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git not able to clone after forking a private repository

I created my github account and a person added me to a private repository. After adding me i can see the code and forked it. Now when I try to clone the repository after forking from my forked repository i get error. Here is the command i am using git clone https://github.com/my_username/forked_repo.git Cloning into ‘project’… […]

Git diff on local verses remote if i have forgotten to branch?

Supposing I have made a silly error of never branching after I fetched a remote repo. how would I go about getting a patch that covers all the changes I made on a local copy? some time ago I did a $ repo init -u https://android.googlesource.com/platform/manifest -b android-4.3.1_r1 $ repo sync and brought down the […]

Overwrite local changes from remote repository

I have two remote repositories. The first one (Framework) get’s pulled into the second one (MySite). I make some changes to MySite, like CSS for example, and push it all to the MySite repo. Now, if I (or another dev) change a PHP file, User.php for example (which is stored on the Framework repo), on […]

How to overwrite someone elses master with branch DD as a collaborator?

Dave has a repo where I am collaborator. I have forked the repo, made huge changes in branch DD. In the meantime Dave has merged some off my other PRs into master. I made a PR for DD, it couldn’t get merged automatically. Dave told me to merge master into DD. So I did git […]

How to move files from one git repo to another (not a clone), preserving history

Our Git repositories started out as parts of a single monster SVN repository where the individual projects each had their own tree like so: project1/branches /tags /trunk project2/branches /tags /trunk Obviously, it was pretty easy to move files from one to another with svn mv. But in Git, each project is in its own repository, […]

Can a folder be part of two git repositories?

I started working on a project and I realized that part of the project would be a great library to put up on Bitbucket/Github for others to use. The problem is that the entire project is under a personal repository so I’m not sure how I would make part of my personal repository a new […]

fatal: repository not found in xcode and terminal. Works with iSVN

I am partially unable to connect to my repository. We have a local server set up with Subversion. I am able to push and pull with iSVN so serverside is ok. Whenever I try to push or pull with Xcode or Terminal it shows “repository not found error” or “Connection Failed” when trying to pull […]

Customize gitlab “Create Repository” instructions for new projects

I would like to customize Gitlab repository creation to include instructions for the clients to create a new repo, and then git clone a common set of patches. Is there a template that I can edit within the Gitlab configuration to enable this to be added? TIA

Git removed commits on remote reappear

We have different branches for our different versions of a project. Somehow a section of commits from a dev branch was merged into a production branch. We assumed it was a git stash apply error on the new branch and proceeded to remove the commits (there were only 5-6) with git rebase -i {commit hash}^ […]

git how to move files in the repository one step back

I am totally new to git and I can’t figure out how to solve the problem. When I clone project from remote repository there’s a duplicate “.git” folder in it and it looks something like: repo/.git/trueprojectfiles(including real .git containing indexes) my problem is that the git looks for index files in the fake .git folder […]

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