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Scan Git Repository for Statistics

How can I get some sort of statistics of my Git repository? I am currently hosting the Git repository in BitBucket and wanted to find the following details: Total number of commits Used Programming Languages Lines of code in total for each Programming Language Do you think this is achievable? Or am I asking for […]

create a sub-repository and insert it in the main project

I’m very new to git, I use it through gitHub, and I wanted to know if there’s a way to create a sub-repository that is then included in the main one. For example, if I have a library with modules, I’d like some of them to be in a repository on their own, with issues […]

How to provide working files parallel to a bare git repository

Background At our network share we have some bare git repositories that are used for file exchange (and version control, etc.) during development. Unfortunately, it happens quite often that people that are not involved in the development request access to just a small subset of files of this repository. These colleagues often have no git […]

Make a Hosted Repository a submodule of another Hosted Repository in Phabricator

How can I make a hosted repository a submodule of another hosted repository in Phabricator? Phabricator1 version latest (2015-12-09) Repository Type: Git git version

Bitbucket repo clone or download?

Is using Download repository option equivalent to using git clone? git clone url_of_repo what is the difference?

Best practices for using docker in an air-gapped environment

I’m new to Docker, and would like to use it in an air-gapped environment. I understand I can set up my own repository inside my isolated system, but I don’t know how to get the many docker images I need from the docker hub into the environment. If I could download them to a .zip […]

Getting a folder into GitHub having tried before incorrectly

I have been trying to create my first repository through the Powershell but I am having problems. My first problem is that “Your branch is ahead of ‘origin/master’ by 2 commits.” I am have tried to create repository this way before, with the same name, but I cannot understand properly what the stage is here […]

How to get git branch of colleague who was fired

The Short Question Given that I have read-only access to another git repo on the same server, how can I copy a specific branch from that repo into my own? The Long Story My colleague and I were writing code on the same dev server. I am user1 and my git repo resides here: /home/user1/website […]

Git push rejected after cloning

I cloned a repo from bitbucket using git clone. I made some changes and then git commit. Now I’m trying to push but I get a Updates were rejected because the remote contains work that you do not have locally. Now, I’m sure that remotely nothing changed between my git clone and my git commit. […]

Recommended GIT gui client, able to work on a custom-mapped port repository

I’ve installed git server in my private home environment. Let’s say that is on a port different than 80 ( for example 12345 ). How can I make my day to day operations using my system in the port I mapped ? I did not use 80, because I need it for something else Can […]

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