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Pull request without forking?

Here are steps of code contribution from the topic “How do I contribute to other's code in GitHub?” Fork the project Make one or more well commented and clean commits to the repository. You can make a new branch here if you are modifying more than one part or feature. Perform a pull request in […]

Using someone else's repo as a Git Submodule on GitHub

I am trying to find out if it is possible to use someone else’s repository (or branch of a repository) as a Submodule in your own Git repository. Documentation on github itself is either missing, or I’m not using the right terminology to look for it. If this isn’t the preferred way to go about […]

Git clone repository error: RPC failed; result=56, HTTP code = 200

I have been using a Git repository for a couple years and still feel like a newb.. help is most welcome! It starts cloning for a while: remote: Counting objects: 22394<br> remote: Compressing objects: 100% (12314/12314)<br> Receiving objects: 32% …. The error: error: RPC failed; result=56, HTTP code = 200<br> fatal: The remote end hung […]

How to reduce git repo size on Bitbucket?

Summary of my problem: One of my private repositories on Bitbucket suddenly more than doubled in size after I pushed an addition of a few hundred bytes to two existing files. The repo is now over 2GB, which has caused Bitbucket to put it into read-only mode. Because it is in read-only mode, I cannot […]

git push to remote repository “Could not read from remote repository”

I searched for a while but I can’t find a solution to my Problem. I have a Server I can connect to via ssh with the username git and a local git repository. Now I want to push my local repository to a newly created one on the Server. Here is what I did: created […]

“tag already exists in the remote” error after recreating the git tag

I get the following error after I run the steps below: To git@provider.com:username/repo-name.git ! [rejected] dev -> dev (already exists) error: failed to push some refs to ‘git@provider.com:username/repo-name.git’ hint: Updates were rejected because the tag already exists in the remote. Created the repository Cloned the repo on the local machine. Modified the README file, commited […]

Connecting one Github repository to several Aptana projects

Is there a way to connect one Github repository to several different projects in Aptana? In other words, to have different directories in a single Github repository connected to different Aptana projects? I need this ability since I’m a freelancer who works on many projects, and I don’t wish to pay loads of $$$ to […]

Is it possible to pull from one repo and push to other one?

I have one repo in github which is public, there I have an Open source application i’m working on that is for making product catalogs, and small cms content. I also have a private repository (not hosted in github) which is an application developed under the open source application hosted in github. Since I’m currently […]

How can I uncommit the last commit in a git bare repository?

Taking into consideration that there are several git commands that make no sense in a bare repository (because bare repositories don’t use indexes and do not have a working directory), git reset –hard HEAD^ is not a solution to uncommit the last change in such a repository. Searching through the Internet, all I could find […]

Difference between Git and Nexus?

I can’t seem to find what the difference is between Git and Nexus. Are the two comparable?

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