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git whatchanged with vimdiff

I would like to see the changes I am pushing with vimdiff. I can see the changes before commit with $ git diff configuring vimdiff to ~/.gitconfig. After commits, I can see the commits with –patch switch on whatchanged command, $ git whatchanged origin/master.. –patch But, with this command the changes are displayed in default […]

How to apply a patch to a file outside a repository in JGit

I am building a solution to update files for a certain software in Java. I want to create something like the diff/patch Unix functionality, but with Java, for files that are directly in a FS, that is, outside a repository. At the moment, I could easily get a Diff with JGit by using the following […]

List of moved files from patch

I have a patch file generated from git. Is there any possibility to get list of moved (or renamed) files from it? I need this because I want to apply this patch to other version control system and if I do the simple remove/create I will lost all file history.

Merging conflict in git while using patch

I cloned some git repository and I have a patch file that I need to apply on one of the files in my working directory but it gives me a conflict. The patch was prepared by someone else for some testing purposes apparently the needed file was updated on the server but I still need […]

Removing files from Git commit message

I’ve been working on kernel patches for the first time and I did 6 patches and added them to git. Now, whenever I commit all the files come up in the git commit message as follows: Now, I just want to send changes about one file at a time. I asked some people, they told […]

Apply a git patch to a file that has been modified internally?

I would like to know if there is a method to apply a patch in a more “smart” way. I want to apply an old patch to a file where I have inserted new lines of code. Normally, in this situation “git apply” gives an error message. There is a way to solve this? For […]

How to get patches of modified (Android) Linux kernel?

I’m doing something interesting on the Android kernel, but the kernel from AOSP has problems with certain problems and the kernel won’t compile with some options enabled (some stray symbols missing). So I’m thinking of adding the mainline kernel the same version into the master branch of the AOSP kernel repository. But the problem is […]

git format-patch creating invalid patches

I’m pulling my hair already and would be glad about some help. I’m exporting a git repository with files only by means of git format-patch –root -o /tmp/foo and trying to add the files with history to another repository, by means of git am –directory=foo –reject /tmp/foo/*.patch The directory a does not exist in the […]

Sending multiple patches under the same subject via git send-email

I want to send emails via git send-email in a way that the appear linked in the inbox of the receiver. For example Topic Name ‘–> [PATCH 01/02] Added File1 ‘–> [PATCH 02/02] Added File2 How do I go about doing that?. I tried sending emails to my account on gmail, but for every patch […]

How to create patches?

I am using Git-Extensions for Windows. I want to create patches from yesterday specific user automatically, so I need command code e.g: git format-patch from date_from to date_to user my_user Is it possible? Command line example would be great.

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