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Is there a preferred path where I should initialise my Git repo on Mac OS X?

Where should I be building my repos? My tutorial repos went to root, but I thought since I would have a test of my production site, that I should build them in ~/sites/. It might seem trivial, but most introductions to Git I’ve seen don’t really specify a particular location.

Git-shell: git-shell-commands should exist rather than “What do you think I am? A shell?”

I’m trying to set up my git server on Ubuntu 12.04 as described in this document. I’ve got my ssh key working fine, and I’ve changed the shell of the git account to use /usr/bin/git-shell. According to the document I should now expect to see “What do you think I am? A shell?”, however, in […]

How does git push work with android's repo tool?

I’m used to using git with a single repository. However, I’ve lately been dabbling with Android development and am trying to wrap my head around repo. I have set up some custom git repos by creating xmls in the .repo/local_manifests directory (I’m using repo 1.19) and repo sync works fine. When I look at the […]

How to structure a repository that consists of several libraries and applications

I’ve won the task of restructuring/recreating an existing code repository, either using Git or Subversion. The repository history is not necessarily important in this special case. After analyzing the situation I’ve found some problems determining a good layout. I’ve read through a lot of blogs and threads, but I’m still unsure as to what is […]

git fails because of an untracked working tree file

I’m not an expert at google. Needless to say, I’m not even sure what this means or how to resolve it? >> git merge admin_playground error: Untracked working tree file ‘vendor/gems/panda-1.0.0/.gitignore’ would be overwritten by merge. fatal: merging of trees 538b2824765956cc44c42a8ad628e4f4 and d5d4cda68518cd1c81bf70ba8c339fea6 failed I am trying to perform a git merge and getting this […]

How do I use Github to access the same project files from different computers?

I work mainly on a desktop Mac but also have a laptop Mac that I use when away from the office. I want to access and work on my latest html, css, php and python files from either computer. I thought Github was the way to do this but am having a problem understanding the […]

Test VM in GIT repository

I have a project which uses TCP/IP communication to communicate with a server. For my project, i have setup a server in a VM which i use for my tests. When i run my tests, the VM starts, my tests run, and the VM will be closed after the test run. Because my VM belongs […]

How to Make a git Repository 'pull only'

I am setting up a development environment on a shared server for multiple developers. I will have one repository that houses all code used in production, and many others used for development by different members of the team. What I would like is for the production repo to be ‘pull only’. Users can pull from […]

git repository structure with multiple modules

I have the following situation: Have 4-5 different software modules part of a bigger software project. All of them are set as separate git repos. When i commit a feature, usually it spans more than a single module – thus making e.g. 2 or 3 commits for each module. Give me ideas for multiple modules […]

Migrate repos between instances of Gitlab

Due to my old installation of Gitlab being too difficult to upgrade (Thread on TKL support forums: http://www.turnkeylinux.org/forum/support/20120913/upgrading-gitlab ), I have downloaded the current TKL Gitlab distro, and followed Gitlabs standard upgrade path so that I now have a fully upgraded Gitlab 6.1 installation running with TKLBAM and all that good stuff. So far so […]

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