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managing permissions between windows and mac git commiters

The story goes like this… My team has a git repo on a windows fileserver. A windows guy sets the repo up and begins committing. I, a mac guy, clone to my filesystem, makes some commits, then push back (actually i go to the repo and pull my changes in). The problem is now I […]

gcloud init fails for invalid username/password

I am trying to gain access to the embedded git repository for an existing Google Developers Console (GDC) project. The GDC shows the git repository under -SOURCE CODE-Releases. I followed the official gcloud installation instructions to the point: gcloud auth login /* pulls up browser and does authentication just fine */ gcloud config set project […]

Mac 10.11 El-Capitan (beta 5) git clone error

I get the following error when running git clone https://www.my-repository.com/myrepo.git MyRepoName fatal: unable to access ‘https://www.my-repository.com/myrepo.git’: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to www.my-repository.com:-9850 (repository URL is fictive) The repository is valid, same command line works fine on 10.10 machine, and same command line used to work before I upgraded to El-Capitan. Please help… Nili

Pushing to git repository located on an RDP client

I have a bare local git repository on my laptop (OSX) that I treat as the origin for a clone located on a remote (Window 7) virtual machine over remote desktop (RDP). To start, I redirected the laptop repository folder in the RDP configuration so it looks like a folder to the virtual machine. With […]

Only allow 'git push heroku master' from the master branch

I recently set up dev/staging/production environment on OSX Lion. I have a git repo with a development and a master branch, and a Heroku instance with master and staging origins. The basic workflow is to develop in the development branch, merge into master, deploy to staging, then finally deploy to production. I’d like to prevent […]

Stuck with Gitolite on OSX

I am in the process of installing the latest version of gitolite on an osx mountain lion server. I set it up under it’s own ‘git‘ user account and followed the instructions here: https://github.com/sitaramc/gitolite I am getting stuck in trying to check-out the gitolite-admin repo from the server on my workstation. I run this command: […]

Sharing a git repo between mac and windows vm without line ending file changes

Issue Running Windows on Mac via Parallels we can’t seem to figure out the right Git settings so that we don’t get line ending file changes. Details The Git repo is on the Windows vm and is a shared drive that we can access on our Mac so we can edit our Angular code. I’ve […]

Brew install git fails

I want to install git with homebrew. I had MacPorts installed, which I removed from my iMac. I also removed homebrew completely, and reinstalled it with ruby -e “$(curl -fsSkL raw.github.com/mxcl/homebrew/go)”. After I ran brew doctor I had to delete (I only moved them) some libs inside /usr/local/lib. After that I fixed the $PATH var […]

why should .pbxproj file be treated as binary in version control systems?

In few places its been mentioned that .pbxproj file should be committed/imported as binary in cvs or git. it looks like script file in text format. what are reasons behind this suggestion that it should be treated as binary?

How to enable branch hints in Mac OS git?

In windows, when I use git bash, and for example want to to checkout to some branch, hitting tab shows me all the branches, or fills the branch name if I have written part of it. In my Mac OS, when I use git from my terminal, these features are disabled. Is there a way […]

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