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What is the difference between pip installing a git repo with and without #egg=

Both of the following commands successfully install my package without error. pip install git+https://path_to_repo/repo_name.git@v17.8.0 pip install git+https://path_to_repo/repo_name.git@v17.8.0#egg=repo_name What is the difference? I’m using pip 7.1.0 and 9.0.1

How can I use gitpython to run 'git pull alias_name master' where alias_name is a custom alias?

I am relatively new to Python and am attempting to use GitPython to pull changes down from a remote repository to its local counterpart that has already been cloned. Outside of the script, running ‘git pull alias_name master’ (Where alias_name is a custom alias) directly from terminal works every time. I verify that the local […]

Unable to Add/Commit to git from Virtualenv

I created an empty repo and initialized a Virtualenv for Python development. After installing the required packages and coming out of the Virtual env by deactivating, I am not able to add/commit to Git. danis@Daniss-MacBook-Pro:~/Git/Sample-Repo$ git add * Killed: 9 danis@Daniss-MacBook-Pro:~/Git/Sample-Repo$ git add helloworld fatal: Unable to create ‘/Users/danis/Git/Sample-Repo/.git/index.lock’: File exists. Another git process seems […]

Python script throws WindowsError in the Windows command line, works in Git Bash

I’m currently building the source code for Adblock Plus for a school project and I’m using the Autoinstall addon to easily deploy to my browser, however the provided build tools in Python only seem to work when I execute them in the Git Bash for some reason. Here is the error message when I try […]

How to run git-bash commands from Python Fabric on Windows

We’re using Python 2.7 Fabric 1.13 on Windows 12 Server, on which is also installed Git-Bash for it’s almost linux-like terminal. Amazingly, we’ve gotten it all to work – almost. It’s a hodgepodge, but seems less clunky than Cygwin. I have a script in my user’s ~/.bash_profile which works fine when I run it manually […]

Pygithub Compare Commits on Single File

Fairly new to github and python but was looking for a method for comparing commits on a single file via Pygithub. I found this compare(base, head) but that seems to compare two branches. If I can’t figure out how to do this in Pygithub I was going to consider the option of downloading the different […]

MAC pip install kulka error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1

I have been trying to install pip install kulka for a long time now. I keep running into this same issue. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I have also tried just about everything I can find on other threads. Another thread told me to try doing brew install cmake and that also failed. WL-198-2:anaconda […]

Working on two branches for two different 'local servers' simultaneously

I am currently working on a Django project. I would need to work on two branches simultaneously. To be precise, I’d like to work on two local servers for two different branches. How could I use git worktree … to to such thing? An example would be appreciated… I know I could work with two […]

Gitpython: test python pass but no file pushed in the repository

I’m about executing test using python and as selenium webdriver as a server , i added the gitpython module that i can apply a git test (clone , add , commit and push) Every thing is Ok , and the test is passed but , when i check my repo i don’t find the file […]

Pip installs module but module is missing

I’m new to git, pip, Python, and Heroku (where I’m building my project), so bear with me. I’m building a Python app on Heroku and decided to use a library from GitHub (specifically https://github.com/arcward/ticketpy). I installed it through pip install ticketpy and it worked fine, and later re-installed it manually with python setup.py install which […]

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