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How to git rebase when the commit history is not straight but merged from several programmer

I have a commit history like: , and I want it to be something like . EDIT: history starts at bottom, on top are newer commits. I’d like to rebase/squash all these commits onto “here”. Or the one just before “here” is also acceptable. EDIT: What I did were: I’m now at commit “A” git […]

Delete some pushed commits after rebasing

In doing some git rebasing I got myself twisted around. In the graph below I want stable to point at commit 6016f6 and I want all the other commits “above” 6016f6 to go away. In other words, I have the BEFORE but I want the AFTER: BEFORE: * commit 725b5f (origin/fixpaths) |\ Merge: 6016f65 e91c3aa […]

GitHub Undo a (not most recent) Merge

I have a master branch that looks like this: A-B- C -D-E-F \ / H-I Where H and I are commits to the same branch made by another developer, and D is the commit from merging I and C. I want to remove all code from the commits H and I. I essentially want the […]

Rebase a git repository

Previously, there was a branch version1. A–B–C–version1 (official repo) I made a new branch mine with version1 as base branch and did some developments. A–B–C–version1–D–E–mine Over time the official repo changed to: A–B–C–version1–X–Y–Z–master How could I rebase my branch to achieve: A–B–C–version1–X–Y–Z–D–E–mine–master

Trying to understand “Git Rebase”

At what exact scenario I have to use Git Rebase ? I am trying to understand this for the past three years but i could’nt. Have read many blogs, stackoverflow’s Q&A about git rebase but i am not clear about that still. I know, this might be the duplicate question but i need to understand […]

Synchronizing Git Repo with origin SVN repository: Unable to determine upstream SVN information from working tree history

I experience the following error when synchronizing my new Git repository cloned from SVN. I know that there are a lot of posts regarding that topic and of course i have read them, but none seem matching to my situation: Scenario: I have to migrate a big projects SVN repository with history to Git. For […]

Git: How to rebase one remote off another remote

I have two remote git branches (call them “RemoteA” and “RemoteB”). “RemoteB” was branched off of “RemoteA” some time in the past. After that point many commits have been applied to both branches but I now want “RemoteB” to pick up all of the commits in “RemoteA”. A-B-C-D-E (RemoteA) \ F-G-H-I (RemoteB) One idea I […]

Commit to svn now error conflict while Git svn rebase

I am fairly new to this Github and Git. I have two machines and finally i was able to pull from SVN (wordpress) and then manage to push Git branch to the SVN server. I use git for my plugin. Now in between something went wrong, it was really stupid of me to do a […]

rebase branch to squash history with merge commits

I have the following situation in my branch: As you can see, another branch (green) was created from our main branch (red) some time ago, some commits where added and it was then merged back onto our main branch, which did not receive any commits in the mean time. Some more commits have been added […]

Git rebase to remove extra initial commit

I’ve been trying to remove 2 extra commits at the start of my repo – but when i think I am successful, I push to an empty repo on github and the network graph shows no change. How it happened is: My friend pushed an initial commit – with a 10 meg library. I told […]

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