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Exclude certain file patterns from rename detection in git?

Question Is it possible to exclude certain file patters from rename detection when doing merges with git? Background With our system, Salesforce.com, some metadata files are exactly identical, except for name. Because of this (I believe) merges can get a bunch of conflicts, e.g. if a meta file was deleted in one branch, and a […]

Git – how to rename many folders?

I know the command ls-files generates a list of files you can use in a for loop to filter and rename all files, but what would be the command for just directories? I’m trying to append the string “-dcmp” to all the directory names in a project.

git push renames branch

I’m trying to rename a branch of my project, using git branch -m old_branch_name new_brach_name to rename the local branch, which works just fine and the local branch is renamed. But after deleting the old branch name from the remote (either on github or in the git shell) and using git push origin new_branch_name I […]

Rename R script without deleting Git record

I am very new to using Git in RStudio, and have just found out about the problems with spaces in file names when trying to stage a modified document. (here) As a result, I need to rename my scripts. When I have tried this, it thinks my scripts have been deleted, and I have had […]

Fix a renamed git-flow branch

I renamed my local git flow feature branch, using SourceTree. Now I want to finish the feature, but git flow tells me that the branch doesn’t exist. It does of course, but git flow doesn’t recognise it. How can I make git flow recognise the branch I’m on as a feature branch, so that I […]

Git Diff problems after bulk rename

I am having a lot of trouble working with my Git history after a bulk rename applied to a large project (slightly under 10,000 files). I have changed the project layout by moving files from Project/src/…. to Project/src/main/java/….. I have also modified some of the moved files in the same commit. Let’s take a look […]

Renaming remote branch on git and update log

So the title says it pretty much all. I found an old answer on how to rename remote tags (Rename Git branch folder) but I am worrying my log is going to make no sense after the changes (eg. Is it going to report an inexistent branch merge onto develop?). Is this going to be […]

What does the number in R{number} after a git rename mean?

I made the commit below. It basically shows a couple of files with static html getting renamed and moved. commit 8449e207d529779f92bfe8b4eb2864a3f3edf69a Author: Carl-Erik Kopseng <carl-erik@company.no> Date: Sat Nov 19 14:40:47 2016 +0100 Integrate static html into epi blocks as partials R079 Web/Views/Shared/Blocks/ChristmasLotteryBlock.cshtml Web/Views/Shared/Blocks/ChristmasLotteryBlock/Index.cshtml R076 Web/Static/blocks/_block_christmas-lottery-intro.html Web/Views/Shared/Blocks/ChristmasLotteryBlock/_intro.cshtml R099 Web/Static/blocks/_block_christmas-lottery-popup.html Web/Views/Shared/Blocks/ChristmasLotteryBlock/_popup.cshtml M Web/Web.csproj What does the 076, […]

Why is folder rename, git push to new remote branch slow

I just created a new branch renamed nearly all files in my repository by renaming a top folder push branch as new branch upstream I get Writing objects: 26% (3337/12428), 270.49 MiB | 779.00 KiB/s which takes a long time. Out of interest, why do these objects need to be written? I had expected git […]

Renaming local GIT branch does not change name on 'Origin'

I use GIT to manage my project’s source code, using SourceTree locally and BitBucket to host the code remotely. I made a new branch, called “MyFeature.” At some point I renamed the branch, say to “features/MyFeature,” so that the branches would be better organized (I now have many more branches than before). However, it seems […]

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