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How do I merge git repositories with related branches

For historical reasons I currently have the following project structure: part0: master branch0 branch1 part1: master branch0 branch1 The binaries of the project are built by checking out commits of the same date from the two repositories, so I need e.g. part0 – master(01.04.2013) and part1 – master(01.04.2013). Checking out the parts from different dates […]

Getting code from my forked repository

I made a fork from a repository called “chrisbjr/api-guard”. the repository latest version is v2.2.2, and I made a release v2.2.3 from my fork. I have my own branch which is dev-fulluth, to get the code from my fork not from the main repo, composer has to contain the below code: “repositories”: [ { “type”: […]

What is the git equivalent for a specific version checkout, like “svn checkout -r 123 <svn_rep_url>”

What would be the closest git command equivalent to a svn command: “svn checkout -r 123 “?

Git: how to work with multiple repositories?

I have a remote read-only git repository A, which I have cloned in my local filesystem. A is updated periodically, and I pull and merge the updated code in my system after each update. I want to collaborate with my team members on the files of A, for which, I have create a new remote […]

GIT: Better method of setting up fresh repo

With creating a fresh git repo, I am wanting to know what is best practice. Ether creating the git repo locally and pushed, or remotely and pulled. . Method 1 Local machine (inside whatever project folder) git init git add . git commit -m ‘initial commit’ git remote add origin <server-repo-url> git push –all origin […]

How to separate/decouple git repository into a different location

My request may look strange but it’d make more sense after I explain why I’m doing it. So I have my person projects under /path/to/myprojects. Underneath maybe C, Perl, Shell, Tcl, etc. Now I want to put those project groups (C, Perl, etc) under git, but in different location, e.g., /path/to/mygits/. The reason that I […]

How do I make drastic changes to a git repository without having to start over?

I’ve got a problem with one of my git repositories (FYI: I’m really new to git) Basically I forgot about the repo I’d created for a project, worked on the wrong set of files (my original copies), made some BIG changes and renamed most of the files. Now I’ve realised my mistake I was wondering […]

Git pull from another repository without history

I’m here because : I try to connect my repository to another in order to keep “up to date” but I’m trying not to pull the whole history of the other repo… To explain, I use Laravel 5 (https://github.com/laravel/laravel) and I have created my own master (which is a fork of laravel/v5.0.1) to customize some […]

Git commit with invalid character on Windows

I got a Git repository that I accidentally pushed a file 4 commits ago that is located in (path relative to the repository root folder): /Core/C:/testoutput/agwqe1s.xml I did this on my Linux machine, so the actual file was created without any problem. The thing is when I go back to my Windows machine, I can’t […]

how to create staging environment in heroku and push app

I have a rails project deployed on heroku which has only a production environment. I’ve created a staging environment by doing: “heroku create appname –remote staging” the slug size for on my exsiting application is 4.4MB and the .git repository is 85MB. when I do git push staging master, it tries to upload all 85MB […]

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