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not sure what to use rebase or merge?

I was accidently using the gh-pages branch so now it has become the most updated one. How can I bring the master branch up to date if it hasn’t been used? I think the proper diagram is this / E-F-G A-B-C-D How would I go about this? when ever I’ve tried I always mess it […]

git-dulwich:how to merge or rebase?

I try to make a website to provide some server, such as collaborative writing at some purposed aims. But I will not to create the same wheel. So I choose git as VCS(version control system) by using dulwich. Everything with dulwich is well, but I failed to find solutions to git command like ‘merge‘ or […]

git rebase with branches (whole tree)

I am trying to connect two independent commit trees into one repository. Initially I have: A–B–C–D (master1) E–F–G–H (master2) \ I–J (somebranch) These tree have no common ancestor and are independent of each other (different files and directories). I want to rebase both master2 and somebranch (may be multiple branches in fact) onto master1. It’s […]

Does git rebase update commits in other local branches?

I know I can test this experimentally, but having discussion would be nice. If I have a local head on (local branch) master that has diverged from the remote master, I tend to do a git pull –rebase to replay my changes. I believe this works by changing the state of my local branch a […]

Cannot rebase branch master

I have just completed a project and would like to make a few changes in its history, so that it looks neater. I have pushed the project already, but nobody has yet forked it or works on it, so nobody will be affected by rewriting the history. I stumble upon some issues. During the rebase […]

need to amend first commit or add a new commit before it

I discovered that my .gitignore file was not commited into my git repository at all. I have about 300 commits in my repository with a few branches I made: I am using the git flow model so now I have master, develop and a few feature branches I do not care how but I want […]

Git: copy part of branch to another branch

Let’s say we have versions that are on separate branches. master v1 v2 Our workflow with SVN was that we made bug repairs on master and then merged them into v1 and v2, new features should wait until next version (v3) is created. This is how it looks after SVN to GIT conversion —v2—-v2—-v2 / […]

rebase conflicted, merged commits in git

I have just finished developing a new feature on its own branch (branch feature) consisting of a dozen or so commits. After running all my tests, I merged this branch into master and resolved many merge conflicts. The process took quite awhile. Only after I finished merging do I realize that I never rebased any […]

Has this (rebased) branch been merged?

I want to see if you’ve merged my branch into your branch. But I can’t just use git branch –contains, because you’ve rebased my branch on yours before doing the merge. Still, it seems like there ought to be an easy way to verify that those changes have been pulled into your branch – is […]

way to verify git repository hasn't been rebased?

I want to use git as an electronic lab notebook (see https://github.com/cboettig/labnotebook for an example). However, I am concerned that, since it is possible to rebase, the integrity of my research data could be questioned. Is there a way to verify that a git repository hasn’t been rebased? I know that rebases are stored in […]

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