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How to copy Rails app with existing git repository?

I want to copy and paste my Rails app, only with different name. Here is my problem. When I go into my new rails app folder its on master branch, but I can’t push anything from there. It belongs to my first(old) app. I should remove git from new app and make entirely new repository, […]

Find additions only of a file from a specific version up to current HEAD

I have a git main branch. Assume we have a main line and at various points I branch off. So let’s take a file for example: A -> B -> C -> D -> E -> F -> G -> E -> J -> K -> L -> M v.1.0.0 v.2.0.0 v.3.0.0 HEAD/master So we […]

Git : Switching between commits

i have a question about GIT, i have a git repository like that: (Commit0) – (Commit1) …. – (CommitN) The problem is that a coworker wants to update his repository to (CommitN-10), how we can do that ? Its posible to 1) put Master revision to (CommitN-10) 2) He update his revision 3) I can […]

Git Repository Permissions

Currently working in a cold fusion environment and when pushing changes to the master branch of a repository, I’m receiving the following: “remote warning: unable to unlink Blah/Blah/Blah.db: Permission Denied”. I was informed that using “chmod -R u+w *” should fix the problem. Thoughts?

Syncing one remote git repo with other

as it is my first post here I would like to say hello to everyone. I would like to create like a ‘mirror repo’. Lets say that there is a remote repository from which I can only clone. Now, there’s a second, mine remote repo and I would like it to ‘monitor‘ the first remote […]

npm install ignores own ssh+git repo

In my company we use a Bitbucket server and I am developing a framework as npm module. I run npm install git+ssh://git…, npm will create a node_modules/_PACKAGE_NAME_ folder with my sources. When I add it to the package.json and run npm install, npm asks me for a fingerprint and then finishes installing all packages, but […]

Moving repository from Bitbucket to Perforce

I have been tasked with moving a Bitbucket repo to Perforce with as full a history as possible, but have not yet used Perforce. By reading guides and forums, I understand that Git Fusion may be a way to do this, but have some concerns: Is it necessary to install Git Fusion as a Perforce […]

Proper comment codes for GIT version control?

I didn’t know how to properly ask the question and for that I apologize. Basically I want to know how can I set up eclipse to recognize the version of the project I am working on and how many revisions etc. I had this working on CVS but for some reason on GIT I can’t […]

whole project rolled back, new project gone on Git

Since my git somehow had some contradiction not making it work, I decided to delete my git because it was old. I create a new remote, and I make a cohering branch. Now trying to switch branch, I get an error saying I need commit changes (I am looking at my newest code of the […]

How to configure Shippable to build all projects from single repository?

I have an bitbucket repository with 3 project. myRepo app1(ruby-on-rails) app2(node.js) app3(node.js) now I am trying to configure Shippable (https://app.shippable.com/) with this repository to build all this 3 projects and run all tests on them. I know that I should configure shippable.yml file in the root of my repository, and so far I reached in […]

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