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Transfer local git repo on Mac

I am working on an iOS project. I just created a local repo for my project on Mac. Due to some reasons, I have to transfer it to a windows machine to place it a shared folder. I do not have access to that shared drive from my Mac. How do I proceed with creating […]

Is it any git able text editor for MAC?

Is it any extension for git for MAC users? I would like to use git integrated with TextWrangler or any text editor in my MAC.

github.com IDE app for mac

Hello all im new to Github.com, and i think its really hard to learn all the commandos and use the terminal etc. so i just wanna know if there was a app for uploading protject to github 🙂

Git pull multiple local repositories with script (ruby?)

I have ~30 git repositories cloned from github that I use for web/ruby/javascript development. Is it possible to bulk update all of them with a script? I have everything pretty organized (folder structure): – Workspace – Android – Chrome – GitClones – Bootstrap ~ etc…30 some repositories – iPhone – osx – WebDev I have […]

Git instaweb: The browser is not available

I’m trying to setup git instaweb to open in Chrome. I have set the default browser like so: git config –global web.browser chrome This change is reflected in my global .gitconfig, and the git-web–browse documentation says that chrome is available as something to pass in. When I run git instaweb this is what I get: […]

Problems SourceTree listing files in local repository as deleted

We are two developers working on a large project which involves 30 small satelllite web sites from two differente stations. We have been experiencing problems with SourceTree in the sense that sometimes in the OSX station the area “Work Copy Changes” lists many files as deleted and reques A. Main issue: Sometimes, before committing or […]

/usr/lib/libwrap.7.dylib Error after install mac osx 10.8

I have problem with using git after upgrading to MAC OSX 10.8.2. Trace shows that there is a missing lib file: git push dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/lib/libwrap.7.dylib Referenced from: /usr/local/bin/ssh Reason: image not found which cause SSH to fail and then GIT since git use SSH. Google around see ton of kind of similiar […]

git-crypt path on MacOSX

I have installed git-crypt (https://github.com/shadowhand/git-encrypt) on Windows and it’s work fine. But when i try on MacOSX (Mavericks), it’s not successful. From the guide this command on Linux: $ sudo ln -s “$(pwd)/gitcrypt” /usr/local/bin/gitcrypt But i can not make it work on MacOSX. I also try this command without success: sudo -s ‘echo “/usr/local/bin/gitcrypt” > […]

Cannot commit the line `Subproject commit`

In one of my projects monitored by git, I git cloned another repo from Github. Now I noticed that in the software Github for Mac, there are changes about Subproject commit. Somehow git is referring to the cloned directory as a file with 2 lines? Trying to commit the changes will throw me the error […]

Git ignores core.filemode setting in template

I’ve been having a weird problem with git behaviour. It seems that it is ignoring core.filemode setting in my template and I want to to be set to false. My system: OS X 10.8 Git (Apple Git-33) Both, my ~/.gitconfig and /usr/share/git-core/templates/config have this inside: [core] filemode = false Yet, every time I do […]

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