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Lock merge, when rebase is possible – bitbucket

I want to lock merge on pull request, when rebase is possible. Is any way to do it, or force rebase before merge? I can’t use merge check hook, because is lock by administrator. I use bitbuckt. Thanks for any help

How to open git project on mac?

A client sent me a .git file, and says to run the project. I am not sure how to download it. Is it possible to download a project if you have “.git” file available. Please help. This is an iOS project, and I am using Mac.

Issue with remote GitHub repository

Now, here is the format of the folder on my Linux machine: /phd_simulations /ns-3 /pybindgen /scenario So ns-3, pybindgen, and scenario are all directories themselves… Is this the correct workflow for git? There is no Linux desktop client (yet), so bear with me: git init git add . git commit -m “First commit” git remote […]

bitbucket branch or repository or folders?

I want to store the configurations from a set of 50 servers deployed in the field. These configurations are like (/etc/my.cnf, /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf, etc..). Imagine that there are about 100 different files I want to keep track of (for each server). Also, imagine that there will be some changes in the configurations between servers (for some […]

How import old repo files in new git server

I recently recover after a hard failure of my server. I still access to my old files system but can’t boot on it. (access as external HDD) I rebuild the server from scratch and to finish this I need to import the repo from the old git server. So my question is : How to […]

Multiple Submodules with Submodules

First of all, let me just say that this question may not fit on SoftwareEngineering.SE even though its similar to a “white-board” question. This question has to do specifically with Git so I figured I would ask it here on SO instead. This is more of a “how do I do it” or “what do […]

How to part out an existing codebase to git submodules

I am in the process of converting all of my old usable code into git repositories. This is both a tactical and strategic question. So I have created a new blank repo on Github called HomeBase (it is private right now). I then did a git clone to pull this blank repo to my local. […]

git-annex use a file from a different location

My understanding is that when I perform git annex add somefile, it creates a symlink for that file and places it in the .git/annex/objects folder. Then, when I initialize git-annex in some different location and sync it with the previous one, it downloads a broken symlink, unless I do git annex sync –content, which makes […]

Issues while creating repository?

Hi I am new to Bitbucket. In the beginning, while setting up the account I am asked to enter the email ids…do at that time I have to enter just my email id or the email ids of all the people that I am sharing my code with. While setting up my code repository I […]

Git hosted on my server + client

I’m new to git. I created a repo on my server. So I have : http://mysubdomainforgit.mydomain.com/example.git I downloaded Versions for Mac and now I would like to connect to my git. But I don’t know what to fill for location (they say something like svn+ssh://host/location). Thanks for your help !

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