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clone git repository to an FTP server

I’ve done quite a bit of searching on Stackoverflow and on various websites and can’t seem to find a quick answer on how to clone a git repository from my local machine to an FTP server. I’m working with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Also my webapp is being run on Heroku.

How to keep a up-to-date visible folder in GIT?

Right, after much struggle I finally managed to get a sort of shared folder among my all workmates where we can make a common git repo. Googlin’ on how to make that work, apparently the only thing I need is to set a magic flag git config –bool core.bare true and everyone is able to […]

git tracking one file changes

We have a large repo and a lots of commiters. I want to track history of a single file. Whenever someone changes it (push changes to my central repository), I get the email with diff and author name. I know that making a pre-commit hook, to do so would resolve a problem for me, however […]

Exisitng content repository based on Git or Hg?

I’m looking for a piece of software for managing large content collections, such as 300MB of HTML. It needs branching and merging, and should be distributed if possible (I.e, a dvcs). Full text indexing is needed. A web-based interface is desired. Anything out there? It’s a big project that would take me a lot of […]

Trouble with Gitolite installation on CentOS 5.6

I followed the official documentation guide on how to install Gitolite to create my own repository on a brand new CentOS server. When I get to the part where I must put the following command: gl-setup myPublicKey.pub I get a command not found warning on terminal. Somehow I need to put an alias or symbolic […]

GIT SVN dcommit after folder rename

I have not been able to find a similar answer to my question. Situation: Locally using GIT (git version Remote repository is SVN (not sure of version) Problem: Clone an SVN repo, add a folder, commit it to git and SVN, rename the folder (without telling git), commit to git, cannot commit anymore to […]

Git: gitolite have mess things up? working on two different servers

I am new in using Git, so here is my context: I am in a situation in which I work on two projects which are stored in different repositories on different servers. On both servers is used gitolite to handle the administration on the repositories. When I had one project to handle I push the […]

initializing repo

once I give repo init -u git://github.com/MIPS/manifests.git -b mips-gingerbread-r1 it says “repo has been initialized to /home/user1”. I want to change this directory(to /home/user1/myproject). How do I do it? I also have a local_manifest.xml which i need to use with repo to update the source tree. What do I do?

cannot sync from android repository

I’m trying to make sync according http://source.android.com/download manual, so everything is good, except syncing 🙂 repo sync … Fetching projects: 5% (8/143) Initializing project platform/development … fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly error: Cannot fetch platform/development .. or Fetching projects: 2% (3/143) fatal: read error (Connection reset by peer) error: Cannot fetch platform/bootable/diskinstaller I’ve […]

Eclipselink: how to add it to local repository

GIT clone and checkout eclipselink.runtime git clone https://…/eclipselink.runtime.git git checkout -b testing tag/2.6.5 The version in POM.xml is <version>2.6.5-SNAPSHOT</version> ??? Tried to add eclipselink.jar into local repository: mvn install:install-file -Dfile=eclipselink.jar -DgroupId=org/eclipse/persistence -DartifactId=eclipselink -Dversion=2.6.5 -Dpackaging=jar Error: The goal you specified requires a project to execute but there is no POM in this directory Is there an […]

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