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Should I include .sass-cache with the repo when versioning a web project?

When creating a new project or upgrading an older one, should I conclude the .sass-cache directory in the repo? Since that is always changing and depends on the preprocessor to run wouldn’t it be easier to ignore? What are the benefits of including the cache dirs?

github workflow – fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

I have a master branch and a dev branch for current development(local working copy). I need to merge changes from master onto my dev branch. Prior to merge I ran git stash and discovered the following error: fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git To investigate this error I ran […]

Node.js + Git: How To Avoid Adding Module Dependencies to Repository

My Situation I’m developing a Node.js application as npm module. In order to be able to run this app, I installed all the npm dependencies. So, my project contains some ./node_module/ folders containing external module dependency builds. I maintain my project using git and I publish using a GitHub repository. My Problem I don’t want […]

Git svn clone not working using a SVN repository

In this way I can clone a SVN repository: svn co svn+ssh://<username>@<url>/var/lib/svn/<repository_name> /var/www/<repository_name> It starts to create the expected files under /var/www/<repository_name> I’ve installed the git svn package, and I tried to clone this SVN repository using GIT: git svn clone svn+ssh://<username>@<url>/var/lib/svn/<repository_name> /var/www/<repository_name> It gives the following error message and it doesn’t download anything: svn-remote.svn.url […]

Large test dataset in repository

Suppose I’m developing some open-source software, written in an interpreted language, managed as a Git repo, that requires a large dataset (+300 MB) for basic testing. Should the test data go into the same repository as the source code, with a compileToZipFile.sh script for publishing releases? Would it be better to store as two separate […]

Team member cannot clone repo from BitBucket?

I am quite new to BitBucket/SourceTree, infact I am quite new to GIT! I created a BitBucket account couple of days ago, created a private repo and invited one other user (with WRITE permission). On my machine, I opened SourceTree, generated SSH key, added SSH key to BitBucket, voila, repo cloned, everything works. My friend […]

How to add an extra project into existing Android operating system source?

I am working on kernel development in AOSP, and the kernel repository that I work on is not a part of the operating system. It has an individual git repository. So when I try to push all AOSP sources into the server, I cannot see the kernel sources there. How can I add a repository […]

What's the fastest way to get a private Maven Repository up and running?

I’m working with a few developers and we would like to share some jars as we’re working through the early iteration of a projects code. We would like to just pop up a quick private maven repository server to use for a short bit. In ruby it’s a simple as typing: gem server Apparently, there’s […]

error syncing with cyanogenmod repo

I have followed the instructions here to get the cynogenmod source on my system. i was able to do the build successfully. I didn’t do any local source changes. Now when i try to get the latest source using repo sync command, I am getting the following errors error: Your local changes to the following […]

Cloning stuck on checking source

I’m using sourcetree and I plan to clone a repository from our github but my sourcetree got stuck on “checking source” I wonder whats the problem and how could I resolve it. I already tried using the embedded git but still it does not work

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