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Why is my Git Extensions Graph totally gray and how can I fix it?

I am using Git Extensions with Visual Studio 2010. My repository is on Bitbucket and I am using SSH and PuTTY to push/pull. When I open my project and click on browse repository, the first thing I see is a window with a message that starts like this ( Along with two buttons for “Edit […]

Save space when downloading Android source

I’m looking for a way to work with the Android source, and at the same time trying to keep the disk space usage low. Is it possible to init some projects as shallow (the ones I only need the latest source and won’t be modifying) and others as regular git repos to be able to […]

Git does not detect repository

A colleague of mine is working with git and after installing kdiff3 to use as a merge tool to solve a merge problem. He doesn’t know how but the git doesn’t detect the repository but files seems to be there and correct /.git and .gitignore. I Google the problem and did not find an answer. […]

In github, I transferred ownership of a repository to an organization in which I have owner rights. But now cannot push

I transferred ownership of a repository to an organization in which I have owner rights. However, now I cannot push to the repository. I get this error: $ git push origin master ERROR: Repository not found. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly What are the steps that I need to take in order to […]

Git subtree merge removes changes in branch being merged to

I setup two repositories using the structure described in the Git book here: http://git-scm.com/book/ch6-7.html. Basically, I wanted to keep a relationship between the copy of one repo and it’s master branch on origin. I know you can do this with submodules but the process of updating them seemed a bit cumbersome, and I was told […]

git pull hangs after authentication

I have a repo on bitbucket with a project. I want to have the current up-to-date version on a server in my local network. I connect to that server via ssh and I do a git pull. Git works trough ssh. After I enter my password, it hangs with the cursor blinking. If I enter […]

Python script to determine if a directory is a git repository

I have just started with Python and my first assignment is to write a script to determine if a directory where it is ran is a git repository. A co-student suggested this code: #! /usr/bin/env python from subprocess import Popen, PIPE, STDOUT if Popen((“git”, “branch”), stderr=STDOUT, stdout=PIPE).returncode != 0: print(“Nope!”) else: print(“Yup!”) It should print […]

File Level Tracking In Git (Files from multiple branches in same directory)

Is there any script that lets one remember branch/commit seperatly for files in some directory so that one can simultaneously work on file1 on branch1 and file2 on branch2 in the same directory and have them commit appropriately. If not I’ll implement it myself. My plan is to have hidden checkout directories for various branches/repos […]

Is it possible to have files from multiples paths into one git repository?

We have a commercial WordPress Theme that come packaged with a few plugins. The plugins are part of the theme, they are not sold separately nor usable without the theme. The theme goes in the following path: /wp-content/themes/MyTheme/ While the associated plugins go in the following path: /wp-content/plugins/MyPlugin/ We do not want to have one […]

Best practice using and merging external Git repositories

I have this internal project in our internal Git-repository A, where I had to add and adapt a major part of code from an external library from an external Git-repository B. I did not add the total history of B, I just added all the present code (let’s call it B3) in one commit (let’s […]

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