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Rebase issue when use GIT Bash

I have a problem when you im using resolve a conflict after push review to Gerrit. These are my steps: # update from remote $ git fetch # get my change from gerrit $ git fetch ssh://hoang.nth@localhost:29418/Git_training_class2 refs/changes/25/325/1 && git checkout FETCH_HEAD # git rebase and problem $ git rebase origin/master You are not currently […]

How to squash with git rebase -i

I am sorta new to rebasing, and definitely haven’t squashed commits before. While checked out to my local branch called ‘whatever’, I then do a git add and git commit, then rebase. I guess this is the right way to rebase or at least one way: git rebase -i development development is our mainline branch […]

What does git rebase use to determine common ancestor?

I know that I can use git merge-base to determine the common ancestor when performing a git merge, but it looks like this is not true for git rebase Here is my setup before rebase: master branch: A–Y–(C) and dev branch: A—–C–D (C) is the outcome of me rebasing A–C onto A–Y, same content, but […]

Git – Detect if rebased with conflicts

I wonder if there is a way to detect if a commit was rebased with a manual conflict resolution or with Git’s auto rebase (without conflict). In details, lets say, in Gerrit a pending commit needs a rebase because some commits are merged within review period. In that case developers need to upload a new […]

How to merge a repository copy

At the beginning of the project we started REPO-A. That repo continued for several months until one of the engineers decided to fork the project. Now he did this by just duplicating the directory and starting a new repo. REPO-B. Now B has none of the history from A, and A hasn’t had any further […]

git pull –rebase didn't pull new files from origin

I pulled a package and worked for a while now. All my changes are done worked fine and before pushing it to remote, I did a git pull –rebase as I pulled the code long ago and others might have done some changes. There were some conflicts which I could resolve manually but there were […]

Git Rebase or SVN Reintegrate for Feature Branches?

We are currently using SVN, but considering moving to Git to support our new workflow, which relies heavily on rebase. We’re considering a development workflow where each individual feature is developed on a separate branch, then merged into trunk/master when it’s ready for release. The branch will always be deleted after it is merged back […]

Rails and Git workflow advice

I need some advice with my desired setup with git and Rails. Basically for my first Rails application I used a base application template from GitHub, I then made a ton of changes and now have a full application which is fairly customised. I have now extracted all of the changes I made to the […]

rebasing a heavily-merged branch prior to pushing changes upstream

I have a local branch that tracks an upstream SVN branch, in which heavy development work was done while I was also working on local changes. During that time, I have merged upstream into my own branch frequently, as well as cherry-picked isolated commits and sent them upstream. So, in essence, my history looks like […]

How can I change history by directly editing patches and metadata?

Git has a bunch of procedures for altering history. (rebase, filter-branch, commit –ammend, guilt, stacked git, etc) However, it may sometimes be preferable if there was a procedure to turn the last few commits into a file containing a series of patches with the commit metadata, which could be freely edited, and then turned back […]

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