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Git pull is very slow.. why?

Note I have studied the git-is-very-very-slow question, but in their case the reason was big binary files – while in my repository there is PHP/JS/HTML/CSS only code (no binaries) and the biggest file in the repository is around 800 KB. I’ve changed one file (a few lines), then git add . and git commit -m […]

git repo says it's up-to-date after pull but files are not updated

I have 3 repos. A bare repo which I use as a master repo, a dev repo in which I make and test changes, and prod repo from which scripts are executed in the prod environment. After I have tested changes in the dev repo I push them to the bare repo and they are […]

Git has forgotten the remote repository I fetch from / push to

This morning I went to do a git fetch and got the following error: fatal: No remote repository specified. Please, specify either a URL or a remote name from which new revisions should be fetched. This used to work fine. It looks like git has forgotten the link between (all) my branches and the repository. […]

What are Git and Subversion all about?

I see a lot of sites referring to git, github, svn, subversion etc, but I never really knew what all of those things are. I also hear a lot of terms like ‘svn repo’, ‘commit’, and ‘push’ – I tried googling but it seems that I have so little knowledge about the subject that I […]

Push on gerrit with windows

I am struggling to push some of my data to a gerrit with TortoiseGit. I created a new repo and committed it to the master. I added one remote, with my private key and I also uploaded the public key. Pulling from the gerrit is no problem, but when I try to push the following […]

How do I export a specific commit with git-archive?

I asked a similar question before, but it was answered inadequately so I thought I would ask again here but providing more information. I need to get different and older versions of a git repository and I’m having trouble with that. What I’ve tried is git checkout master~X git archive –format zip –output /full/path/to/zipfile.zip master […]

How to move local git repo from one hdd to another hdd?

I’m currently setting up git on one of my local hdds, but will eventually be moving all my git repos on to another hdd (I want to split my work files from my own files, but I do not have the drives yet). Would it be possible to move those local work git repos to […]

Git – corrupted object?

My house just suffered a power-outage and now my git repo (which I was committing to when it happended) is reporting: user@localhost$ git fsck fatal: object 192e0282d23863ec80375a77011012ef8cb80f77 is corrupted I can’t commit because of this error. Pulling and fetching still seems to work fine. user@localhost$ git commit error: unable to find 192e0282d23863ec80375a77011012ef8cb80f77 fatal: 192e0282d23863ec80375a77011012ef8cb80f77 is […]

How can I undo my last git add/commit?

I edited a file and did: git add file.py git commit -m ‘fixed bug’ I then edited another file and performed a minor bug fix. I don’t want two commits, one after the other, showing ‘bug fix’. I want one commit with ‘bug fixes’. How can I undo the last add/commit and change the first […]

what are the different repository format versions (for the core.repositoryFormatVersion setting) in git?

I noticed a default option in git core.repositoryFormatVersion which defaults to 0, but what are “repository format versions” and what functional difference do they make?

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