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Moving Git repository content to another repository preserving history

I am trying to move only the contents of one repository (say repo1) to another existing repository (say repo2) using the following commands; git clone repo1 git clone repo2 cd repo1 git remote rm origin git remote add repo1 git push But its not working. I reviewed the other similar post but i only found […]

Syncing source code with Git source control provider and Visual studio

This time, I need to work with Git with Visual studio and is my first time source control configuration, so please bear with me 🙂 concept: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0_k0QpCVjHYZFFyRng4b2R5b2s/view?usp=sharing Aim: Sync all developers code to a single repository using Git & it’s provider in Visual studio. Allow developers to check in from and push to this repository […]

git subtree: possible to change subtree branch/path in a forked repository?

In a repository A the folder sub is included as git subtree of the repository S – pointing to master branch. I have forked repository A into F. Now I want to do one of the following in F: change sub to use a different branch of S (ie develop branch) or: change sub to […]

If I fork someone else's private Github repo into my account, is it going to appear in my account as a public repo?

Someone gave me access to one of their private repo on Github. What I want to do is to fork that project into my own account, so I could make use of Github’s pull request feature. I only have a basic account on Github, so I cannot make private repos on my own, but if […]

How do I make git-svn use a particular svn branch as the remote repository?

A word of warning: I’m a n00b to git in general. My team uses feature branches in svn, and I’d like to use git-svn to track my work on a particular feature branch. I’ve been (roughly) following Andy Delcambre’s post to set up my local git repo, but those instructions seem to have led git […]

Git: Merge a Remote branch locally

I’ve pulled all remote branches via git fetch –all. I can see the branch I’d like to merge via git branch -a as remotes/origin/branchname. Problem is its not accessible. I can’t merge or checkout?

How does the Android repo manifest repository work?

The Android source is a large hierarchy of git repositories. They are managed by a custom script called repo. Repo determines which git repositories to manage using a manifest.xml. The manifest.xml of Android is hosted in a git repository along with all the other git repositories. How is this repository managed in Android? Specifically how […]

Extract part of a git repository?

Assume my git repository has the following structure: /.git /Project /Project/SubProject-0 /Project/SubProject-1 /Project/SubProject-2 and the repository has quite some commits. Now one of the subprojects (SubProject-0) grows pretty big, and I want to take SubProject-0 out and set it up as a standalone project. Is it possible to extract all the commit history involving SubProject-0 […]

How to git clone a repo in windows from other pc within the LAN?

I have this git repo “c:/xampp/htdocs/**” in my main PC and its IP address is Now I want to git clone this repo from ubuntu-server which running on a Vmware Player in my main PC. I did git clone \\\c:\xampp\htdocs\**** and git clone //**** from ubuntu-server and neither worked. fatal: could not create work […]

Pull request without forking?

Here are steps of code contribution from the topic “How do I contribute to other's code in GitHub?” Fork the project Make one or more well commented and clean commits to the repository. You can make a new branch here if you are modifying more than one part or feature. Perform a pull request in […]

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