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git – Easier way to do a simple one-commit squash?

The project I’m working on requires that all feature contributions be single commits, but I still like to commit my progress along the way, so I usually squash my commits as I make them. Let’s say I’m making my first new commit on the branch: git commit -am “Added new feature” From then on, until […]

How to reset a Git repository and check out sources from SVN afresh?

I have a main repository on SVN, which I am synchronizing with a “clone” on Git / GitHub. Every time I do something on SVN, I run the following commands on my Git console: git svn rebase git push –force git@github.com:…/ I am frequently making mistakes when dealing with this setup (who knows how…). This […]

git, merge overwrites my changes

Don’t know, how to describe it in a short title… Here is my problem. We have two branches feature-100, feature-150 and the develop-branch. I’am working on 150, and need a feature from branch-100. Branch-100, is some weaks old, and were never been merged to develop. One fellow, bring the changes from 100 via cherry-pick to […]

What to do when parent of branch was squashed?

Ok, I have branch feature/12, it’s more or less done, so I branch off it and start working on feature/13, which depends on feature/12. Code review happens and a few small changes are made to feature/12. So I apply those changes, then squash against master into a single feature commit, as is protocol in the […]

Quick way to combine a bunch of commits together (git)

I have branches master and feature. Feature has about 20 commits ahead of master. I want to squash all commits together so when I merge I have one commit. Is there a way to do this with one command? I know I could do an interactive rebase; but I am looking for a command that […]

The working mechanism of 'git rebase' in git

This is a capture from A Visual Git Reference that explains the idea of rebase. http://a.imageshack.us/img339/4264/screenshot20100903at102.png My understanding is as follows. git is tracking the changes, so 169a6 and 2c33a has (keeps track of) the changes from commit a47c3. the rebase means applying the changes to da985. As a result, f7e63 has (keeps track of) […]

When undoing a git rebase with reflog, does it matter which commit you choose?

I know what the commit was (b7104e0) for my feature branch (GL18) before I attempted a rebase, which went poorly. I’m looking through Git Reflog in Eclipse and it lists the commit b7104e0 several times. I want to reset the head of GL18 back to b7104e0. Does it matter which b7104e0 commit I choose in […]

Duplicate commits after rebase have been merged into the develop branch

I recently pulled down a remote branch that another developer was working on, let’s call it feature. I then made the mistake of doing a rebase onto develop – the main working branch – which I’ve now come to know is something that you shouldn’t do. The feature branch has since been merged into develop. […]

Git rebase shows non-fast-forward

I am buried deep within a git. How did I get there: I am not a git expert. Please do ask me a clarification if I lack any detail. I ran following commands few days ago to push my changes to remote branch. % git checkout master % git pull % git checkout redactor_changes <– […]

Git – Merge and Rebase outputs same number of commits

I am following this answer to understand the difference between git merge and rebase and also created a sample repository in Github to understand it well, but what I am watching is the same number of commits with both git merge and rebase operation. Let me explain what I performed. Step 1: I created a […]

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