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Git push new project permission denied

So I tried to create a new Project at bitbucket and Import my current stuff. Step 1: Switch to your repository‘s directory cd /path/to/your/repo Step 2: Connect your existing repository to Bitbucket git remote add origin ssh://git@bitbucket.org/KevinSpence/app.git git push -u origin master After git push -u origin master I got this error: $ git push […]

Git – Auto rebase while pushing

While working on a git project, I want to run a git pull –rebase before each git push. However, some developers in my team often forget to call git pull –rebase before pushing. So, Git/Gerrit automatically performs a merge which creates a malformed commit message.I want to avoid this auto merging. I want to configure […]

deleted commits after git push force

I have forked repo on github. I synced my forked repo with the production one creating an upstream endpoint so that the command git remote -v origin git@github.com:some_repo.git (fetch) origin git@github.com:some_repo.git (push) upstream git@github.com:some_repo.git (fetch) upstream git@github.com:some_repo.git (push) To sync, I ran this git fetch upstream;git checkout master;git merge upstream/master But the merge failed with […]

Git : add password for pushing some files

Is it possible to add a password for commiting and pushing some files/folders on a GIT repository ? Or any other way to prevent some users from commiting and pushing some files/folders they are not supposed to commit and push ?

Xcode git is not committing project.pbxproj

I have a remote git repository and I am trying to commit and push my latest changes. The problem is that everything commits fine except for project.pbxproj. Xcode does not complain. It just acts as if all committed with no issues. But when I push it complains that there are uncommitted changes. So I try […]

how can I create a remote git repository that accepts pushes into the working tree?

Im trying to have a shared remote repository where team members can push their changes and see them live in a staging environment. Ive looked some options but I’m still stuck. Bare repositories have no working tree, and ive tried a normal repository with receive.denyCurrentBranch set to false, (which lets me push to the remote) […]

Git push fails because everything is alledgely up-to-date

I have some weird problem using git. I have added and commited my changes. But when pushing to the remote repo : I am told everything is uptodate but it is not. I tried to follow the indications here, but it is still not working, it doesn’t seems I have to deal with a detached […]

git push fatal error: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

I have created a new branch in my local repository and after some commits, I wanted to push it to the remote repository. git push origin new_branch The last month I did something similar (to push a new branch) and I never had a problem before, but now I have this error: Counting objects: 39, […]

Auto switching push environment for Elastic Beanstalk

Ok, heres the deal. I use elastic beanstalk and have two environments. Each of them have their own name and url, lets say env-one = foo.elasticbeanstalk.com and env-two = bar.elasticbeanstalk.com. Then we have the production domain: example.com. example.com have a cname pointing to foo.elasticbeanstalk.com The default pushing environment is env-two. I push to the default […]

Pushing files on one git-branch

I have a website on a server and I want to begin sharing my work and so I am working with git. I am very new to it. So on the remote server, I made a “git init” and a git commit to move all the work on the .git directory (always on the remote […]

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