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Github move master to branch with PR?

I have forked a project, cloned it, made changes on master and commited and pushed these changes. Then I have created a PR from master to the original repo also to master. So the PR already exists and has lots of comments and stuff which I don’t want to loose. My question: Is it possible […]

What happens when I accept a pull/merge request which is behind master?

I’m reviewing pull requests/merge requests using GitLab’s web UI. Usually I accept them via this web UI but from time to time I’ve seen stuff from other merge requests went missing when I didn’t rebase master onto the branch before accepting it. So can you tell me what happens when I accept a pull request/merge […]

Can I get a list of all pull requests related to a specific file/directory path in GitHub?

Is it possible to get a list of pull requests that have touched any file under a given directory? The other day, I had to wade through dozens of pull requests from the past several months and collect all the ones that had touched any file in under a particular path of interest. I tried […]

Workflow for handling pull requests in a gitflow workflow (with infrequent releases)?

Our previous workflow was similar to gitflow, everything is branched off master, master always reflects production. When a release is being prepared, the feature branches are merged into master, possible conflicts between different features fixed, create a tag for the release, push to master and that’s it. So now we’d like to integrate pull requests […]

Git change the source branch of a pull request

Instead of making changes in another branch and making a pull request from that branch, i made the changes in the master branch and made the pull request.Now, i want to edit the pull request. I want to copy the changes made to the master branch to another branch. I want the master branch be […]

how to choose unwanted commit not being accepted by another collaborator?

Let’s say that I have 4 commit on my GitHub, and I already sent a pull request to another collaborator. But on those 4 commit, there is 1 commit, I don’t wish my collaborator accept that file. How can we do that? As far as I try, there is only a button which show automatically […]

GitHub: accept part of pull request by changed files

This may be stupid question, I know, but I wonder, is there any way I can approve part of pull request changes by changed files? I mean when I see all changed files in pull request, I want to approve only couple of them, add them to repo, and rest of changes mark as ‘to […]

How to create a 'private fork', stay in sync with origin, and push back?

I’ve cloned a github project, and have to make some modifications in private (e.g. entering payment information). Github won’t allow me to make a forked repo private, saying I should duplicate it instead. Following their instructions didn’t work for me (got some error, working on it with their support). Still, I don’t understand the flow […]

How to turn off fast-forwarding in Git?

We are trying to use git in our project development. We work from our private repositories, through pull-requests to main repository under another account. To deploy to our hosting we use ftploy.com We tested it, all works fine on first manual deploy, but it doesn’t work automaticly, when we merge pull-request to our master branch. […]

Possible pull request workflow to merge a branch into master

I’m new to GitHub pull requests and wondering if this would work. Right now I branch off master, make changes and commit periodically, then at some point I’ll checkout master again and run git pull to get the latest from origin. Next, I checkout my branch and call git rebase -i master to apply those […]

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