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Is it possible to make p4merge quit automatically when window is exited on mac os x?

I have integrated p4merge with git on my MacBook Pro OS X Yosemite. It works great with one issue. When difftool or mergetool open p4merge and I have completed my task I tend to click on the red X to dismiss my window. However this doesn’t exit the application, only the window for that particular […]

/.git/hooks/: No such file or directory protocol error: expected control record on Mac osx

Stumbled across this error today to waste a good amount of time, while trying to have gerrit hook setup for a repository, was using the following command scp -p -P 29418 tttt@tttt.ttt.com:hooks/commit-msg .git/hooks/ on terminal after having checked-out the project via XCode Two reasons for this are: Executing hook command on incorrect folder. Makes sure […]

Could not read from remote repository. SwiftyDropbox

I created ssh key and added it to github. But when I launch $ ssh -vT git@github.com I got the error Permission denied (publickey). I tried several different methods but I got the same error. Still I want to add SwiftyDropbox to my project but I get Permission denied (publickey). fatal: Could not read from […]

Git workspace on OSX (case insensitive but preserving) have pulled case-related changes

My colleague has pushed changes where a java package (directory) like /fooBar/ was renamed to /foobar/ In my git OSX workspace, this code no longer compiles. What is easiest way to force a workspace to get the directories with the updated case? EDIT: Originally I thought that ‘git mv’ was a option, but now understand […]

unable to pull/push to remote repo on github from mac terminal

I clone existing github repo to my local from mac terminal and I pulled a few times without a problem. I modified some of the code then add . and commit and now I cannot pull or push without getting “Permission denied (publickey).” I have tried using both ssh and https and there is a […]

How to delete a github account in terminal

I want to delete my original github account in terminal on my mac and switch to a new github account. How can I do that?

Mac OS X – Git repository at user home

I recently wanted to free up some disk space on my mac, and using OmniDiskSweeper, I found that there was a .git folder in /Users/oliverni that took up roughly 25 GB of space. I was really wondering why this was there, so I used GitHub Desktop to view the repository. Turns out, there was no […]

Move Git repo A into Git repo B (Not empty) with complete history

I want to move all my files from Git Repo A to Git Repo B with complete history. Git B already contains another project files. I tried several ways such as How to move files from one git repo to another (not a clone), preserving history How to move files from one git repo to […]

Copy .git folder terminal with copy all

I’m trying to use cp to copy all files from sub-folder to current folder in zsh on osx. I basically want to have the problem these people are trying to get around: cp command should ignore some files How to use 'cp' command to exclude a specific directory? https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/91022/copy-all-dotfiles-except-for-git-and I want the opposite. When I […]

Installed git on OS X; What should I add to my PATH?

I just installed git after downloading a DMG package from here. I now have /usr/local/git. But it isn’t in my PATH. So I need to add it. My question is, should I add just /usr/local/git/bin, or do I also need to add one or more of these other directories? $ cd /usr/local/git/ $ ls […]

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