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Github – how to search a specific file with some conditions about the corresponding repos?

For example, I can find all the repos having a file named “user.module” through the parameter “filename:readme.md” in code searching. Meanwhile, I want to filter these repos with the condition “star:>1000”. But I notice that I cannot do the search and condition filtering at the same time since Github distinguishes code searching and repo searching. […]

Git : add password for pushing some files

Is it possible to add a password for commiting and pushing some files/folders on a GIT repository ? Or any other way to prevent some users from commiting and pushing some files/folders they are not supposed to commit and push ?

Git: How do I change my email in commits and push the updated history to a remote repo?

I’ve seen from Change the author and committer name and e-mail of multiple commits in Git how to change my email in my commits; however, when I try to push it, I get this error: $ git push production master To git@<remote_server> ! [rejected] master -> master (non-fast-forward) error: failed to push some refs to […]

“Error: Python not found” when trying to access the android repository

It gives me the error on line 23 of the repo file: exec: python: not found. the thing is, I have python installed in C:\Python27 (the default) I’m using the Git Bash when typing in these commands. I’ve tried to move the python folder into the git directory to run the repo file and it […]

Strange behavior with adding directory with contents to root

We just added a directory with contents to the root of a git repo using ‘git add .’ and then ‘git commit -m “message…”‘. We then pushed it up to bitbucket. This is our typical workflow. However, when another developer pulls the repo down that new directory comes up empty. And in bitbucket we are […]

How should I set up my git remote repo to deploy websites?

I’m trying to figure out what’s the best way to deploy my sites using git, I set up a bare repo on my server so I can push my local repos to it and it works fine but I have a few questions: Let’s say my repo is inside my public_html folder in my server, […]

Using GIT with Eclipse and repos' backup

I’m totally new to ‘Distribution version control system'(DVCS) and ‘Centralized version control system'(CVCS). Somehow I understood the difference between them. Presently, in my office we are using CVS repository which is very old and I’m asked to upgrade to any new version. I don’t know other than backing up CVS repos(/usr/local/cvsroot directory) and creating cvs […]

Setting up a git repository on a openSuse VPS

I just got hold of an openSuse 10.3 VPS. I really don’t know much about Unix and SSH and this stuff but I’d like to use my server to host a GIT repository. This seems simple enough to me… Here is what I did: I SSHed into my server and installed GIT (I guess), simply […]

Accessing a repo in Netbeans with git

I created a repo in my webroot folder on my server, and I’m trying to clone it within Netbeans (through a git plugin). I’m using CakePHP, so I added my “app/” folder as a tracked folder. When I get a directory listing, I can see a “.git” file, but inside Netbeans, if I go to […]

git – where i should put the .git folder?

im developing a website and i wonder where i should put the .git folder ? in the same dir of the /var/www/html/mysite? i got github account btw, what do you think its good or there is better providers ?

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