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how to port python sphinx-doc to github pages?

I just followed How to upload html documentation generated from sphinx to github? and everything works fine until I uploaded it to my github. I intend to make it as my personal website and I didn’t make gh-pages branch. It looks something like this: but it should look something like this, which I look from […]

Develop whole Zope&Plone app in git (decentralised and without ZMI)

We have few Zope&Plone projects in our company and until today I was only one single developer developing all changes throught ZMI or ZopeEdit. Our company is growing so I need to start cooperating with others developers which can help me with developing features and solving bugs in projects. This means that is no more […]

Unique git url for github repo with multiple branches?

I’m looking at a flask app which I would like to import into an openshift project (https://github.com/lpolepeddi/intro-to-flask) . This contains a a series of ‘checkpoints'(branches) as part of a tut. I want to grab the final code which is at https://github.com/lpolepeddi/intro-to-flask/tree/20_visibility_control for the starting point of a project . Is the a way to get […]

python sh library, commands with hyphen/dash

The python sh docs say: For commands that have dashes in their names, for example /usr/bin/google-chrome, substitute the dash for an underscore: I am trying to run the command git rev-parse –abbrev-ref HEAD When I try to run the command, git returns an error that I have the wrong command. Any way to get around […]

How to git fetch using gitpython?

I am looking for a equivalent way to fetch in gitpython git fetch –quiet –all How can I perform git fetch in python?

Per-project flake8 max line length?

I’m using a Flake8 git hook in my project and I want to relax the line length limit, but only for one project. Given that it looks like there’s no clear API for that, how do I modify this hook to do that? Alternatively, is there a git-config setting or an environment variable that would […]

How to do versioning of .ipynb by removing output and converting?

I want to do versioning of ipynb notebooks such that, when I add the notebooks to git, the scripts that remove output and convert it to python script are called. Is there any way that I can automate this, so that when I put in the git add . command, it starts running the required […]

Git Bash (Windows) not using PATH

I’m trying to set up python as an alias on my git bash and I’ve edited both my .bashrc and .bash_profile to have the alias. I’ve edited both files and I am still getting a command not found prompt within Git Bash: bash-screenshot .bashrc and .bash_profile: if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then . ~/.bashrc; fi […]

When working with a venv virtual environment, which files should I be commiting to my git repository?

Using GitHub’s .gitignore, I was able to filter out some files and directories. However, there’s a few things that left me a little bit confused: GitHub’s .gitignore did not include /bin and /share created by venv. I assumed they should be ignored by git, however, as the user is meant to build the virtual environment […]

Run Python Module from Source (Obtained via GitHub)

I am missing a key piece of understanding regarding the workflow needed to contribute to larger open source projects on the GitHub platform, and I am hoping someone may be able to explain. Essentially, I’d like to understand how to contribute to the scikit-learn repository. I am clear on how to fork the repo, update […]

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