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Why do I get python and perl with the NDK sources?

I downloaded the sources for Android NDK from the git repository, I noticed that the sources for perl and python are bundled with the other dependencies: what are this 2 interpreters for ? Does this means that I can build python for Android with the NDK ? Or that if I have a python application […]

Git porcelain commands via pygit2?

Pygit2 is a set of Python bindings to the libgit2 shared library, which implements the Git core methods. Unfortunately, it only seems to provide an API towards plumbing commands. Is there any python library built on the top of pygit2 which provides an implementation of the most common git porcelain commands?

Compare old and new file pushed to git repository with (preferably) python hook

I am sorry if this has been asked before, but I still can’t find a clear answer whether what I need to do is possible or not. Now what I need to do: I need to let people clone file, which contains unique (key, value) pairs, modify this file (do anything to the values, but […]

Python: How to install a third-party package and make it available to rest of team

My team uses git to track the code and we want to do the following: (1) One team-member installs a third-party python package and (2) makes it available on our git repo, so that the rest of the team can simply install the package by pulling the latest version of our code. Is that possible […]

Deploy a pre existing django git repo to heroku

I have a DJango git repository.Me and some other developers are working on it and it has multiple branchs also. Now i want to deploy it to Heroku or want to use the heroku as a staging server means before pushing to git i want to push the code changes to heroku and if verified […]

Django – Rosetta : Ignore .mo files issue

I’m using: Rosetta – 0.7.2 Django – 1.4.3 What I’m trying: Ignore the .mo files but keep tracking .po I’ve been using Rosetta and Django for the past year and never had an issue like this. I want to ignore .mo files, but not the .po ones. The .mo files represent the compiled value of […]

Adding a layer of authentication to git repositories on a server

I have my own private linux server. I am using it to host all my company git repositories. I am reading the .git directories using python. I also have a database that contain some information like the users who are allowed to login to the system. The problem now, I have a linux user called […]

Pygit2 – Merging a branch with no fast forward

I am essentially trying to do a “git merge –no-ff branch” to merge my branch back in. Looking at the Pygit2 documentation, I am not entierly sure what the correct way to do this is. The direct thought would be to do something like this: repo.merge(branch.target) However, I do not see any options for merging […]

How to check if a Git Repo has uncommitted changes using Python

I’m pretty new to git, but I’m trying to use python to check if a git repository has any uncommitted changes. I seem to get the same error no matter what command I try to run using python. Here’s my code: from git import * repo = Repo(“path\to\my\repo”) lastCommit = repo.head.commit.committed_date uncommitted = repo.is_dirty() Everything […]

How to install packages in python

Hi I am completely new to Python, and I would like to install Python-LinkedIn in order to extract data from the LinkedIn API. I have installed the files into the same directory as all my other packages (including pip). I’m not sure if this is how to do it. Whenever I type: pip install python-linkedin […]

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