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git subtree: possible to change subtree branch/path in a forked repository?

In a repository A the folder sub is included as git subtree of the repository S – pointing to master branch. I have forked repository A into F. Now I want to do one of the following in F: change sub to use a different branch of S (ie develop branch) or: change sub to […]

If I fork someone else's private Github repo into my account, is it going to appear in my account as a public repo?

Someone gave me access to one of their private repo on Github. What I want to do is to fork that project into my own account, so I could make use of Github’s pull request feature. I only have a basic account on Github, so I cannot make private repos on my own, but if […]

How do I make git-svn use a particular svn branch as the remote repository?

A word of warning: I’m a n00b to git in general. My team uses feature branches in svn, and I’d like to use git-svn to track my work on a particular feature branch. I’ve been (roughly) following Andy Delcambre’s post to set up my local git repo, but those instructions seem to have led git […]

Git: Merge a Remote branch locally

I’ve pulled all remote branches via git fetch –all. I can see the branch I’d like to merge via git branch -a as remotes/origin/branchname. Problem is its not accessible. I can’t merge or checkout?

How does the Android repo manifest repository work?

The Android source is a large hierarchy of git repositories. They are managed by a custom script called repo. Repo determines which git repositories to manage using a manifest.xml. The manifest.xml of Android is hosted in a git repository along with all the other git repositories. How is this repository managed in Android? Specifically how […]

Extract part of a git repository?

Assume my git repository has the following structure: /.git /Project /Project/SubProject-0 /Project/SubProject-1 /Project/SubProject-2 and the repository has quite some commits. Now one of the subprojects (SubProject-0) grows pretty big, and I want to take SubProject-0 out and set it up as a standalone project. Is it possible to extract all the commit history involving SubProject-0 […]

How to git clone a repo in windows from other pc within the LAN?

I have this git repo “c:/xampp/htdocs/**” in my main PC and its IP address is Now I want to git clone this repo from ubuntu-server which running on a Vmware Player in my main PC. I did git clone \\\c:\xampp\htdocs\**** and git clone //**** from ubuntu-server and neither worked. fatal: could not create work […]

Pull request without forking?

Here are steps of code contribution from the topic “How do I contribute to other's code in GitHub?” Fork the project Make one or more well commented and clean commits to the repository. You can make a new branch here if you are modifying more than one part or feature. Perform a pull request in […]

Using someone else's repo as a Git Submodule on GitHub

I am trying to find out if it is possible to use someone else’s repository (or branch of a repository) as a Submodule in your own Git repository. Documentation on github itself is either missing, or I’m not using the right terminology to look for it. If this isn’t the preferred way to go about […]

Git clone repository error: RPC failed; result=56, HTTP code = 200

I have been using a Git repository for a couple years and still feel like a newb.. help is most welcome! It starts cloning for a while: remote: Counting objects: 22394<br> remote: Compressing objects: 100% (12314/12314)<br> Receiving objects: 32% …. The error: error: RPC failed; result=56, HTTP code = 200<br> fatal: The remote end hung […]

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