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Set buildpack failed for php application developed using wamp server

My application folder name is “social_network”. It is in wamp\www path. I am trying to deploy app folder(“social_network”) to heroku using git commands.I followed all the instructions of heroku’s instructions pages. I included composer.json file in the app folder, installed composer, kept Procfile. I even gave the commands of “heroku buildpacks:set“.But still the push is […]

If Composer cannot be installed on production server is it OK to track vendor folder in Git?

As I understand it, with any project that uses Composer, the correct way to deploy to production server is by not tracking the vendor folder in Git, but instead running Composer on the production server and letting it fetch all the necessary packages and populate the vendor folder for you. Firstly, have I got that […]

Testing hotfixes on a stage site before production, in a git workflow

I’m working with the Git Flow branch model, using master and develop. Specifically, like this model: Git Flow branching model This model doesn’t look like it takes hotfixes into account very much. When I started my current project at work there were hundreds of bugs. There are three developers on this team who are currently […]

How do I move the added text region in Netbeans

I keep running into the following problem and it really exacerbates my OCD. Look at the following screenshot. I added that whole testAction function to the end of a class but instead of highlighting the whole function as having been added (with that green border), it skips one of the curly braces of the if […]

how to push a file first time but avoid from next time (from push, hence pull)

I have a file named local.config.php,in my repo. I want this file to be fetched in git clone (ie first time pull only) and from next time , I don’t want this file to be tracked. This file (after clone) should be treated as it is in .gitignore. Whenever anyone changes local.config.php on his computer […]

Workflow for developing Laravel Packages

I’m developing my first Laravel Package, and I realize that my workflow contains much more steps for publishing each modification. Here is my workflow: I create a Fresh Laravel 5.4 install. Inside, I create a package/author/name/src where I code my plugin. I run my tests Once I have made my change and want to publish […]

Cannot run git pull command through php

I am not able to pull a file remotely from git server through php. I wrote the following BAT code and am trying to execute it via php. the batch file git1.bat is a follows: cd C:\repos\rep2 && git pull origin master 2>&1 the php code: <?php echo shell_exec(“C:\\xampp\htdocs\AS-otg\\git1.bat”); ?> the output I get: However, […]

Php get Commit list of specfic Git Branch

I want to get commits of specific branch. following is my code exec(“git log $branch”, $logs); $branch may be master or any other branch. But this give all commits.

PhpStorm external tools before commit

I have an External Tools entry php-cs-fixer and I want run it before commit. I found only after, but why after? I need before. I want after work with file, commit it and don’t worry about code style, I want to know that my PhpStorm run external tools php-cs-fixer before committed file. How to add […]

PHP Composer Repo push Jenkins Trigger

I have a composer.json file which contains a number of dependencies as Git repositories. I have a Jenkins server running on AWS. Now what I actually want is to trigger Jenkins Pipeline whenever a pull request is merged in any of those dependencies defined in composer.json file. Should I have to create a trigger in […]

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