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Sharing git file conflicts

I’ve gotten myself into a pickle here with our git project. We’ve been forced (by circumstance) to split the team into two fronts, one side working on a massive upgrade/overhaul task, the other working on features/bugfixes on top of our last release (which was where the branches split off) Trouble is, that was six months […]

git merge and rebase two repositories

I need to merge two git repositories by rebasing the root of the second repository onto the head of the first one. While doing so, it should keep: the commit history all author dates + names all tags unmerged (feature) branches merged branches the two repositories have common files (same file name) and the content […]

git rebase as close to HEAD as possible?

I’ve got a private branch in git that I’ve not touched in a while. I’d like to rebase it on top of master, so I: git checkout master git pull git checkout my-branch git rebase master First, rewinding head to replay your work on top of it… Applying: a bunch of stuff Applying: more stuff […]

Is it always safe to `rebase –skip` commits that don't show any changes during a rebase?

When working on pull requests they often fall behind master before I am able to complete them. Often the PRs end up with several conflicts in them, which I typical resolve by doing a rebase of master onto my PR branch. This works most of the time, but sometimes a conflict appears that I can’t […]

When rebasing, what are the files git shows with `~branchname` and `~HEAD` appended?

When rebasing a project, git showed me two curious untracked files: example-file.yml~HEAD example-file.yml~my-current-branch Comparing the files showed their contents to be identical without any merge syntax. What are these files? How are they created, and what is the difference between them?

Resolving conflicts during git rebase

For the sake of simplicity, imagine following case: D—E—F— … —Z topic / A—B—C master I’d like to rebase on master, so that the D to Z “chain” is after C, however, all the D, E, F, …, Z commits creates a conflicts when rebasing them 1 by 1. Let’s just say that each of […]

How to Resolve rebase conflicts in EGit

I am using GIT in eclipse. I have a branch where I made some code changes and committed them. Now, when I try to pull that branch it is giving error as below Now, all my changes which are already Staged and Committed are again directly added to Staged changes. And I am end up […]

How to flag files back as “Unmerged path” during a git rebase?

During rebase, git status listed some files in three categories: “Changes to be committed”, “Unmerged paths” and “Changes not staged for commit”. After git add ., All files from “Unmerged paths” were moved to “Changes to be committed”. How can I move them back, so my merge tool can recognize them and help me resolve? […]

Github branch can't seem to rebase

We have to add new features to a preexisting project. So everyone creates their own branch to make a feature. now after i added some code to my specific branch my teammates told me its best to rebase to make future merges easier. Now because we are at the very begining of starting the project […]

Why did rebase and hard reset give me different results?

I have forked another repo to create pull requests for it. No one else is contributing to that repo during the period described here. My first commits I submit as a pull request to the remote repo. This is accepted. My second pull request has errors that need fixing, but this requires reverting the files […]

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