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Share code/configurations/conventions/gems between Rails apps

THE PROBLEM First a little bit of context: I am currently working as a freelancer, developping webapps using Ruby on Rails. Because I am working solo, the need to optimize my workflow is pretty important. That’s why I have always had the same question since I begun working with Rails: How can I share code/configuration/conventions/tests […]

Heroku Failed to detect set buildpack

Hello I’m a noob on Heroku, ving trouble pushing my rails app. Afterentering: $ git push heroku master I get the following error from the terminal: Failed to detect set buildpack https://codon-buildpacks.s3.amazonaws.com/buildpacks/heroku/ruby.tgz remote: More info: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/buildpacks#detection-failure So I researched this error and followed the steps here: devcenter.heroku.com/articles/buildpacks#detection-failure and set the buildpack by entering into the […]

Sync local test server with local git repository

what is the best approach to sync local test server with local git repository. My company develops rails project which is hosted on GitHub. We have a build server (Jenkins) which is triggered every time when a pull request is opened. Running all tests takes significant time, so I would like to setup my own […]

Cloud9 – Git – Rails App (Error on bash after Gemfiles Changes)

I’m following a Rails tutorial for an app development and after making some Gemfile Changes, I receive two errors when trying to push the changes to Github. I started by branch off to a new branch of code using the git tool and I did that to make another version of the site. I did […]

Figaro Environment Variables in Gemfile

I’m trying to set an auth token for my gemfile to access a private git repo. i.e. gem ‘mygem’, git: “https://ENV[‘GITHUB_AUTH_TOKEN’]:x-oauth-basic@github.com/my_account/my_repo.git”, tag: “0.0.1” I can’t work out how to store this in Figaro but make it accessible to bundle when I run bundle install. Very similar to This question Except that rather than having a […]

restore untacked file from .git/info/exclude

First I want to ignore the config/environments/development.rb, so i added it into the .git/info/exclude, and it worked. When I do want to restore it, and add it in my untacked files. I delete that line from .git/info/exclude. But when i change the file config/environments/development.rb code git status, it can’t be found in my untacked files, […]

How can I un-nest a Git repository

I accidentally did a git.init on a parent folder of my app (Rails project). I didn’t realise until a long way into my development when I now wish to deploy to Heroku. My folder structure is ~/project/project/app with git initialised in ~/project/app. Heroku states: “Heroku apps expect the app directory structure at the root of […]

How to install CarrierWave using Bundler

I am trying to install CarrierWave, defined in my gemfile as: gem “carrierwave”, github: “carrierwaveuploader/carrierwave” but I get: unable to connect to github.com:\ngithub.com[0:]: errno=Connection refused\ngithub.com[1:] I tried using the command: vagrant reload –provision multiple times but the error remains. I checked IP in the address bar of the browser and it redirects me […]

Cloned A Ruby on Rails App, But Confirmation Email Link Still Pointing To Old App Online

I just finished Railstutorial.org. I now want to use that base application I built (a twitter clone) and build stuff on top of it. I cloned the code into a new directory and am making modifications, but one issue I can’t seem to figure out. When I get the authentication email for the new app, […]

Heroku issue error: failed to push some refs

I’m trying to deploy my app with Heroku Every time I type in the terminal git push heroku master I get error: src refspec master does not match any. error: failed to push some refs to ‘ssh://git@heroku.com/deucex1.git’ I don’t know how to fix this and I don’t know where “‘ssh://git@heroku.com/deucex1.git’” is coming from, I never […]

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