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Git missed rebase for extended branch development?

A few months ago I branched off of the master development branch in a project I’m working on. I’ve been working on my own experiment branch, but constantly pulled in the changes from master to keep up to date. Every time I did that I used this command set git checkout master git pull git […]

Taking your work Hostage with git?

Here’s the situation… I need to be able to rebase a git repository branch to a point in time, then remove (and stash or keep) my commits beyond that point in time. Retaining the ability to re-apply every thing… but not having them living in the remote repository… Reason (maybe you’ll have a better solution) […]

Git stuck in rebase “Cannot store” (may be submodule related)

I am trying to abort a rebase but it fails with the following: $ git rebase –abort warning: Failed to merge submodule Client (not checked out) “git stash store” requires one <commit> argument Cannot store At this point my git status shows two changes: both modified: Client both modified: blah.js Notably blah.js was an old […]

SVN to git … now git to SVN. So many conflicts

Disclaimer: Things would be simpler had I known about git-svn at the start. I had a large codebase in SVN, and crudely got it situated in git. Work life was very painful without fast, efficient branching, so this was all accomplished in a bit of a rush. My process was: svn export git init . […]

Reverting merged branches with Git

With our Git setup, we have the following permanent branches: – Master |- Fixes-x.x – Release – Develop Develop is where our in development code goes. When we are almost ready for “release”, it’s merged into “release” where we make any additional last minute changes before merging it into “master” and tag it with a […]

Remove a bunch of duplicate commits and references in git

I have the following situation: A—B— … —E—————————. \ A—B— … —E—F—G—H—I— … —N master I want to remove the duplicated commits from the history and remove this bad reference. A—B— … —E—F—G—H—I— … —N master I’ve tried it with git rebase -i and remove the duplicate commits but this duplicate the commits again and […]

With git rebase, should I pretend that certain things didn't happen when resolving conflicts?

I’m new to git and I’m a bit confused about the “right” way of using git rebase. Is the idea that, once I finish the rebase and conflict resolution process, my history will look as if I didn’t change my mind along the way? Let’s say, for instance, that I have commit A and commit […]

Any way to default git svn dcommit to fail if code is out of date?

I like how (normal) git won’t let me push if I haven’t rebased with the latest code. However with git svn, when I do git svn dcommit it automatically rebases (i.e. git svn rebase) and then commits. Is there a way I can have it throw up an error message if there is new stuff […]

How to resolve git merge/rebase conflicts with 2 remote repos?

Having an issue with git rebase conflict, but only when using 2 remote repos. Here’s the workflow: Do work… Commit pull -r staging master This works fine. If there is a conflict I can resolve it. Then the problem happens when working with production remote repo. I am the only one pushing to production. git […]

Merge/rebase workflow

I am in the process of changing my git–merge-workflow and encountered following problem: Up to now, i have been merging (–no-ff) my changes on the develop branch back to master whenever i released a new version. This generated a new merge-commit containing the history (–log) of all the develop-commits. I realized that this is sub-optimal, […]

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