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Share remote repository using git?

I am trying to get the hang of git. We have a main git repository that is our master website, we pull data from it but cannot push to it. We also have individual repositories for each developer. Now we want to create a repository that can pull from the main repository, but can be […]

GitHub Error Repository Not Found

Trying to add a blank sample app for a rails tutorial to GitHub, but I get this error (apparently common, but I searched through other posts for a solution and couldn’t find one that works for me). ERROR: Repository not found. fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly I get the error both when I […]

confusion writing git filter-branch to move all files in to subdirectory

I believe that git filter-branch can allow me to do this, but I can’t figure out if i need to use –subdirectory-filter or if I need to use an index filter. But, let’s say I have a repository called repo, and the structure looks something like: repo/fileA repo/fileB repo/dir1/fileC What I want to do is […]

Locally hosted repository for GIT similarly to SVN local one?

A google search for Locally hosted repository for GIT similarly to SVN local one? give me nothing helpful so I ask our community here – is it possible to create a local repo using Git similarly to what we can do with SVN local repo i.e. no need for an SVN/Git server, we store it […]

Grant side developers a partial access to a git repo

Until now, I’ve been working on a project with a single and reliable agency. However, I’d now like to speed up development by entrusting a few subjects to side developers. That means they need to access the repo, though I don’t want them to get access to critical code. Is there a way to grant […]

Git checkout revision of local repository

I have a local git repository for an Xcode project. How do I checkout (from Terminal) a specific revision of the project to a different folder? Thanks.

How to merge unversioned code into Git repository?

So a friend worked on a bunch of code that he never versioned, and is handing it off to me. He initially gave me version A, even though he had a more recent version B available. I put A into a git repository (on say Visual Studio Team Services), and then made some commits, resulting […]

How to import a Project from bitbucket repository to Android Studio?

I have repository in BitBucket while cloning project If I select “Ïmport Gradle project” On clicking “OK” , it start building project , then gives error If I select “Configure” to configure android project it build project but it didn’t run . How to resolve this error ?

How to use homebrew to get avidemux

When I do brew search avidemux it says this. No formula found for “avidemux”. Searching open pull requests… https://github.com/mxcl/homebrew/pull/8429 If I go to that page I can see that it has avidemux. So how do I get it?

How can I delete files or folders on github?

I have a python project I’m working on, and I’m keeping it on github. I recently updated it, trying to change the name of a folder. However, it actually just added the folder again without changing the other one. Is there a way I can delete the old folder? In the future, is there a […]

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