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What is a regular expression to catch all git commit footer lines in git log output?

I am writing a script to remove git commit tags (eg Signed-off-by:, Reviewed-by:) from each git commit message. Currently the script is in python. Right now I have a very simple re.match(“Signed-off-by:”, line) check. But I think there should be more elegant solution using regular expression. I am assuming that a footer will begins with […]

git on command line using github git

I have github git 2.14.1 installed on Windows 10 from this URL: https://git-scm.com/download/win How do I get access to the git command such that I can invoke it from the cmd or powershell commandline? What I really want to do is invoke it from Python using subprocess.Popen(‘somepath/git log –follow’ …), but I figure if I […]

Gitstats Eclipse

While working in Eclipse with .git is noticed Eclipse makes a nice folder for gitstats in the project folder. I attemted to use these files to generate gitstats output, but i cant seem to get it done. Can someone explain to me how to use these files to get gitstats output. I do have Python, […]

Pushing to Heroku without overwriting the database

I have a rather more simple question but as I am new to Heroku and the whole git concept I am a bit confused. I honestly googled the problem, but I did not find a sufficient answer. Maybe you can help. I just started to code a Flask App, based upon the Flaskr example, I […]

How to update Flask apps to production server

This is my first question in stack overflow, i always found my answers here and now is time to ask on something that i can’t resolve. I been searching on google about this but i couldnt resolve my problems. I want to create a project in python using Flask. I know how to setup the […]

How to resolve “Push rejected, no Cedar-supported app detected” error in Heroku

This is my Django project structure: Testing |_djangoApp |_Testing | |– __init__.py | |– settings.py | |– urls.py | |– utils.py | |– wsgi.py | |_manage.py |_Procfile |_requirements.txt |_README.md I am using codeship.io to deploy the build and for pushing it to Heroku, which is well configured. On heroku i have added an application with […]

python script to execute git command and display output on a html page

I’m a newbie to python and git. Im trying to write a python script to execute the git commands and diplay the output on a html page when a button is clicked on the html page. I’m trying to make use of subprocess.Popen. But it displays nothing. Please help me out!! #!/usr/bin/env python2.5 import cgi […]

Why do I get python and perl with the NDK sources?

I downloaded the sources for Android NDK from the git repository, I noticed that the sources for perl and python are bundled with the other dependencies: what are this 2 interpreters for ? Does this means that I can build python for Android with the NDK ? Or that if I have a python application […]

Git porcelain commands via pygit2?

Pygit2 is a set of Python bindings to the libgit2 shared library, which implements the Git core methods. Unfortunately, it only seems to provide an API towards plumbing commands. Is there any python library built on the top of pygit2 which provides an implementation of the most common git porcelain commands?

Compare old and new file pushed to git repository with (preferably) python hook

I am sorry if this has been asked before, but I still can’t find a clear answer whether what I need to do is possible or not. Now what I need to do: I need to let people clone file, which contains unique (key, value) pairs, modify this file (do anything to the values, but […]

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