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Extract authorship information from git repository

I am trying to extract (source code line, author label) pair from git repositories. The easiest way to do that is using git blame. The problem is that git blame takes the last committer as the author no matter whether the committer just indents the code or really changes the code. Do you know any […]

Accessing files of a repository from the Git server

I have to access some files stored in a Git repository, but I don’t see where they are stored inside the repository folder. Is there a special way to access the various files pushed from the clients?

How to synchronize a GIT repository with SVN?

I am planning to make a fork of an open-source project, but I want to switch to GIT. The project is using SVN, but there is no TRAC available, so I can’t just download changesets without having SVN on my PC (not to mention svn diff doesn’t allow binary patches). Is there a way to […]

Selective access to Git repository based on SSH

I have a server with six Git repositories, to which I have read+write access through a single SSH account, all in /opt/git/, all owned by the SSH account. I’d like to give somebody else read+write access the a few of the repositories, but not to all. How do I create a new SSH user that […]

Using Git on a local network. Cloning from one repository to multiple users, pushing back to remote and being able to see updates from all clones

I have searched a few posts here (and elsewhere) about using git on a local (lan) network, but either I am missing something, or it’s just not working. My scenario is as follows: We have a shared network drive of projects (Z:/) on all users PC’s I want to create a repository within directory ‘x’ […]

Inspect git repo after using BFG repo-cleaner

Very basic git question: I uploaded some compromising information to Github and am using bfg to clean the repo. I followed the documentation and performed the following actions: $ git clone –mirror git://example.com/some-big-repo.git $ bfg –replace-text passwords.txt my-repo.git I received the following output: Found 233 objects to protect Found 9 commit-pointing refs : HEAD, refs/heads/experimental, […]

Checkout source files from local git repo to local folder

I am using Amazon Ec2 . I am trying to create a Remote Repo on the Ec2 server to which I can check in code and run my server from there . Ec2 Server Here is created two folders /home/ubuntu/project.git <—- Repo /home/ubuntu/project <—- Source files to run server I followed the instructions given here […]

One git for multiple folders in differents places

I think this subject was asked before, but I didn’t find anything interesting to work with. I read this Can I store the .git folder outside the files I want tracked? and Single Git repo with directories in multiple locations try to play with it, but didn’t find the way to achieve this well. The […]

Git: Creating Git Submodules out of existing repository and reflecting parent changes to the child repository

Please note that I am new to Git. I have two repos: Libgdx REPO gdx-sqlite REPO The main repository is Libgdx REPO and all of my work goes into this repository, mainly in the gdx-sqlite project. Since I wanted gdx-sqlite project to appear as a separate repository, what I did was: Created a new repo […]

Cannot access gitolite repos with non-gitolite admin users

I’ve installed Gitolite 3.5.3 on Ubuntu 12.04. I created test repo and I can access it over ssh only with gitolite user but not others. I need to allow access other system users (user1,user,user2) or usergroup to git(push, pull merge etc) over ssh like this: git clone user1@domain.com:megaproject But I try to connect like this: […]

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