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Git-CodeCommit URL issues on OS X

I am attempting to setup an AWS CodeCommit repository using my existing local project on my Mac. After creating the repository and setting up ssh I attempted to make the initial commit and got this unix_listener: “/Users/<user>/.ssh/control:git-codecommit.us-east-1.amazonaws.com:22:<omitted username>.<something>” too long for Unix domain socket I’ve also tried just ssh git-codecommit.us-east-1.amazonaws.com as is suggested in the […]

Git is reading all my computer files, rather than just one folder. How to point git to a different folder?

I’m pretty new to Git (and Stack Overflow). Aside from git add, commit and push – and pull, I haven’t explored any of the commands just yet. Every time I open Terminal on my mac, normally when typing git status on the main (Macintosh HD) folder, I’ll get a response that says, “this is not […]

How to create a Team Project in TFS from a mac machine?

I am on a mac machine and I’m planning to connect to a TFS git source control, I have a collection under the companies’ TFS server, but I’m unable to create team projects in order to push my code to. I have tried the following: Team Explorer Everywhere ( Eclipse plugin ), doesn’t have the […]

Why the file modes on OSX and Linux are different when cloning code with git

I cloned the same project from Github on my MacBook (Sierra) and Linux machine (Ubuntu 16.04), and I see the file mode on my MacBook is “-rw-r–r–“, but in my Linux machine, it is “-rw-rw–r–“. Is there a way to make them consistent? Thanks!

automatically using -v option for git remote

I’d like to automatically use the -v option for the git remote command. How can I do this?

Git Bash cannot find git directory when git is installed

I’m running cap deploy to deploy a site to a server. It deploys just fine, except for this last part: export GIT_RECURSIVE=$([ ! \”`git –version`\” \\< \”git version 1.6.5\” ] && echo –recursive) && git submodule -q update –init $GIT_RECURSIVE && (echo b8ce153ac56e3e79eda1e053b922ac48e775321a > /var/www/alkdfjf/releases/20130822204731/REVISION) If I didn’t have git, I have git installed, as […]

.git folder disappeared, git status gives “Not a git repository”

I have been using a git repository on my MacBook Pro (OS X Mountain Lion) for several months. Mostly, I’ve been using the SmartGit client, but also command line. Today, I changed several files and went to SmartGit to commit and push, and SmartGit had “missing” by the repo name. Using Finder, I confirmed that […]

Can I override git-credential-osxkeychain on OS X Yosemite?

I am trying to use AWS CodeCommit for my repos. For those who don’t know, CC requires a specific git credential helper to generate the password for HTTPS requests, as it is encrypted and time based. This works fine normally. However, I do have one aggravating problem: git appears to automatically be caching my time-sensitive […]

.gitignore exclusion is not working for a single file

$ git –version git version 2.6.4 I realize this is a duplicate but the other question’s answers have not helped. Folder structure / — dist/ —- samples/ —- README.md —- foo/ —- bar/ —- baz.js I want to ignore everything in dist except samples and README.md. My first few tries at it didn’t work, so […]

Unable to change where Git is loaded in Mac

I have MacPorts’ Git at /opt/local/bin/git, while the newest Git at /opt/local/git. My PATH command export PATH=/usr/local/git:/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:/Users/Masi/.cabal/bin:/Users/Masi/.cabal/bin/xmonad:$PATH The command echo $PATH gives me /usr/local/git:/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:Users/Masi/.cabal/bin:/Users/Sam/.cabal/bin/xmonad:/sw/bin:/sw/sbin:$PATH:/opt/local/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin/perl::/usr/X11R6/bin I run the following command and get MacPorts’ Git which git /opt/local/bin/git Aaron says Add /opt/local/git as the first element in the path, then /opt/local/bin/. This way, your git will be […]

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