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How to fix git config issue where all commands go to blank line?

I am not new to git but I am newer to github and still a beginner with bash. I was trying to set some config stuff and ending up breaking git on my local machine. Here’s what I did following these instructions on github for password caching. $ git config –global user.name ‘myusername’ $ git […]

bundle install doesn't work on with RVM

I have a problem installing my bundle. These were my last steps: git clone http:… git checkout -b daniel bundle install The error I got was: Gem::Installer::ExtensionBuildError: ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension. /Users/daniel/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.3-p286/bin/ruby extconf.rb checking for main() in -lpthread… yes checking for main() in -lobjc… yes *** extconf.rb failed *** Could not create […]

Editor does not open when prompted to enter commit message

Apparently Git is suppose to open an editor for you when it wants you to enter a commit message. This never happens on my machine so I am wondering if it is just not set up or I don’t have Vim or something. TextEdit is my default text editing (.txt) application. How can I have […]

How and where to install Git for MAC OS X 10.5.8

I found some instructions how to install git, but they all seem to require leopard or something I don’t have, or require some skills to do the installation manually. I suck with computers, so I would really look for an answer aimed for the computer illiterate. My computer is Macbook air with MAC OS X […]

Bitbucket Permission denied (publickey) Git on OS X

I’m attempting to use a three location Git repo setup local remote (Bitbucket) web server I’ve successfully created my SSH key, my Git repo on local and pushed it to my remote. I’m attempting to do the same from my web server to my remote but receive the error: Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote […]

git and Umlauts

I had a folder named “TransportAufträge” on MAC OSX which was versioned by git. I then changed the name (before committing) to “TransportAuftraege”. Now when trying to commit, I get the following error message: error: pathspec ‘”App/ViewControllers/TransportAuftra\314\210ge/TransportAuftraege.h”‘ did not match any file(s) known to git. error: pathspec ‘”App/ViewControllers/TransportAuftra\314\210ge/TransportAuftraege.m”‘ did not match any file(s) known to […]

gitignore negations ignored by git for osx xcode project

This question arises from reading and commenting on another question: Git ignore file for Xcode projects While Adam’s answer (and accompanying gist) appears definitive, I cannot actually get it to work. My understanding of the gitignore syntax seems incomplete. My setup: OSX 10.8.2, git version (Apple Git-31.1). There are no global gitignore files. I […]

.bash_profile and scripts as symbolic links

I’d like to know, if there is any problem when I set my .bash_profile or other configs such as .irssi or .slate as symbolic links. The thing is, I would like to git all my configs and scripts in /usr/local/bin(I’m on OS X), so that I have version control and a backup for them. This […]

Pushing git repository to Xcode

Current setup: Home iMac with Xcode project and hosting the git repository. MacBook for working away from home with project cloned through Xcode. I am able to pull changes made on my iMac to the MacBook without a problem, its sending the changes I make on my MacBook back to the iMac which I’m having […]

On OS X how do I securely save passwords for git repos accessed via https?

I access a lot of git repos on my Mac, that are cloned via https: git clone https://git.someserver.com/myrepo1.git which prompts me for username and password. I’m tired of entering these passwords each time I want to fetch/pull/push, and would like a secure mechanism for remembering them.

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