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how to fetch the old code from git repository

I think this is the simplest question but i am very first to the git . So can you please any body help me out. That is how to fetch the old code from the git repository and how to get the old code from the local(git repo in on my machine) repository

My Git objects pack folder is very heavy (after push –force)

I use Git and needed to send many many… git init . … git push –force .. to the same branch of a remote repo. Now my .git/objects/pack is 168MB heavy for a 25MB app. Can anyone explain me which mecanism packs objects — is it automated when remote recieves a forced push ? Is […]

Why can't I commit my code to GitHub?

I have a coding project that I would like to maintain at GitHub. I went to http://github.com and created an account. I downloaded and installed Git on Windows 7 choosing the option to use it via the command line. Through some googled tutorials I created an SSH key. I’m following the following instructions: But when […]

How can I remove everything from a remote Git repository?

How can I completely “start over” in-place? How can I totally wipe out everything in a Git remote repository? I am the only client currently and before I can let it go public I have to wipe out all of the previous commits. Not a duplicate because… This question is about how to remove history, […]

GIT for Windows. All files have a question mark on the icon

I recently installed Git onto my Windows 7 laptop without really knowing what I was doing. The problem I have now is that all the files on my PC have the question mark icon on them as if they needed to committed to a repository. How can I undo what ever it is that I […]

Splitting existing repository & applying latest commits to another repository

Some time ago I have converted my SVN repository into Mercurial repository. It seemed to be converted properly and I have already committed many changes to the project. After a while (when digging in the history) I have realized that the conversion was not done properly – i.e old commits were not sorted by time, […]

Identifying a tag belongs to which branch in git

I first did repo sync to a manifest for a branch name myBranch. I then get the tags from git tag -l Now I want to know using git that each tag obtained as a result of git tag -l was actually created on which branch. Please note : I do not want myBranch as […]

I am going to start with GIT (at work) – should I use GUIs, GUIs/terminal or only terminal?

I am new got GIT and we are going to start using it at work (migrating from SVN used with Eclipse). My question is: In the long run, what is smarter? Learn using GIT via multiple GUI applications, using multiple GUI applications and the command line or just go full and pure command line? Is […]

Change Git repository download path on Mac

I often use git from Terminal on Mac to download some repositories and then use it. When I use this command: git clone git://git repository URL repositories are downloaded in my Start folder (name account folder e.g. Matthew, if the name of my Mac account is Matthew). I’d like to change this folder where repositories […]

How to make an informational web site from a git repository

I would like to see some statistic and visual states of my git repository. Is there any nice tools around? I found http://gitstats.sourceforge.net/ but I would like to know if there are alternatives.

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