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Error when pushing Rails App to Heroku

I’ve been walking through railstutorial.org trying to deploy my first rails app and have been banging my head trying to figure out all the setup stuff. This should all really be a one-click thing, update to newest ruby/newest rails, setup git and you’re good to go, but it’s a HUGE headache. Sorry I had to […]

Using Git to track Ruby on rails

Other than the database and log files are there any other files that should not be in the repository for security reasons? The project will mostly be worked on by myself however the code is to be stored on a shared repository which will be available to a few other users should they want to […]

how do i store a gemfile within my local directory ( for GIT V.C. ) running RVM

i was told that using config.gem alongside :path => “path/to/dir” would work. on server restart though environment.rb does not pull the gem im pointing at. anyone have any ideas?

How to thoroughly clean up a ruby on rails project?

I am very new to ruby on rails. I’ve installed a complicated ruby on rails project via github clone and bundle install, and I was making minor changes to it until it reaches a point whereby it is not stable anymore, sass was throwing strange exceptions, so did other ruby gems. For a rails project, […]

Digital Ocean git bare repo

I am trying to setup my own production environment on digital ocean with ubuntu, rails and git. I have followed this and this tutorial among others. They all instruct to create the repository as bare, i.e.: mkdir site.git && cd site.git git init –bare Problem is that when I push from my local computer, I […]

How to display commit content in ruby

How do you display the commit content specified with SHA-1 in a Ruby on Rails application?

Git – what does CONFLICT (rename/delete) mean?

I did not find much success in understanding what this means in other SO questions. this is for a ruby on rails project. it’s probably really straightforward if you know what to do. I tried merging two branches and this was (part) of the result. CONFLICT (rename/delete): db/migrate/20160705073411_create_building_employees.rb deleted in HEAD and renamed in user-authentication. […]

Advice on using a Chromebook 14 for development

I am preparing to start taking the Odin Project curriculum for web development. Part of the requirements are to download: Ruby Interpreter, Git version control, Heroku tools, Ruby Gems, Rails Gem, and Ruby on Rails. I’ve read several articles from developers using chromebooks advising to set the laptop to development mode. Being a novice in […]

capistrano version 3 upgrade confusing

I am struggling with upgrading capistrano v2 to v3 for 5 days.I am trying to deploy from my local machine to ec2 instance development environment. I can’t move further. My trace is here $cap development deploy:check INFO [429e612c] Running /usr/bin/env mkdir -p /tmp/my_app_name/ on 70.22.320.14 DEBUG [429e612c] Command: ( RVM_BIN_PATH=~/.rvm/bin /usr/bin/env mkdir -p /tmp/my_app_name/ ) […]

Git push origin master fatal error: Permission to railstutorial/first_app.git denied

I’m trying to git push origin master using Michael Hartl’s rails tutorials (first_app), but i’m getting this problem: [first_app]$git push origin master ERROR: Permission to railstutorial/first_app.git denied to tomkim fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly I’ve re-entered an SSH key, but that’s not it. I’ve never had this problem before, but now I am. […]

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