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How GIT understands it can get newest file and not show it in diff

let’s say we create a branch new_branch. We change 1 file there, commit this one file, push and create a pull request to parent rep/master. meanwhile parent rep changed quite a bit, let’s say 100 files were changed but that 1 file wasn’t touched. And still, pull request diff will show that only 1 file […]

How to Tell if Pull Request Has Been Merged

So my question was kind of addressed by this post, but I’m still a little confused. Basically, I’m checking out a repo on GitHub, and I see that there are currently 34 open and 173 closed pull requests. My current understanding is this: If somebody makes a stupid pull request, the maintainers will close it […]

In a pull request to an open source project on githhub, how should the maintainer credit the original author?

I recently made a pull request to an open source repository that I frequently contribute too (one that I am a maintainer too as well), and I got a request from another maintainer to delete all credit to myself as this is an open source project. I’m currently giving myself credit by using a comment […]

Apply github commit / pull request as a patch

How can I apply the patch from github? I tried to compile minisat, but I came across two issues from the compilation with clang. The first issue is solved in this github commit, it’s forked from the original github. As the change is minute, I could easily patched the code to work manually. The second […]

Git: exclude committed file from pull request

I have a repo to which I have pushed my stuff. I have realized that I am pushing the .idea/workspace.xml, which I should have ignored (lot of useless configuration stuff). Now it is on my remote repo, and I need to do a pull request. Can the offending file be excluded from the pull request?

How to completely remove a merged pull request?

I merged a pull request on GitHub. However, it was a mistake, and I want to undo the merge, its commits, and most importantly, delete all the files introduced by these several commits from the history. I reverted the commit with another one and it works, but the files are still in the commit history […]

How can I remove commits from pull request?

I had one commit in my pull-request. I then tried to change my e-mail and force-pushed the changes after doing so. Now I have lots of commits in my pull-request from other people. How can I remove these commits? I have tried get reset, but the commits by the others are still shown in the […]

Cloning a pull request

How do I clone/pull a pull request to a local repository from Bitbucket? There is a similar question for Github but I am somehow not able to find a handle to the pull request on Bitbucket that I can name on the command line.

Is it possible to squash Git commits after a PR has been submitted and changes then committed?

We’re learning Git and we’re using GitHub as our hosting site. We all fork the upstream repo and PR our commits up to upstream to get our changes in. We’re trying to learn how to squish our commits to keep the upstream commit history nice and clean(ish). We commit often 🙂 So … if we […]

Working while waiting for pending PR

I’m working on a project and I submitted my first pull request and while I’m waiting I want to continue on working on my project building up from what I worked on the merge that’s still pending on. Right now I have : *master user_story_1 user_story_1 has an open pull request. Now I’m trying to […]

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