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GitLab.com Download Counter

I uploaded a GIT repository at GitLab.com, everything seems to work fine. But I cannot find download statistics. For me this is an essential feature, and GitLab.com hosting would be insufficient without it. Did I miss something? Can anybody tell me how to get a counter for the number of downloads on GitLab.com? Thanks in […]

Netbeans git can't checkout local branch – Conflicts during checkout

Here is my problem: I have cloned project from remote server (branches develop & master) I checked out develop after changes, commited & pushed to remote, everything is fine pull from remote while still in develop commit after pull switch or checkout to new created branch Page from develop – won’t checkout. says: “Conflict during […]

How to git version control multiple projects with one framework project?

Well, I took a look at this post GIT Version Control setup for multiple projects with shared code, but turns out that I don’t really think it answers exactly what I want because that is too complex (i guess) for what I need. I work in a company and we have over 4 projects. They […]

Joining two GIT repositories into one using SourceTree

I have separate GIT repositories for each Arduino Project I have developed which I handle using SourceTree connected to remote repositories in Bitbucket. I would like to know how can I join these repositories into one and conserve the history changes of each file. Is it possible to do it within SourceTree? I have not […]

Bamboo trigger doesn't fire on fitered repository

I have a huge project located in git repository. It’s a maven project that contains prenty of modules, most of them can be built and deployed separately, some of them are dependent of others. I configured git repository for buid plan and it works fine – once I pushed my changes, bamboo build is triggered. […]

How to clear repository checkout history in Xcode

As shown in the snapshot below , how to clear these history items? I already deleted Preferences > Accounts > Repositories, but these still in check out history.

Hosting a Repository website on Github not working?

git clone github.com/ubermankapil/Restaurant.git cd repository git checkout –orphan gh-pages git rm -rf . echo “My Page” > index.html git add index.html git commit -a -m “First pages commit” git push origin gh-pages I followed the above steps ( got from the https://help.github.com/articles/creating-project-pages-manually/ ) , and after that I visited the repository url: http://ubermankapil.github.io/Restaurant/ I didn’t […]

Best practise to get in sync core code in different projects using git

There is a core part in most of the projects I am working on. Each project is being stored on a separate git repo. I want to make a core repository to make all the core changes there and push them to other projects. I see these ways so far: Make one git repo, master […]

Convert Git repos of without .git extention to gitolite repos having .git extension

I have one gitolite server and one old git server. On my old git server I have about 80 repositories. All are bare repos but don’t have the .git extension. I want to transfer all of them to new gitolite server so that if anyone in future need any old repo can access from running […]

Syncing git repositories across computers

I have a central Git repository hosted with GitLab, and my coding is done on either a laptop or desktop. Pulling the code to work on it on either machine and then committing and pushing when finished works fine, but I’d like to have a cleaner way to switch between laptop and desktop (sometimes I […]

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