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How to cancel a pull request on github?

How can a pull request on github be cancelled? UPDATE The accepted answer didn’t detail the steps in the answer and in any case, github has made this dead simple since this question was asked, so here are the steps: Visit the pull request page Tap the “close pull request button”

Git workflow: submitting pull requests to upstream and using the commits in the meantime

I’ve just started working with Git and I’m trying to figure out the best workflow for maintaining a forked repository and committing changes upstream via pull requests on Github. I’ve been reading for a while, but haven’t figure out the best practice. Let’s use this one specific example, but this is a general workflow question. […]

Is there a way to make Jekyll render pull request diffs?

tl;dr: We’re using the combination of GitHub and Jekyll with Textile-backed pages to render an internal documentation set. Works great, except for one thing: It’s really hard to read the diffs in the proposed changes. Longer version: We have a GitHub repo which contains a Jekyll installation and the Textile code that contains our documentation […]

How to merge from a pull request into master without closing the pull request

Say I have a branch, demos, which exists to create demo code against whatever is in master. I want the commits to the demo branch to ping everyone pretty frequently, generally by being part of a pull request. That is, I created the branch demos and the initial commit for the branch, and then made […]

Update a pull request using a separate branch

I was searching a lot for the proper solution but I didnt find anything similar. I have a branch which I was working and a pull request of that. I needed to make another branch to cherry-pick some of the commits. But this branch is from another backup branch of the first branch. My question […]

git, is it possible to send pull request from master branch?

I guess my title does not self explanatory so let me explain little bit there. I forked a project from Github repo to my company repo. Then I forked the project from my company repo into my personal repo Then I cloned the project from my personal repo. By default I had/have a master branch. […]

Unable to create pull request after new fork squashed original commits

I’ve forked a project on GitHub. I need to squash the original commits before making changes/commits to my forked project. However, I wondered if I would be able to create a pull request in order to merge my changes back to the original project. Can this be done? I tried to do it in a […]

Git Squash Cherry-Picked Commits

Here is the scenario, I have two feature branches like below Feature_List Feature_API \ \ F-G-H-I-J-K L-M-N-O-P-Q I have created a new branch from Feature_API and cherry-picked all the commits from Feature_List and add my changes into this new branch, now when i create PR on github i see all the cherry-picked commits which is […]

Bitbucket: Automatically use rerere for Pull Request

I am new to Bitbucket, and I am trying to figure out how I might be able to use rerere for Pull Requests. As the admin I would like to try to merge in all branches before someone actually tries merging them in with pull requests. If I catch a branch that will cause a […]

Git: How to fetch a pull request for testing

I have been having trouble grabbing a pull request. Here is my command line attempt at the pull request code: $ git fetch upstream pull/3/head:testbranch Password for ‘http://MyAccount@git.MyGit.com’: fatal: Couldn’t find remote ref pull/3/head Unexpected end of command stream We are using an origin repo and an upstream repo. Pull requests go to upstream and […]

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