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git push -u origin master, username and password

I am currently going through Hartl’s Ruby on Rails tutorial, and I am stuck in the GitHub section. The following happens whenever I try to push my repository up to GitHub: Hannas-MacBook-Air:first_app Hannananana$ git remote add origin https://github.com/hannaselvaag/first_app.git Hannas-MacBook-Air:first_app Hannananana$ git push -u origin master Username: Password: ^[error: The requested URL returned error: 403 while […]

Work with GIT on remote site instead of local

I have to work on a project that is on a remote GIT repository. I have a development environment accessible via ssh: I would use git on it, but I like Eclipse EGit package so I would know if there’s a way to connect my Eclipse with the remote cloned repository.

repo: manifest.xml: What does the fetch=“..” mean?

Just took a look at CM’s manifest.xml, like: <remote name=”github” fetch=”..” review=”review.cyanogenmod.org” /> So what does this fetch=”..” mean?

Github API for Python : PyGithub – get a list of all commits for a particular repository

I am developing a script which requires me to get a list of all commits for a particular repository, as well as the date and time of commit. The Commit Class in the PyGithub API: https://github.com/jacquev6/PyGithub/blob/master/doc/ReferenceOfClasses.md#class-commit does not have any member for date-of-commit and time-of-commit. Any ideas on how to get the date and time […]

how to collect release version in lots of git repositories

I have lots of git repositories which are managed by repo. I know the “repo start” and “git push” is a solution to record the version of all repositories. But I don’t want to see lots of branches or tags on all repositories. Especially, I want to check all of logs as time sorting even […]

Can I clone from remote repository, but treat my local version as if it was created using 'git init'?

I would like to ‘git clone‘ from a remote repository with boilerplate code, but treat it as new repository created via ‘git init’, meaning I don’t want it to have remote/origin and any commit history. Basically what I want to achieve is in effect similar to doing: git clone [remote_url] rm -r .git git init […]

Git Bash to Create Repository in Network Places?

First off, I’m on a Windows XP SP 3 computer. 2nd I know how to use GitBash, but I don’t know how to get to my Network Places area within it so that I can create a git repository of a folder within a directory of my FTP Site (which is in Network Places). Basically, […]

best way to promote git local repository (cloned from) to origin to use with git-tf

I’m using Git-tf to (obviously) skip TFS and be able to work offline and avoid the readonlys and all that tune … Now .. I started cloning the tfs project in to lets say drive D: then I cloned again from drive c: (I think i was over paranoid there) My current workflow is to […]

Is it possible to merge and link two unlinked repos on Github?

I have a repo on Github that was imported from Google Code (actually, someone else imported it and I forked it). The original project has been dormant on Google Code since 2011. The code is mostly in a single file in the root directory. My fork has the Google Code history. We’ve made additions to […]

gitlab error cloneing git@localhost:gitolite-admin.git from the installation guide

i try to setup gitlab and follow the installation guide on https://github.com/gitlabhq/gitlabhq/blob/stable/doc/install/installation.md. My curent problem occurs when doing a smoketest on gitolite, with the following command # Clone the admin repo so SSH adds localhost to known_hosts … # … and to be sure your users have access to Gitolite sudo -u gitlab -H git […]

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