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Bower – Give different path to a registered package

I have my own cloned git repository. (I’ll use cloned jquery to simplify) I want to be able to link a Registered package name to a given path so I could do this: “jquery”: “1.0.0” I know it is possible to just give the path, i.e bower install myJqueryPath OR, add to dependencies on bower.json […]

A better way of switching between Android source versions

I would like to be able to switch between various android releases (1.0, 1.5, 2.0, etc.) and then access them via the file system to copy all files for that version into a tarball. Currently I am just running repo init -u <source URL> -b release-1. to get each version (changing the tag for each […]

How to integrate a local git repository in Phabricator Diffusion?

System setup: phabricator installed as well as git set up (not part of this question) on same machine git repositories under /srv/git e.g. /srv/git/my/example.git user accounts: “git” with group “git” (for git) “bugs” with groups “bugs git” (for phabricator) This is just an example, please adopt to your specific setup and needs! Now, how to […]

Eclipse Git: Can't add folder to index

I’m using Eclipse for a Game Project using LibGdx as framework and Grandle (god I hate it). I’m trying to push the repositories to GitHub, but I can’t stage the “core” folder in the commit. It’s considered unstaged. When I try RightClick -> “Add to Index” it does and says nothing… As it maybe usefull […]

How to re-download whole repository in Git

We are team of users, who work on Windows, our Remote is in Bitbucket (Linux/UNIX) and our application is being deployed to Linux machine. We didn’t pay attention to line endings, until one day we found out, that .sh scripts on our laptops have CRLF line endings. We decided to set core.autocrlf to false, so […]

Git with a central repository

I’ve just set up a repository on my server. I’d like to use it with a small group of developers. We want to have a central repository shared among us. We don’t have experience with Git, but we want to learn. I have followed this instructions. On the server: $ git init –bare –shared foo.git […]

Git pushing unfinished changes to repo

Another Git question if someone wouldn’t mind answering: I develop websites on a desktop from within the office, and on a laptop when I’m working from home, both storing files on their local drives and tracked using an online Git repository. When I create a new feature from the laptop at home, what would be […]

how to add ssh public key to a specific git repo

I have a git repo, i connect via root to push and pull. I have another user i’d like to have access to my repo. I have got him to create me a public key file for me to add to my servers ~/.ssh/authorized_keys How do i then restrict him from having access to my […]

Sync tree using tag

I want to sync remote tree to my local machine using particular tag.What is the best ways to sync tree using tag other that git checkout.Because if i use git checkout I need to sync latest top of tree for every repo and then checkout to that particular tag.

Using Git with a huge 200GB repository?

I’m considering using Git for backup purposes – I want to backup my files to an external drive, then commit everything on the backup drive. That way, I can still access old files if needed. My backup set is about 200 GB. Do you think Git can handle very big repositories like that? Will the […]

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