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What files of my project should I put in repo

I’m using Dev-C++ IDE for C programming. I want to put my project in Github but I’d like to know which type of files should I put there. I mean, the project folder has .o, .layout, .dev (dev-C++ project file), .exe along with source files .c and .h .mkv (make file) so, which files I […]

Rollback using repo command?

How can I do a rollback when I use the repo command? I made some changes in some files and now I want to rollback to the source that was downloaded when I used the repo sync command. I haven’t committed the changes.

Git: merging branches with very different structures

We have a branch called upgrade that was branched off master 6 months ago. In the upgrade branch we restructured all projects to maven (master is ant projects), so the structure of a project x in the two branches is totally different. To restructure the projects to maven we used git mv so we have […]

How to create digital object identifier (DOI) for bitbucket repository?

I see that GitHub has DOI integration through Zenodo but is there an equivalent tool for Bitbucket? Or do I have to contact a DOI Registration Agency directly?

How can I make a Pull request using Tortoise Git

In tortoise GIT When I hit Right Click -> Push, OK, Give it User/Pass then after that there is a Create Pull request button giving it a Start, URL, End. I am clicking, but nothing happens. The Pull requests (0) is shown in my repo. And one other thing, How can I make a pull […]

Git error: Unable to negotiate with XX.XX.XXX.XXX : no matching host key type found . their offer: ssh-dss

This question already has an answer here: Unable to negotiate with XX.XXX.XX.XX: no matching host key type found. Their offer: ssh-dss 5 answers

Why do you have to type “git” into git bash for each command?

git status git add git clone git push git commit…. Why doesn’t Git bash allow you to type git commands like: status add clone push And then for all non git command type “nongit” or something nongit cd nongit ls… or is this possible?

Creating central repository in Git from existing local repository (in Windows)

I’ve looked around StackOverflow and other places (including Git documentation) and just cannot get this to work. Here’s what i’ve done: To setup central repository (on //SomeUNC); git init –bare Central.git This creates a //SomeUNC/Central.git folder. Now, in local repository, i try: git remote add Central //SomeUNC/Central.git (this is ok) git push -all Central This […]

manifest missing or unreadable — please run init

I’m trying to repo a link. These are some of the commands I want to execute: repo init \-u ssh://website.com:29418/repo repo sync I get the following error when I do it. M-70NN:bin rda$ repo init \-u ssh://website.com:29418/repo error: in `init -u ssh://website.com:29418/cmx-ng-repo`: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/Users/rda/bin/.repo/manifests/.git/HEAD’ error: manifest missing or unreadable […]

How to set the default branch in GitHub.com?

I found the following info, but didn’t find where to go to access it. Didn’t find it in account settings. Is there a repo settings page? Do you have to be the repo owner? https://github.com/blog/421-pick-your-default-branch How to set the default branch on github.com when I go to browse commits.

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