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Git new file appears in all branches

I thought a file created on one branch will not appear in any other branches until I merge or rebase the branch? Example: I have two branches: master new_contact_page I checkout the new_contact_page branch. $ git checkout new_contact_page Then I create a new file. $ vi contact_page.html Without doing any Git commands, I switch back […]

How do I compress multiple merges into a single merge?

I have a topic branch that looks like this. (the branch topic currently points at ‘a0a0’) a0a0 Merge branch ‘Master’ into topic b1b1 Merge Branch ‘Master’ into topic c2c2 Merge commit ‘something from master’ into topic d3d3 Merge Branch ‘Master’ into topic e4e4 Merge Branch ‘Master’ into topic f5f5 Merge Branch ‘Master’ into topic 6666 […]

Why `git rebase -p` does not preserve conflict resolutions?

Has the man page states about git rebase –preserve: Merge conflict resolutions or manual amendments to merge commits are not preserved. Is there any good reason for that?

Rebase a branch without checking it out

So I’m working on a project that sometimes has long build times, and the build is clobbered very often. If I have an older branch with some work going on (which has been committed, but is based on an older parent), running git checkout oldbranch changes the working dir to represent all the old code, […]

alternative to rebasing pushed commits

The GitHub documentation recommends against rebasing commits that have been pushed publicly. We have two branches master and dev. I have made a change to master for a hotfix that I would like to take across to dev, dev itself is fairly far ahead of master. In this case the hotfix is to 2 files […]

Local Git branch has diverged from origin following an interactive rebase

I have a local branch (CRM-ayrshireminis) that has a couple of commits on it that I have pushed to the origin (origin/CRM-ayrshireminis). This branch was created from the develop branch about one week ago, on which there have been one weeks worth of work from other collaborators. What I want to do is rebase the […]

How can I continue merging after a double-modify?

I’m using git rebase -i to rewrite history — in this case, make a small alteration to an earlier commit’s change set. In other words, A—B—C master —> A—B’–C master I know C is implicitly changing, too, but you get the idea. Here’s my progress so far: git rebase -i HEAD~2 Change B from keep […]

can i rebase old commits?

I have just started using git. Rebase is great stuff. I should have used it in a specific earlier case. is there a perfectly acceptable way to rebase old commits for the sake of clear commits?

How do I reduce the size of a bloated Git repo by non-interactively squashing all commits except for the most recent ones?

My Git repo has hundreds of gigabytes of data, so I’m trying to remove old, outdated commits, because they’re making everything larger and slower. I need a solution that’s fast; the faster, the better. How do I squash all commits except for the most recent ones, and do so without having to manually squash each […]

Why isn't 'git bisect' branch aware?

I’m trying to find the source of a bug that’s come up since a commit in the past day on a long lived branch (which will be released much much later) called feature-x. There’s a bug though. I find behavior that I don’t expect from my script which might have been introduced in any of […]

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