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Faster pip install from git URI

I have a Django web app which installs some requirements via Pip from a requirements.txt file. I originally wrote my deployment scripts to run pip install -r requirements.txt every time I deployed, on the off chance that I’d changed the requirements.txt file in a commit I was deploying. This didn’t have too much of a […]

Can't deploy generated Flask files using Git

I’ve got a simple Flask blogging app (let’s call it flask-app.git) that uses Frozen-Flask to generate a build folder inside my project. The build folder is just statically compiled versions of all my html/css. I’m trying to deploy these static files to my production site using Git. I used this tutorial, which involves creating a […]

how to construct git diff query in python

I’m using the recommended GitPython module, but I cannot figure out how to construct the following command: git diff –name-status ec04352 b945e6c I would like to get information about all modified files between two commits, and this command does exactly what I want to do. Could you comment on it?

Parsing JSON using Python?

I am using the GitHub API to pull JSON data regarding commits on a repository. Link to JSON file: https://api.github.com/repos/ErinBailey/cs399-social/commits I am trying to to grab all the “id”s of users that committed to a project. How would I go about doing that? Right now I see the structure of the JSON file being sha/author/id. […]

python – how to get branch name from a specific build from jenkins?

We use Git, jenkins and python at office. We build a new SW version on a daily basis using jenkins. How can I get the branch name to which the build belongs using Python from Jenkins? Is there any API (function call) in Jenkins that can I give the build number as an argument, and […]

How can I update a python Flask app on elastic beanstalk?

This is my first python-Flask app on AWS. It has caused headaches. The procedure that I have followed is: mkdir myapp && cd myapp virtualenv venv source venv/bin/activate pip install Flask SQLAlchemy twilio psycopg2 pip freeze > requirements.txt mkdir .ebextensions cd .ebxtensions nano application.config #content of this file below packages: yum: postgresql93-devel: [] option_settings: – […]

install from a git subdirectory with pip requirements

I have the following structure in git scripts/ scripts/folder1/ scripts/folder1/module scripts/folder1/module/setup.py scripts/folder1/module/src/module scripts/folder1/module/src/module/__init__.py scripts/folder1/module/src/module/source.py I want to install module , so I tried the following in my requirements.txt git+https://user@bitbucket.org/repo-name/scripts.git#egg=module&subdirectory=module but this does not seem to work and I get the following error: IOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/private/var/folders/p_/gz96g4610fn94hz6w_l2gjyw0000gn/T/pip-build-MLhekq/module/module/setup.py I understand that this […]

Failed to verify GitHub X-Hub-Signature in my application

I am using GitHub as my code repositories. I created a webhook for one repository, so when any code change is pushed to this repository, GitHub notifies my app to compile the code. Before compiling the code in my application, I need verify the X-Hub-Signature in GitHub requests, here is what I did in python. […]

PEP440 compliant AND git describe info available from deployed package

I would like to use use a Version Identification compliant with PEP440 but with a way to include the git information: $ git describe –long 4.1-202-gab0f789 In PEP 440 there is a chapter about dvcs but this is not clear to me how the .devN suffix can hold a non numeric hash like the above: […]

how to port python sphinx-doc to github pages?

I just followed How to upload html documentation generated from sphinx to github? and everything works fine until I uploaded it to my github. I intend to make it as my personal website and I didn’t make gh-pages branch. It looks something like this: but it should look something like this, which I look from […]

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