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Git commit with invalid character on Windows

I got a Git repository that I accidentally pushed a file 4 commits ago that is located in (path relative to the repository root folder): /Core/C:/testoutput/agwqe1s.xml I did this on my Linux machine, so the actual file was created without any problem. The thing is when I go back to my Windows machine, I can’t […]

how to create staging environment in heroku and push app

I have a rails project deployed on heroku which has only a production environment. I’ve created a staging environment by doing: “heroku create appname –remote staging” the slug size for on my exsiting application is 4.4MB and the .git repository is 85MB. when I do git push staging master, it tries to upload all 85MB […]

Is there a way to move a svn repository if you don't have access to the svn server?

I have been seeing information on how to move a repository if you have access to the server the repository is hosted on but what if you only have the login information for the repository? Can you do a full checkout of a repository and all of its revisions and then move it to another […]

How to run Git commands on remote repository

I am trying to code an simple PHP application which will retrieve some information from the remote Git repositories with terminal commands. I do not want to create a local working copy or repository. I only want to read information from remote repositories (browse tree, commit history, file diffs, download file), so it will be […]

How to modify a git repository's history to show contents were imported from another repository?

I have two projects, A and B. They were poorly divided, because A had to run one part before B and another part after B. So I decided to merge them. B’s contents were copied into A’s working directory, committed, and work continued from there. Of course, B’s history was not preserved in the copy-paste. […]

Git: importing from bare or from non-bare

I have been hosting bare repositories in my Home local server (Mac Mini). It has been performing really slow (maybe due to lack of git optimization for large files) So to solve this problem, I’m thinking to move my bare repo to BitBucket private repository. Just to give it a try. When I tried to […]

How can I download only the necessary parts of a remote project in Git?

If you are working on a large remote repository and you want to restrict the download to the few branches you are working on, how do you configure the git-clone command, assuming that it is the right command in this case?

Export git repository with history into another repository

I have a repository called “A” that needs to be moved into repository “B” without loosing the history, this is as if it always was on “B”. Please note that I don’t need to move a folder or a part of a repository, but the complete repository content into another one, basically renaming repository “A” […]

Pushing files from one Git repository to another

I have 2 Git repositories with basically the same structure, but repository B has only some of the contents of repository A. Repository A has newer commits that I need to push to B (but only the necessary files). I have so far git clone’d the repositories to my local workstation. How should I replace […]

Git Development to Production Setup

I know questions like this have been asked a lot. But, I’m not finding an exact answer to my problem. I’m in the process of starting to use Git. I have no prior experience with Git or any type of version control for that matter. So far I’ve been able to get it up and […]

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