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Why can a changeless rebase fail?

I have a git repo with quite some history by now. I was trying to do some changes on early commits and found weird conflicts. I found out that if I do a git rebase COMMIT^ and choose one of the early ones, but then on the list I don’t touch anything, like pick all […]

Git branch behind remote after rebase

I’m getting in problems with git. I wanted to rebase a branch hotfix over master local and remote, both, so this is what I did. git checkout hotfix git pull hotfix #just getting someone changes git fetch origin master git rebase origin/master After a long time resolving conflicts and rebuilding project I have it working […]

Perfect merge chronologically master and branch in Git

I have a simple repository with two branches: master and branch branch has been created a long time ago and commits have been accumulated on both branches. There are two main ways to merge: merge and rebase merge. I won’t describe first case, I’m interested in second. rebase merge will apply branch commits just after […]

Git: Copy a chain of commits to some other commit, no branches involved, in one command

I have these commits: (TL;DR below…) A <- B <- C These are on top of colleague’s commits: U <- V <- W <- A <- B <- C Now the colleague rebased his branch to new master, pushed to github repo which updated the PR then added a commit, pushed to github repo, then […]

How to rebase feature branch from theme branch to development branch?

We have development branch, from which feature branches emerge. Some features are big enough they becomes a topic branches. These topic branches then have more sub-branches that are merged into topic branch and after all topic is finished, then it is merged to development. Now, I started feature branch from topic branch, but I should […]

How do I separate a commit into a branch after doing several other commits?

I have a Git repo with the following structure: A–B–C–D–E I’d like to separate the C commit into a branch: C / \ A–B—D–E How do I do that?

How do I know if a git commit has been changed?

Someone has committed something a few months ago. After that, multiple other commits have been done. Is it possible to see if someone has changed the contents of that certain commit by amending or by rebasing? If yes, how?

Rebase branch against origin/master in IntelliJ IDEA

When developing feature on branch I’d like to rebase it frequently with origin/master. The option Update Project… (CTRL+T) would be great, as it can be configured to do stash, rebase and unstash. However, by default it rebases against tracking branch, which is not origin/master and I don’t want to change it (I want to track […]

Git and management rebase of branches

I create a new branch (pj2/new-register-feature) from [dev-project2] branch and I created a pull request to [dev-project2] branch. (pull request 1). And then let’s continue action rebase [dev-project2] to [dev-project1] and push force [dev-project2] branch after rebase. But when I review [pull request 1] as above it was occur a lot of commit on [pull […]

When does git lose changes during a merge?

Let’s say that: We have a master branch where a coworker accidentally added a series of commits (let’s call them A B C) that should have belonged to a new feature. I discover that, and I tell him to move those commits to a new branch, but keeping other unrelated commits that were done later […]

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