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Default remote mercurial repository in Netbeans

Every time I want to push my changes to remote mercurial repository, Netbeans prompts the Push Dialog and asks for repository path, username and password. Is there any way I can save these things as default so I can push without being prompted? Not to mention, I have already set HG properties but it still […]

Git read updates before pulling

Whenever I have a Git error on pulling, where “Updates were rejected because the tip of your current branch is behind” is there any way to know what are the updates that have been done on the origin repository after doing git fetch ?

fatal: repository 'https://github.com/user_name/first_app.git/' not found

I was trying to push my files on the github but I am receiving this error. None of what they call a username works unfortunately ! Any thought? Monas-MacBook-Pro:first_app mona$ git push -u origin master Username for ‘https://github.com’: lamiastella Password for ‘https://lamiastella@github.com’: remote: Repository not found. fatal: repository ‘https://github.com/lamiastella/first_app.git/’ not found Monas-MacBook-Pro:first_app mona$ git push […]

Correct way to use git?

I decided to use GIT when developing a rails application. When i code i started off my initial commit on my master branch which i set as a slate to work off of. Then when i want to add a new feature such as devise i would checkout a new branch called “devise” then start […]

Git mirror repository using two remotes

Let’s assume that there are two repositories, one called project, the other project-community on the same github account. I’d now like to make the project-community repository a mirror of the project repository. The purpose is that community members of the project can submit patches and other code to the community repository without the maintainer of […]

Test and Production server setup with git

I am new to GIT. I have one production url and another as development url to which i want to push the new code. development: http://development.myrepo.something production: http://production.myrep.something Now i usually work from different computers. I need a setup in which i can actually push all my work to the development url from different computers […]

Repository other than GitStack?

We use GitStack on our server as a git repository. Soon the free 30 day trial will be ended. GitStack is nice and easy, but a bit too simple. Before we start paying for it I wonder if there are some visual repository handler than you can set up on a windows server that has […]

Generating release notes in Rep. in GIT

I am having a repository in which I would like to mention in it, in every changes, release notes and log file. How to generate those files?

gitlab 6.0 Lost Project After Upgrade

After upgrading from Gitlab v5.4 to v6.0 I have completely lost a project that has been active used and pushed to for 5 months. I performed a backup prior to the upgrade, I just can’t find anything about restoring missing projects after an upgrade. Can someone help? Here is an excerpt to show that everything […]

How to import packages between themselves under one repository in golang?

I want to understand how to import packages correctly in the example beyond. I’ve read this topic (How to use custom packages in golang?), but it doesn’t explain what I’m trying to understand. For example, I want to create package for further using it in my program and publishing at github.com. This is how the […]

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