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How to push the Tag to GitHub from Eclipse?

Here are the steps I have followed to push my Tag to GitHub Remote Repository. But not able to get Tag on other user’s eclipse. (I have successfully uploaded my Repository and able to commit the changes.) Right click Repository in Eclipse Package Explorer. Go to Team -> Advanced -> Tag Filling up all details […]

VS 2013 + Git + Visual Studio Online + multiple Repos in one project

I have VS 2013 installed and linked up to a project in Visual Studio Team Services using git. It’s all working beautifully. Now i want to add another solution to the Team Services project in a separate repo. Team Services allows you to create multiple repos under one project but VS 2013 will only show […]

DVCS Repo Design – separate dev from stable using branches or separate repos?

I’m working on a “plan of action” at my job for migrating our source control from SourceSafe 6.0 (ugh) to a DVCS like git or Mercurial (preferably git ATM). Right now I am working on the future repository design, i.e. branch layout and how to configure the ‘central’/blessed repo(s). Now, insofar I have only really […]

How do I undelete a file after git rm and pushing to github?

I recently cloned a repository on my local machine and then did a git remove on one of the files and pushed those changes back to the github repository. My question is how do I restore that file back on the original github repository?

What happens behind the scenes when I do a repo sync?

What happens behind the scenes when I do a repo sync in my Android repository? Is it equivalent to repo forall -c “git pull” or maybe git fetch? Or does it do something more complex? Thanks

Codaset, Codebasehq, Unfuddle, Trac or Redmine?

I have a handful of small Git repositories I would like to host remotely. They’re all private projects, most of them in Java. Codaset, Codebasehq, Unfuddle, Trac, Redmine.. There seems to be an abundance of solutions out there. They’re all packed with features and useful functionality. Putting aside pricing and the glossy layouts, what is […]

GitHub add users to work together on repo…?

After searching numerous days I’m just going to ask that We are with 5 persons and we’re going to develop 2 projects. One project is a JSP website (made in Netbeans) and one is a WPF end application made with C# and developed in Visual Studio 2010. The idea was basically, making 2 repository‘s on […]

Project vs Repository in GitHub

In GitHub, what is the conceptual difference between a project (that can be created inside a repository) and a repository? I’ve seen several similar questions (here, here and here) in SO, but none of them explains what is a GitHub project, what is a GitHub repository and when to use each one of them. I […]

How secure is my application source code on heroku?

I want to migrate my webapp from cloudfoundry to heroku. But there is still one thing i’m confused about. Everytime you want to deploy your application to heroku, you’ve to push your source code to their git repository. How secure is this repository? What if i don’t want to give my source code into someone […]

! errors after mirroring a git repository

I’m following this documentation: https://help.github.com/articles/duplicating-a-repository/ git clone –mirror https://github.com/exampleuser/repository-to-mirror.git cd repository-to-mirror.git git push –mirror https://github.com/exampleuser/mirrored The output shows that the repository is pushed as a mirror, but for some reason I’m getting these errors as well: ! [remote rejected] refs/pull/1/head -> refs/pull/1/head (deny updating a hidden ref) ! [remote rejected] refs/pull/1/merge -> refs/pull/1/merge (deny updating […]

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