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How to freeze local changes in git

I have made some modifications to configuration files to run the project locally, and will never push these to the central repository. Now, this makes the workflow annoying, as those changes are always present and restricts me to using handy shortcuts like git add . and git checkout . without commiting or reseting those changes, […]

git: how to push to master an unrelated repo

I had a git repo on bitbucket with a project. Then I decided to completely rewrite the project from scratch. Now, I have a clean working new version of the project I would push it to bitbucked but it say to me that there are merging conflits since the two repo doesn’t have a common […]

How to copy full source without opening raw(bitbucket)

Is there any shortcut available to copy entire source code from a bitbucket file without selecting view raw file option?

can not push my cloned project to the Repositpry

I cloned a project from github and work on it. Now, after doing many changes I can not push to the master or even new branch and I get this error: Failed with error: fatal: unable to access ‘https://github.com/anotherperson/project.git/’: The requested URL returned error: 403 I also tried to Create pull request (I really do […]

Workspace and repo paths arrangement for eclipse and git

I’ve seen similar questions but some are very old and some are not quite what I’m looking for or have no answers. I have projects in Eclipse under /workspace/project1 and /workspace/project2. They are Gradle projects and are dependent on each other. I also have /workspace/project3 which is a Gradle project but independent. I need to […]

Use Git “locally” over SSH

our company wants to switch from svn to git/hg. Our current environment is: Windows-Dev-Machines Remote Linux Server (via 1 Gbit LAN) Samba Share on Server, mapped in Windows We don’t want to work locally, because of backups (serverside) and running VMs on localhost etc (PHP-Webserver). So I can clone from Server via SSH into the […]

Adding Local repository Github Desktop whole User file

I’m trying to add a local repository using the github desktop app. But when I’m linking the folder, it keeps trying to add my User folder, thus making it well over the bytes limit and I’m not able to add anything because I keep getting this error: “The output from the command could not fit […]

How to import files from RepoA to RepoB whilst maintaining the commits associated to these files?

Inside RepoA, there’s a directory(directoryA) with some files(file1, file2, file3) and I want to move these files from RepoA to RepoB. This is RepoA: RepoA directoryA file1 file2 file3 directoryB file1 file2 file3 After what I want to do, RepoB would look like: RepoB directoryA file1 file2 file3 I could just download directoryA from RepoA […]

Should individual git repositories be created for sub directories on a web site, or is it possible to branch them individually?

I’ve got a web site that contains a set of effectively independent tools with each tool having its own directory. For example: /webroot /webroot/tool-1 /webroot/tool-2 /webroot/tool-3 Development for each tool takes place individually, so being able to create different branches at different times for each is imperative. I’m looking at moving to Git for version […]

Should the Git repository root be the same as the project root on our IDE?

I’m developing a PHP application in a IDE, and want to use Git for version control. How should I arrange my repository layout? Should the Git repository root be the same as the project root on our IDE, or a sub- or superdirectory?

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