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Jenkins as Crontab, GIT sometimes goes down

Currently we have setup Jenkins as a crontab. I am using git plugin and every minute I pull from different remote repositories in order to run builds. Problem is that network is bad and sometimes build gets failed since Jenkins can’t fetch changes from repository. What is the best way to dismiss fetching changes if […]

How to merge/copy entire forked repository into original repository?

I had an original repository say ‘A’ from which I have forked a new repository say ‘B’. I have been working on only ‘B’ since then, where I have created new branches and also deleted few. Now I want to merge my repository ‘B’ into ‘A’. What I essentially want is if A has (a1, […]

Git – obtain sources from .pack archive

I am new to Git, I have cloned a repository with git clone, but I did not obtain any C++ source file (project is written in C++), but instead I have obtained two files in .git/objects/pack, with *.pack and *.idx extension. I followed this guide to unpack the archives. Now I have in the objects […]

Clone subfolder using Github Desktop

I read this answer here to clone sub-folders of a repository but I am wondering if it is possible using Github Desktop to do this. Github desktop allows cloning of repositories but I want to clone a single folder inside a repository.

how to terminate a process in Git

hi guys i was practicing git and i edited a file, i wanted to commit my modification but it open a message editor bash widow n i couldn’t close it till i closed the bash terminal. i opened it again n wanted to reDo commit it gives me this message how could i terminate this […]

Make Git Tag visible in repo

Hi I recently started with Git. I want to tag previous commit with version. Sequence of steps which i followed: git checkout Xerxes //to that specific commit git tag version-name // tagging with the name git checkout mainline // But i cant see the tag in the repository. When I do git tag, tag name […]

Ignore git sub-repositories and treat them as regular files

I have a huge “main” git repository with several sub-folders, which themselves are separate git repos. I use the main repo as a sort of incremental backup system. However, the main repo always ignores any of the sub-repos and excludes them from the commits. Is there a way to fix this and treat them as […]

2 GIT Repos to keep framework up to date and project separate

I have googled for a while now, and haven’t yet found a good solution to the following problem: I have a git repository for my own framework, say repo-A, and I have a git repository per project, say repo-B. Each project utilizes repo-A as core. This means that in the root dir of the project, […]

Github – see quick setup guide

When first creating a new repository online on github, you are taken to a quick setup guide in which all major commands are shown, “customized” according to your repository name. Is it possible to show that page again? I was not able to find it anymore… Thank you

Several local and remote git repositories with Netbeans

I have set up a local git repository and pushed my projects in Netbeans to my remote git repository. My intention is to create other projects in Netbeans and another local git repository in a folder on my PC and connect the new projects with this repository. For example, I would like to add separate […]

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