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Ruby on Rails – 404 response – “The page you were looking for doesn't exit”

I’ve been stuck on this error of “The page you were looking for doesn’t exit” for a while now. Does anyone know how to solve it? GEMFILE source ‘https://rubygems.org’ gem ‘heroku’, ‘3.0.1’ # Bundle edge Rails instead: gem ‘rails’, github: ‘rails/rails’ gem ‘rails’, ‘4.0.0’ # Use sqlite3 as the database for Active Record group :development […]

Error installing RVM in gitbash

The command that I tried to install RVM in gitbash is \curl -sSL https://get.rvm.io | bash -s stable The error that I am getting is: bash: line 84: conditional binary operator expected url: (23) Failed writing body (0 != 6628)

Can Ruby Octokit (GitHub API) be used to commit changes directly into a GitHub repository?

I would like to use the Ruby octokit gem to apply changes to a GitHub repository. This would be Ruby 2 (not Rails). I have used the API to authenticate and look at existing committed objctes: trees and blobs. What I don’t understand is how I go about updating, adding and removing parts of the […]

I am getting fatal message i.e not a git repository, when I am typing “git add .” in git command prompt.

I wanted to add screen shot of that, but i didn’t have that much reputation as I am new to this. I am getting fatal message i.e not a git repository, when I am typing “git add .” in git command prompt. I am currently new to ruby on rails.What should I do?

How to completely delete ruby on rails project from computer, heroku, and github

How do I completely delete a ruby on rails project from my computer, heroku, and github. I know the obvious, delete the project file, delete the github repo, and delete the heroku app, but are there any smaller steps i need to do. I just wanna make sure that if i happen to make a […]

Pushing RoR to heroku RoR tutorial

I am trying to learn Ruby on Rails for the first time and the install/setup is is a lot to take in and I am having a bit of trouble. Specifically portion 1.4.2 of http://www.railstutorial.org/book/beginning#uid28 the Heroku setup. When I enter in the command git push heroku master I get errors which prevent me from […]

Is it possible to trigger a redeployment from Heroku?

I’m trying to get to a point where I can make and deploy emergency changes to my Heroku apps from mobile devices. Using CodeHub (ios) I’m able to make changes to the GitHib repo, and using Nezumi (ios) I’m able to access the logs, restart the application and even gain console access to my app. […]

How to debug Errno::EIO error in Chef recipe using Chef::Provider::Git

I’m trying to use chef to check out a git repo to a windows client node. This seems simple enough and I’ve got the following resource definition: git “C:\\pathtocheckout” do repo “https://gitserver/repo.git” action [ :checkout, :sync] end But when this is reached by chef-client I get: Errno::EIO: git[C:\pathtocheckout] (cookbook_name::test line 21) had an error: Errno::EIO: […]

Installing Ruby project from Github – bundle install gets ERROR on nokogiri -v '1.5.0'

Trying to run Ruby+MongoDb project from Github. Making it happen through README instructions . Get stack when run command “bundle install –path=.bundle “. It argues on “nokogiri -v ‘1.5.0’”. Says that it is impossible to install all the dependencies from Gemfile. Need to run https://github.com/ai/dis.spbstu.ru on newly installed Ubuntu 13.10 x86 Previously installed through apt-get […]

Heroku Login Error in Git Bash

In Git Bash, it does not recognize the file or directory. I also have Ruby 1.9.3 installed but the output is showing 1.9.2 $ heroku login /c/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/bin/heroku: line 4: /c/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/ruby-1.9. 2/bin/ruby: No such file or directory /c/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/bin/heroku: line 4: exec: /c/Program Files (x86)/Heroku/rub y-1.9.2/bin/ruby: cannot execute: No such file […]

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