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Git Diff problems after bulk rename

I am having a lot of trouble working with my Git history after a bulk rename applied to a large project (slightly under 10,000 files). I have changed the project layout by moving files from Project/src/…. to Project/src/main/java/….. I have also modified some of the moved files in the same commit. Let’s take a look […]

Renaming remote branch on git and update log

So the title says it pretty much all. I found an old answer on how to rename remote tags (Rename Git branch folder) but I am worrying my log is going to make no sense after the changes (eg. Is it going to report an inexistent branch merge onto develop?). Is this going to be […]

What does the number in R{number} after a git rename mean?

I made the commit below. It basically shows a couple of files with static html getting renamed and moved. commit 8449e207d529779f92bfe8b4eb2864a3f3edf69a Author: Carl-Erik Kopseng <carl-erik@company.no> Date: Sat Nov 19 14:40:47 2016 +0100 Integrate static html into epi blocks as partials R079 Web/Views/Shared/Blocks/ChristmasLotteryBlock.cshtml Web/Views/Shared/Blocks/ChristmasLotteryBlock/Index.cshtml R076 Web/Static/blocks/_block_christmas-lottery-intro.html Web/Views/Shared/Blocks/ChristmasLotteryBlock/_intro.cshtml R099 Web/Static/blocks/_block_christmas-lottery-popup.html Web/Views/Shared/Blocks/ChristmasLotteryBlock/_popup.cshtml M Web/Web.csproj What does the 076, […]

Why is folder rename, git push to new remote branch slow

I just created a new branch renamed nearly all files in my repository by renaming a top folder push branch as new branch upstream I get Writing objects: 26% (3337/12428), 270.49 MiB | 779.00 KiB/s which takes a long time. Out of interest, why do these objects need to be written? I had expected git […]

Renaming local GIT branch does not change name on 'Origin'

I use GIT to manage my project’s source code, using SourceTree locally and BitBucket to host the code remotely. I made a new branch, called “MyFeature.” At some point I renamed the branch, say to “features/MyFeature,” so that the branches would be better organized (I now have many more branches than before). However, it seems […]

Moving large number of large files in git repository

My repository has large number of large files. They are mostly data (text). Sometimes, I need to move these files to another location due to refactoring or packaging. I use git mv command to “rename” the path of the files, but it seems inefficient in that the size of the commit (the actual diff size) […]

svn rename problem

Our code is C++ and is managed in svn. The development is with Visual Studio. As you know Visual Studio C++ is case insensitive to file names and our code unfortunately “exploited” this heavily. No we are porting our application to Linux + gcc, which is case sensitive. This will involve a lot of file […]

git merge/rebase feature branch after master rename script

Background: I am working on a patch for Drupal core (PHP) where module class files that currently use PSR-0 will be moved two directories up, so they will use PSR-4 instead. This will make many people angry, because a lot of pending patches / local feature branches will need a re-roll. I would like to […]

How to avoid PhpStorm staging file on Refactor > Rename

When creating a file under PhpStorm, it appears untracked in Git. But using Refactor > Rename, it moves the file to the staged area. Is there any way to disable this ?

git gui app to show detected renames

Is there a git gui app (for commiting) that shows detected renames? Git-gui currently shows me a lot of deleted and new files instead of renames. TortoiseGit does not work at all on my system. Intellij’s Git somehow does not detect any modifications to commit. TIA.

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