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Need help to Check out source using Git

I’m new to Git, and I have no idea what the heck should I do to check out the repository. The source is at: http://zmpp.git.sourceforge.net/git/zmpp How do I fetch all the files in the repository?

How to switch repositories from one to the next

I was using a github repository from a previous developer. I am the only coder on this project, so I forked the project over to my own github repository. Now I would like to commit soley to my repo. Unfortunately, I realized that I never changed my .git/config , so I was still committing to […]

How do I set up NetBeans 7 to download the contents of a GitHub repository?

Apologies for the newbishness of my question. I would like to connect and download the contents of a GitHub repository, specifically: https://github.com/residual/residual (with the repository URI being: https://github.com/residual/residual.git). I have initialized a Root Path for the repository to be created, and then fed in the URI, but when I click Fetch, all I get is: […]

Using git, how can I create a mostly history-less clone of a repository

I have a 2 year old repository that started off as essentially a private repository, so it contained in it’s history at different points: key files, encryption keys, large sets of images in various places, etc etc, in the history of the repository, all of which are no longer tracked but still exist in the […]

Git push origin master ERROR following checklist on github.com new repo

This is my first time using git, and I am not sure what is going on, and I can’t find an answer that is resolving the problem. I am running: git commit -m ‘first commit’ git remote add origin git@github.com:OldWest/CakePHP-Tutorials.git git push origin master And everytime I run: push origin master, I get error: Permission […]

Team Git Workflow Setup

I am working on a project with a group of around 10 people. I am trying to make it so each person has a remote repository they can push to in which everyone can fetch from. There will also be a blessed repository in which everyone (except manager) can fetch from. Note – Developers will […]

Local repository with Git

I would like to use Git in my local computer such that, H:\Projects\projectname will be my server-like repository and I would like work by cloning this repo to C:\Users\xxx\AptanaProjects\projectname How can I do that ? Thanks

How to sync android repo after making changes?

I have downloaded Android source code with repo, then I made some changes in frameworks/base/packages. Now when I trying to do repo sync, it gives me this error: Syncing work tree: 60% (151/251) error: You have local changes to ‘packages/SystemUI/src/com/android/systemui/statusbar/phone/PhoneStatusBar.java’; cannot switch branches. How to fix it and upgrade all the projects that have no […]

Gerrit and repo

I uploaded a patch X on gerrit, but by mistake I included a file Y that I shouldn’t have included in the patch. Now, I want to submit a new patchset for X, without the file Y. Is it possible to do that Steps to remove Y from new Patchset for X Manually removed all […]

Not all files added to Git repository

I’ve created repo, with standard commands git init git add . git remote add origin ssh://trololo.lo/~/git_rep.git git commit -a -m “trololo” git push origin master After that i’ve created empty repo on another machine, pulled origin. Some files are missing, any idea why and what I should do?

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