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How to handle git with two repositories

This is probably a novice question, so I apologize for my daftness ahead of time. I am deploying to Heroku, and managing my repository through github. So I have two git accounts with one code base. My .git/config looks like this : [core] repositoryformatversion = 0 filemode = true bare = false logallrefupdates = true […]

Setting up git after fresh install

I’m planning to install mountain lion on my macbook pro and erase everything in my hard drive too. I currently have git installed with a few repos and my ssh key is connected with remote repos as well. I’m not sure how to go about restoring everything after the fresh install of osx. I am […]

Combine Separate Git Repository Branches

I have two separate git repositories. One is mine, and has “Branch A”, the other was developed by someone else and has “Branch B”. They both have the same master branch. How do I import his branch inside my git repository? So I want the result to be: $ git branch Branch A Branch B […]

GIT: Make a file unique for all branches

I need to add some global descriptions ( like howto use the specific repository and other instructions) to a git repository. Is there a way to assure, that changes can for example only be tracked on master branch and unique for all other branches? Thank you and best regards, M.S.

Transferring history of CVS to GIT

We have the code base using CVS for long time. And now we are considering to move to git. The sources can be moved to GIT, no problem. But I want to know, how the history or the changes in CVS can be moved to the git. For example, assume in CVS, 1st day there […]

pushing from a bare repository to another bare repository

We are looking to have a Git architecture like the following. I have created two bare repositories for these. //production/repo/MyProject.git (prod-repo) //dev/repo/MyProject.git (dev-repo) After pushing my code to the dev-repo and testing it, I want to push all the changes to prod-repo. Obviously I won’t have a working directory on either of these machines? How […]

Unique identifier for file in Git Repository

There exists an unique identifier for files in a Git Repository? This unique identifier must be the same after some commits (modifying file), after reneming and moving that file. There it exists? I tried git ls-files –debug but I didn’t find an unique identifier with the characteristics listed above.

repo/git revert to state as one month ago

I’m working with AOSP sources which were downloaded by repo command (http://source.android.com/source/using-repo.html) Now I need to get all repository as it was 1 month ago. I found here solution (http://alexpeattie.com/blog/working-with-dates-in-git/): git revert master@{“1 month ago”} But I can’t do it in AOSP source tree. I tried to do it with: repo forall -c git revert […]

Drupal changes saved in git

I’m doing some changes in a Drupal website and I was wondering that if I make some changes to the internal features in the website (such as blocks) then does these changes are saved in the git repository? I’m not touching any of the code. Thank you

Restructuring Files in Git Repository

I have a Git repository with the following folder structure: allprojectfiles –otherfolders –source —-projectname ——projectname ———git initilalized here ———otherfolders ———workingonthesefiles(bound to remote) Can I restructure the project to have Git track from the allprojectfiles folder without losing history?

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