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Eclipse Import > Git Option Not Available

I am trying to import a git project, but the git option is not available under “Import.” I have Eclipse 3.7.2, and EGit is already installed. I’ve done Git imports before on this version of Eclipse, but I didn’t have this issue before. I am on a different computer, reinstalling everything, and trying to get […]

How to use .jar tool BFG Repo Cleaner and reduce git repository?

I have a question that I am sure is very simple but which I can’t find the answer for. I am an animator working on the Unreal Engine 4 and using Source Control, Bitbucket and Source Tree to collaborate on a current project. My coding expertise draws the line at php and terminal scares me […]

Importing a Git Project into Aptana with SSH Username and Password

I am attempting to setup a git repo for some source code, this is the first time I have used git – but I have made my self familiar with all of the concepts and command line basics which should get me started for now. I am trying to get Aptana Studio 3 to clone […]

git: Unable to Clone Private Repositories, Error: Repositories not found

One of my friend added me on his Project on Github, as a collaborator. I am able to see the repo, but when I try to clone with this : git clone https:/github.com/FriendsUserName/FriendsRepo.git Gets errors: remote: Repository not found. fatal: repository https:/github.com/FriendsUserName/FriendsRepo.git not found I have setup multiple Github account successfully, from this article – […]

How to access git remote repo since IP address changed

Possible Duplicate: How to change a remote repository URI using Git? I have 2 remote repos remotes/origin/develop remotes/origin/master Originally these were on ip-address-1. The ip address has changed to new-ip-address-2. How can I change my local references so I can access the same repo at a new ip address?

How to get a detached repository working

I am just starting with git. Using command line. I created a working direcotry and then a repository inside it. I have several transactions of add, commit etc for testing. I then moved the repository to another folder. The repository is intact as this works. cd g:\GITREPO git status If I now go to the […]

Git Failing to remove with clean

when I type in git clean -f i get the following error message: > Removing .__afs043 > warning: failed to remove .__afs043 > Removing .__afs0F7D > warning: failed to remove .__afs0F7D > Removing .__afs1359 > warning: failed to remove .__afs1359 > Removing .__afs1421 > warning: failed to remove .__afs1421 > Removing .__afs243A > warning: failed […]

Attempting to setup an SVN repo in Git

We are testing out using git as a repository system instead of our normal svn. There is one svn repository that we always need. In svn we link this repository with svn propset as a svn:externals. This ensures there is really only one global copy of that particular, heavily used, repository. Now that we have […]

Git pull with rebase causing excessive conflicts. How can I fix our workflow?

We have a base system that is customized for each client. The base lives in its own repository, and each client lives in its own repository (originally cloned from base). The goal is to have the ability to add bug fixes/features to base, which can be propagated to clients, on demand. So far the workflow […]

Always overwrite a git deployment branch

We work with front-end code, e.g. HTML, CSS, JS etc We have a preview branch (qa) on Github that, when pushed to, automatically deploys the code to a preview website for our QA team to test. We compile / build our code into a dist directory and this is served on the preview website. Of […]

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