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Submit new/fixed code to an existing Gerrit branch after review

How do I submit a new ‘Patch Set’ to an existing Gerrit branch that’s been reviewed? When I log into the review website, I am given a chance to copy checkout/pull/cherry-pick and patch commands.. I tried the checkout command to get the code into my local workspace: git fetch http://website/project refs/changes/##/####/# && git checkout FETCH_HEAD […]

Have Project Part of Two Git Repositories?

Consider the following scenario: Someone has a project on Github that might be updated once a month, and it has X functionality. I want to take that project and modify it slightly so it no longer functions like X but functions like Y, but I still want to stay up to date with their changes. […]

git – only fetch the files, not the history

when I am running git pull or git fetch, I obviously retrieve both history and files. For huge projects, that takes very much time. I wonder how this process could be sped up, as for some projects I am only interested in the source code and not in the history. Is there a way to […]

Using GitHub for mac with an old Xcode project

I’m trying to setup an Xcode project to use GitHub for Mac, which was released yesterday: http://mac.github.com/ I’ve never used GitHub before (please forgive me, coding gods), so I thought I would try with an app with a friendly UI for simpletons like me. If I create a new Xcode project, I can choose to […]

How to push to github from netbeans without local branch

I have received a github project url from a friend of mine who gave me r/w access to his repo. I downloaded the stuff with the “download as zip” button on github, worked on the project, but now when in neatbeans i do right click/remote/push, i enter repo informations, then it asks me to choose […]

How to connect local folder to Git repository and start making changes on branches?

I’m new to source control; in the past, I’ve manually backed up copies of files and made changes on clones then transferred changes manually to master files once debugged. I realize this is similar to how branches work with Git repositories, however I’ve never used one. I downloaded Git and made an account on GitLab, […]

Local git repo force updated from a remote git repo. (thick-client deployments)

Update: I think this is related to an issue with the windows git client msysgit. Sorry to trouble you guys. http://code.google.com/p/msysgit/issues/detail?id=379&colspec=ID%20Type%20Status%20Priority%20Component%20Owner%20Summary I’m looking for a way to keep several client boxes in synch with a remote git repo. Forcing updates from the remote repo and abandoning anything that may have changed on the client boxes. […]

How to Clone all repositories into Team from Bitbucket using GIT

i want to know if it’s possible to clone all repositories in a team from bitbucket since git. Thanks in advance.

No branches in SourceTree?

I have a project on my PC, I want to host it on BitBucket as a Git repo. I’ve been using SourceTree to manage an existing project with other contributors, so I know the basics about modifying a repository, but I haven’t made my own one before. What I’ve done so far was make a […]

Export every revision of a single file from a Git repository?

I have a documentation .ai file versioned along my project, now I’d like to export every “snapshot” the Git repository holds for that file. Any batch/semi-automatic solution? I have tons of commits, have not much intention to export them one-by-one.

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