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How to make an informational web site from a git repository

I would like to see some statistic and visual states of my git repository. Is there any nice tools around? I found http://gitstats.sourceforge.net/ but I would like to know if there are alternatives.

Update a local repo with Git (Bitbucket)

I switched recently to a Bitbucket/git system to work on my code, and i’m having some troubles understanding. Here what I did: Created a repo on Bitbucket, pushed all my code into it, from my computer A. On my computer B, I cloned this code and worked on it. I pushed every modifications on Bitbucket. […]

Can I connect from VS 2015 to VSTS and GitHub the same time?

I have solution in VS, which connected to VSTS to keep repository there. I know I can connect to GitHub from VS, but I want to keep connection to VSTS at the same time. So I want to publish to both: VSTS and GitHub from VS. Is it possible? Or I need to synchronize repositories […]

Change Git Repository for pull code

I have a repository, say abc/myprject.git. I have this repo on a server from where I pull my code. Now I have forked this repository, naming it chirag/myproject.git. I have two questions, with regards to this: I want to use chirag/myproject.git repo instead of the original one now, so how do I change it on […]

git whatchanged – what does -M do?

I am looking at some code that uses the -M (capital M, not lowercase, which is documented as include merges) flag passed to Git whatchanged. I can’t see a definition for the flag in the man page (for Can anyone advise what it does? Is it the opposite of -m (lowercase)?

How to setup ssh key to bypass git bash password prompt

I would like to disable the password prompt of git, so I thought that I can setup a ssh-key onto my remote repository. But how do I associate it with git on my computer. Thanks.

How to create a repository with ssh:// access on a server

I have a small machine running Debian and can access it via ssh -l user host. Now I created a git repository in a folder on that machine. The thing that I can not figure out is: What do I have to do, that git would let me access that repository in the way git […]

Git: If I delete a local file, and commit it, will it also remove the file from my repository?

I 99% assume not, otherwise what’s the point of source control, but I’ve just deleted nearly 100 files that I may want down the road. I’m about to commit these deletions via git add . git commit -m “blah” git push but I just want assurance that these will not be removed from my repository, […]

What to not include in Git repository?

Possible Duplicate: Which files in a Visual C# Studio project don’t need to be versioned? when creating a repository, what do you include in the repository, should folders like Resharper, Debug and Bin folder be included? if not, is it possible to exclude files/folders from the unstaged changes check?

Using git with android source repository retrieved with repo

I downloaded the android source code using repo. But if I try to print git status in that directory where the .repo is present it says git status fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git What do I have to do to get git working in that directory? Output of […]

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