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git pull files from a bare repo

I have a bare repository in my remote server. Files get uploaded on the remote server, now I would like to sync or pull those uploaded files to my local repository. I usually run git push website in order to deploy my local committed files, now I would like to do the opposite. How can […]

What's the difference/connection between the SVN and GIT repos of FreePascal/Lazarus

I’ve been updating from the SVN repo from the main page, but also found the GIT repo on github. Are they connected or should I use one more than the other? Where is the fpbuild and fpprojects on github that exist on the SVN repos? Cheers.

can't commit to git / github

So I just opened an account on github, and trying to submit (checkin / commit/ whatever…) a project to a new repo. I followed the following steps: create a repo on the web followed those steps from the web: Next steps: mkdir PROJECT cd PROJECT git init touch README git add README git commit -m […]

git move portion of old repository to a new repository

I’ve a repository which contains several directories at the root, e.g. gitroot/a gitroot/b gitroot/c And I would like to create a new git repository from only the contents of a, whilst retaining its history. Is this possible? I’ve seen the sparse checkouts, but I’m not sure how I could use this to create a brand […]

Creating a default manifest for git-repo

I’m trying to use git repo for my own project. I understand I have to create a default.xml file and using to link to all the repositories available but It’s not clear how to do that. I tried creating a simple xml file and put in on a server. I also added 2 remote configurations […]

Add a removed existing remote to a git repository

I accidentally performed a git remote rm <remote_repo_name> 🙁 Will a git remote add remote_repo_name <remote_repo_path> add it back as a remote even though the remote already had previously pushed content ?

how can I create a remote git repository that accepts pushes into the working tree?

Im trying to have a shared remote repository where team members can push their changes and see them live in a staging environment. Ive looked some options but I’m still stuck. Bare repositories have no working tree, and ive tried a normal repository with receive.denyCurrentBranch set to false, (which lets me push to the remote) […]

How to reduce repository size without loosing history of source code files?

The git repository of my current project, containing source code and image files, measures around 1.2 gigabytes. But the the actual files of all branches are only around 205 megabytes in size. I am a beginner with git and I guess that the huge repository size is caused by moving the image files around in […]

Changing the default directory for git repositories

Is it possible to change the default/root directory of where git looks for projects so you can clone a project like this: git clone git@myserver.com:project.git rather than like this: git clone git@myserver.com:/var/www/html/project.git I’ve seen git –git-dir=<path> in the help page but it seems that it only takes effect for that particular command rather than being […]

Git – Bare Repository is not up to date

ok I try again to describe my problem. At first let me say I am a beginner in Git. I have read a lot of stuff but there some points that are not clear for me. I work local on a workingcopy. My head on local branchx have the same id as remote branchx on […]

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