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Git Merge two repositories that are years apart with thousands of conflicts

Repository A: The old fork we’re working on now, but with hundreds of recent commits based on 3-year-old code from B. The history is long gone – it only goes back a few months when the repository was first uploaded to Github. Repository B: The new, current one we don’t have access to. Years of […]

How to add the changes made in home directory to my existing repository in github

When I first started github I added my files from my computer in github in the following way: -git init -git remote add origin https://github.com/[username]/[reponame].git -git remote set-url origin https://[username]@github.com/[username]/[reponame].git -git push -u origin master In the folder I am currently working in my computer I made some changes, added and erased some files. Now […]

How to extract tar (ed) Android repo?

I’m restoring my Linux partition from backups (mostly non compressed tarballs). I’m facing a problem while extracting a tarball which is backup of synced android repo. I tared my existing repo by simple tar -cf command and i’m extracting it using tar -xf blah.tar. I’m getting the following error. http://pastebin.com/rkyu9qvD Dump of tar -tvf blah.tar […]

How can I push a repository to my computer and my online server?

I am super new to programming. I have figured out how to create a repository on github. Now I am trying to push the repository to both my macbook pro and my server, which is hosted through namecheap.com, and be able to understand how to keep things simple. I am using wordpress on my server […]

Commits do not show up on Gitlab

I have a question about the free version of GitLab. We have chosen Gitlab because we are making a game in UnrealEngine, so the repository is over 8GB. In my team there is problem with this git repository, because the commits aren’t showing up on the server. They are presented when we are using gitk […]

Bitbucket git repository printed strange colored flower after push. WTH?

This question already has an answer here: Atlassian “logo” after pushing to bitbucket 4 answers

Stage files with specific extension, and only those that show as modified in git status

In git on the command prompt, I would like to simply add *.cpp and *.h files, but ONLY those that are showing up as modified, when I run the command git status. For example, if, after I run the command git status I get: Changes not staged for commit: modified: file1.cpp modified: file2.cpp modified: file1.h […]

Why can't I clone a git repo for readthedocs to build the documentation?

I’m trying to import my project code for readthedocs so that it can generate a documentation for me. However, at the stage of cloning the repo, there is already an error: checkout —– Failed to import project; skipping build. Error —– Failed to get code from ‘http://mydomain/myproject.git’ (git clone): 128 That error code indicates, that […]

fatal: open /dev/null or dup failed: No such file or directory

I am new here and i will try to explain my question kindly ignore any mistakes. I am using git version git-2.8.2 It worked fine for one day then this problem occurs. I am using gcloud repository. First I tried gcloud clone command then this error occurs Then to make sure git is there I […]

How to freeze local changes in git

I have made some modifications to configuration files to run the project locally, and will never push these to the central repository. Now, this makes the workflow annoying, as those changes are always present and restricts me to using handy shortcuts like git add . and git checkout . without commiting or reseting those changes, […]

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